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Second Screen Case Studies for Singapore


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Sharing our second screen experiences with MediaCorp TV Channel 8 and Channel 5

After a general introduction to types of 2nd screen experiences on the international market we will hear and discuss a couple of case studies to local 2nd Screen apps. Wenhan Zhou from 2359Media will give insights to the development process and market economics involved, exploring the correlation between social media metrics and TV ratings.

With this meetup we get the chance to visit Wenhan Zhou at his studio, gain 1st hand intel on 2nd screen app creation, conduct an extended Q&A session as well as our usual community networking.

-- by 2359 Media

Event: June 30th 2014

Published in: Mobile, Technology, Business
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Second Screen Case Studies for Singapore

  1. 1. Connecting brands and their customers via mobile
  2. 2. Second Screen Increasing Ratings via Engaging Fans and Friends
  3. 3. 69% of multi-screen consumers feel that accessing similar content across different screens make content more useful, relevant and informative Microsoft & Wunderman 15
  4. 4. 80%of people are both simultaneously online and watching television.
  5. 5. The idea of Second Screen is to create an app that captures, or redirect the audience focus back to the program they are watching, rather than an unrelated distraction like Facebook. 5
  6. 6. Problems People are watching TV with their phones and being distracted Distracted Unable to follow the story and less emotionally engaged with show Less Loyal Social media is starting to be incorporated into TV Ratings Social Media 6
  7. 7. Driving tune-in4 3 2 1 Increase show loyalty Building relationship and engaging with fans Increase new viewers Increase Ratings 7
  8. 8. Our Case Studies
  9. 9. It’s a Wonderful Life Additional Content available to viewers ‣Additional Program content consisting of Synopsis, cast photos and videos ‣Synopsis was the most popular feature to the viewers Show Companion 14
  10. 10. The Joytruck “Engage viewers to do their part for charity” ‣ Accumulated high scores across the whole of Singapore are converted into cash to beneficiaries ‣ During telecast, the game scales handle thousand of players per minute ‣ Up to one million score submissions reaching high viewer participation! Encourage Audience Participation 12
  11. 11. First XI ‣Touch based Soccer game to win show collaterals ‣Players are very engaged to win the weekly prizes ‣Thousand of plays per episode ‣In game Sponsors “Engage Viewers to play games” Audience Retention 13
  12. 12. Stir It Up ‣Real Time Quiz Game ‣Thousand of plays per episodes “Engage Viewers to play along” Audience Retention 13
  13. 13. Stir It Up ‣Real Time Quiz Game ‣Thousand of plays per episodes “Engage Viewers to play along” Audience Retention 13
  14. 14. TV 50 Live Audience App Connect live audience and at home audience
  15. 15. Prizes Restrict Creativity4 3 2 1 Target Audience of show Reason to Play Monetisation or Sponsorships Learnings 7 Social Hooks Simple, Accessible On Screen Promotion Earlier talks with Producers
  16. 16. Driving tune-in4 3 2 1 Increase show loyalty Building relationship and engaging with fans Increase new viewers Increase Ratings 7
  17. 17. Edