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Media brix report_20122


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Media brix report_20122

  1. 1. The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportSocial and Mobile Gaming Advertising Benchmarks for BrandsSocial and mobile gaming advertising data from the second half of 2012
  2. 2. The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportIntroduction This report provides a detailed overview andIt’s no secret that social and measurement of the social and mobile gamingmobile gaming advertising hasgained traction over the past few advertising market for brands, including:years, becoming popular at a timewhen the digital ad industry needs 1. Overviewreinvention. Today, marketers arefaced with the challenges of 2. Benefits for Brandsincreased scrutiny over viewability, 3. The MediaBrix Advertising Benchmarkscalculating performance and a 4. Best Practices for Brandsfragmented landscape throughwhich they must reach their 5. Lexus Case Studyaudiences. To address issues of 6. Methodologyviewability, audience engagement 7. About MediaBrixand brand building, marketers areturning to cross-platform socialgaming advertising, wherein mediais purchased to help marketersachieve a variety of objectivesand campaigns are measured withupper-funnel metrics. As a result,social and mobile gamingcampaigns are able to provideengagement levels and benefitsthat far exceed what standardonline advertising canoffer brands. Thus, social andmobile gaming ads continue togain traction amongst marketers.The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 2
  3. 3. Social and Mobile Gaming OverviewSocial gaming is one of the mostengaging and popular activities According to eMarketer, the U.S. mobile gamingacross all screens—the desktop, audience will increase by double digits through 2015,mobile devices and tablets.Currently, Facebook users spend when 158.9 million people will actively play games onmore than half of their time using mobile devices.apps and playing social games;250 million users play social gameson Facebook; and half of the U.S.population between the ages of18 to 44 plays social games daily,not to mention older adults areembracing casual gaming.Mobile and tablet users are alsorapidly taking up mobile gaming.According to eMarketer, the gaming audience has beenincreasing by double digits since2011 and will continue to do sothrough 2015, when 158.9 millionpeople will actively play games onmobile devices. Users spendmore time with games thanwith any other type of app onmobile devices.Mobile gamers are also affluent.Shullman Research Center reportsthat 59% of social gamers earn$75,000+ each year, making theman attractive audience for brandsto reach. In cross-platform socialgaming campaigns,marketers reach and engageconsumers where they are mostreceptive to marketing messages.As a result, marketers from majorindustry segments have adopted Mobile Applications Owned by US Mobile Device Owners, by Income, Nov. 2012social and mobile gaming. This (% of respondents in each group.) Note: ages 18+; *nationally representative sampleincludes brands such as Lexus, Source: Shullman Research Center “Through the Looking Glass: The Luxury and AffluentT-Mobile, Coca-Cola, Lysol, Old Markets in 2013,” Nov. 26, 2012Navy, Fiat, Wendy’s andhundreds of others.The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 3
  4. 4. The Benefits of Social and Mobile Gaming for BrandsBefore getting a full understandingof social and mobile gaming As on television, a brand’s ad is always viewable inbenchmarks and how they social and mobile games because there aren’t anycompare to the digital advertising below-the-fold placements.industry norms, it’s important formarketers to understand the truebenefits of in-game ads as part oftheir marketing. Below is a list ofbenefits for marketers:Scalability New Creative Ad Units Cross-platformSocial and mobile gaming is Social and mobile gaming offers a People are now consuming mediagrowing at a rapid pace. Currently, new creative palette. According to cross-platform. This means they250 million users play social games a 2012 Harris Interactive study, the are gaming cross-platform andon Facebook and over 100 million majority of Facebook gamers and across devices too. According toplay games on mobile devices and smartphone owners prefer eMarketer, mobile is offering moretablets. What’s more, eMarketer immersive, interactive ads to growth in social gaming than thepredicts that by 2014, social standard banner ads. Similarly, the web and online, making mobilegamers will reach 50% of social majority of Facebook gamers and crucial to reaching the gamingnetwork users, 34% of Internet smartphone owners prefer user- audience. Since users areusers and 141.2 million mobile initiated video ads or those shown consuming media and playinggamers. These figures show that during natural breaks in games to games cross-platform, marketerssocial and mobile game users pre-roll video ads. In order to keep must reach their target audienceprovide a scalable audience for with consumer preferences, this way too.every brand. marketers must reach and engage them with new creative ad units, Upper Funnel Metrics100% Viewable Ads including user-initiated video ads, Social and mobile gaming adsIn-game ads are gaining traction in value exchange, social sharing and create an experience similar tothe market at a time when other interactive features. television commercials. Since themarketers are concerned about entire advertising experienceviewability. According to happens within games,comScore, three out of every ten marketers have the option toads are never even seen, meaning rethink how they’re measuringon average only 69% of ads are ads. They should considerin-view for the end user. However, offering top-of-the funnel metrics.viewability is not an issue in For example, video views, videogaming. As on television, a brand’s completion rates, engagementad is always viewable in games rates, social views, social sharesbecause there aren’t any below- and time spent offer new andthe-fold placements. Additionally, exciting ways for brands tobrand marketers will always know measure impact.where their ads are running andwill get 100% share of voice.The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 4
  5. 5. The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming Ad BenchmarksMediaBrix is the leader in social Performanceand mobile gaming advertising for According to MediaMind, standard banners ads generate a click-throughbrand marketers. Over the past six rate (CTR) of .10%, rich media banner ads generate a CTR of .12% andmonths, MediaBrix has compiled rich media expandable banner ads generate a CTR of .19%. Additionally,benchmark data on social and according to AdParlor, Facebook ads see CTRs ranging from .03% to .11%,mobile gaming campaigns. This respectively. On average, social and mobile gaming ads see an averagereport provides information about CTR of 3% and social and mobile gaming value exchange ads—where thethe benchmarks and compares users receive a reward for viewing the full ad—see an average CTR ofthem to leading digital advertising 11%, outperforming all other types of ads. Thus, it outperforms standardformats, comparing performance banner, rich media, expandable video and Facebook ads.(CTRs); engagement rates;completion rates; and brandlift metrics. Engagement Rates According to Vitrue, Facebook brand pages have an average engagement rate of .50% and according to VideoHub, pre-roll ads have Average social & mobile engagement rates ranging from .7% to 3.64%. Average social and mobile gaming engagement rates are around 20%, the highest of the reported gaming engagement ad formats. rates are around 20%, the highest of other reported ad formats. Average Ad CTRsAverage Engagement Rates 12% 11%25% 10% 20%20% 8%15% 6%10% 4% 3% 3.64% 5% 2% 0.86% 0.50% 0.10% 0.11% 0.12% 0.19% 0% 0% Facebook Pre-Roll Social and Standard Facebook Rich Rich Mobile Social Social Brand Video Ads Mobile Banner Ads Media Media Banner and and Pages Gaming Ads Banner Expandable Ads Mobile Mobile Ads Ads Banner Gaming Gaming Ads Ads Value ExchangeSource: MediaBrix, VideoHub and Vitrue, 2012 Source: MediaBrix, AdParlor and MediaMind, 2012 AdsThe MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 5
  6. 6. 73% 74% 70% 68% 100% 91% 93% 60% 90% 83% 84% 50%80% 73% 74%Video Completion Rates 40%70% 68% Average Video Ad Completion RatesVideo ad completion rates for social 100% 30%60% 93% 91%and mobile gaming range higher than 20% 90% 83% 84%ad networks, lifestyle outlets, portals, 50%news outlets and video portals, 80% 40%Ad Lifestyle73% Portal 74% News Video Social and Fullaccording to VINDICO data. Social and Network 70% 68% Site site Portal Mobile Episode Gaming Value Player 30%mobile gaming value exchange ads see Exchange Ads 60%completion rates of 91% on 20%average, exceeding most other video 50%ad completion rates in the industry, Ad Lifestyle Portal News Video Social and Full 40% Network Site site Portal Mobile Episodeexcept for ads seen in full episodes Gaming Value Player Exchange Adssuch as those found on Hulu. 30% 20%Additionally, AdoTube reports thatpre-roll video ads have an average Ad Lifestyle Portal News Video Social and Full Network Site site Portal Mobile Episodeabandonment rate of 39% and a 59% Gaming Value Playerview-through rate of a full video ad. Source: MediaBrix and VINDICO, 2012 Exchange AdsBrand Lift Metrics Click- Through View- Through View- Close Through Rate Abandonment Rate Rate Rate (25%) Rate (100%)Brand marketers use panel-based adeffectiveness study metrics to evaluatethe success of their online adcampaigns. According to Digiday, Click- View- View- Close Abandonment Through Through Through Rate Ratebrand lift is the metric most often used Rate Rate (25%) Rate (100%)by brand marketers in North Americanto measure campaign success. Performance Metrics for Pre-Roll Online Video Ads Served* to a US-based Audience, Q3 2011. Note: *over the AdoTube network; **gives the viewer the ability to view the ad anytime during the video or to opt out completelyAccording to InsightExpress, social and Source: AdoTube “Q3 2011 Format Index,” Dec 19, 2011 Click- View- View- Close Abandonmentmobile gaming ads can see brand lift Through Through Through Rate Rate Rate Rate (25%) Rate (100%)metrics as high as 9x the online indus-try normative average, brand favorabil- 100%ity metrics 10x the normative average 80%and purchase intent 10x the normative 80%average. This shows the ads perform 57% 60%for brand marketers. 40% 100% 31% 29% 29% Social and mobile gaming ads 80% 20% 20% can see brand lift metrics as high 80% 57% 0% as 9x the normative average, 60% Brand Sales Interaction Click- Shares or Dwell brand favorability metrics 10x 40% Lift Rates through Reposts Time 31% Rates29% 29% 20% the normative average and 100% 20% Metrics Used by Brand Marketers in North America to Determine 80% purchase intent 10x the 80% Effectiveness of Online Brand Ads, Dec. 2011 (% of respondents) Source: 0% 57% normative average. Digiday, “Online Brand Advertising” commissioned by Vizu Jan 6, 2012. Brand 60% Lift Sales Interaction Click- Shares or Dwell Rates through Reposts Time Rates 40% 31% 29% 29%The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming Report 20% 20%February 6 0% Brand Sales Interaction Click- Shares or Dwell
  7. 7. Social and Mobile Gaming Best Practices for BrandsSocial and mobile gaming is low- the online ad industry. Marketershanging fruit that performs for can truly capitalize on its higher Social and mobilebrands looking to get greater than average engagement rates gaming video ads seevisibility and engagement from and completion rates by running completion rates attheir digital advertising campaigns. video ads in games.Below are some best practices 91%, higher than mostmarketers should consider when video ads in the online Social Sharingrunning gaming ad campaigns: Advertisers should facilitate social ad industry. sharing in their in-game ads, whichInteractivity can give them earned mediaIn “Messaging, In-App and Mobile exposure for their ad dollars.Internet Strategies 2012-2017,” According to a Harris InteractiveJuniper analyst Charlotte Miller survey, 8% of Facebook users saystated, “Mobile advertising gives they have shared a video ad onmarketers the chance to reach Facebook, and 16% ofconsumers on a more personal Facebook app users and sociallevel than any other type of gamers say they have shared aadvertising. Creating immersive video ad inside a social app orand entertaining experiences to game. Considering Facebook hasattract the attention of the roughly one billion users, thisconsumer is essential for means there is enormous potentialmarketers wanting to take to facilitate social sharing and toadvantage of the massive increase generate earned app usage.” The same is true forsocial and mobile gaming, which Responsive Designallows brands to break the mold of HTML5 and CSS3 with responsivestandard display advertising and design technology will allowoffer truly interactive, immersive brands to run cross-platform socialbrand experiences in games. This gaming campaigns by offeringincludes value exchange, video, full automatic bespoke formattingscreen takeovers, integrations and without requiring marketers tomuch more. provide separate creative for each platform. This technology offersVideo Length multiple full-screen messages andAccording to industry research, orientation support within onevideo ads engagement rates are creative execution with minimalhighest when the video ad is assets, along with support for allbetween 30 to 60 seconds long. browsers. Because only one basicSocial and mobile gaming ads are set of creative assets is needed foron average 35 seconds in length. each platform, these technologyIt’s no surprise that social gaming enhancements have cut creativevideo ads see completion rates at approval processes and costs by as91%, higher than most video ads in much as 50% respectively.The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 7
  8. 8. How Lexus Launched the 2013 ES Through Social MobileGaming AdvertisingSince its debut in 1989, Lexus has page where users had a chance toearned a reputation for high- be featured as the “Lexusquality products and exemplary Stunning Doodle of the Day.”customer service from its 231dealers. Lexus is the luxury hybrid Social mobile gaming advertisingleader, offering five hybrids that performed for Lexus. According toprovide the best in innovative proprietary data, nearly 58MMtechnology and first-class luxury. impressions were delivered andWhen it began, Lexus offered two the campaign’s high-impact adsmodels of vehicles. Now, more garnered a 13.6% CTR, 150xthan 20 years later, Lexus offers higher than the industry average.variations of 10 vehicles, from thesporty CT 200h hybrid to the V10supercar, the LFA.Last year, Lexus launched the2013 Lexus ES and first-ever EShybrid. Lexus partnered withMediaBrix to run an industry-firstimmersive social mobile campaignas a way to appeal to the Lexus EScore demographic: drivers with ayounger mindset aged 45and under.Lexus was the first automotivecompany to partner withMediaBrix to fully integrateand run immersive, interactiveadvertising within DrawSomething, a popular mobilesocial game by Zynga. Lexus wasalso the first automotive companyto feature brand-specific colorschemes and elements in DrawSomething. As part of thecross-platform campaign, manyof the drawings created on themobile app were uploaded ontothe Draw Something FacebookThe MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 8
  9. 9. Methodology About MediaBrixThe MediaBrix Social and Mobile MediaBrix ( Report data was compiled is the leading social and mobilefor the time period July 1, 2012 to gaming advertising solution forDecember 31, 2012 across social brands. The company unlocksand mobile games. The MediaBrix scarce impressions at passionatebenchmarks were calculated by moments within social and mobileaveraging proprietary data games, such as celebration, rescuecollected from 100 social and and rewards. This immersivemobile gaming advertising approach to brand advertisingcampaigns and over one billion delivers great results becauseimpressions. The ad data was then the user understands the origincompared to industry benchmarks and intent of the message – andsupplied by eMarketer. Please note ultimately appreciates the brand’sthat social and mobile gaming participation. As a result,performance rates and metrics MediaBrix’s advertising campaignsmay be higher or lower than the routinely see average videodata included in the report completion rates 84x thedepending on varying factors industry average, a 500% lift inincluding intent, creative, media brand awareness compared toand other unknown factors. online normative averages and engagement rates as much as 2000% higher than other forms of digital advertising. Hundreds of top brands, including Coca-Cola, MTV and T-Mobile, and the world’s largest game developers, such as and Zynga, leverage the MediaBrix platform to provide user-friendly brand advertising experiences to more than 200 million people each month. MediaBrix is based in New York with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming ReportFebruary 9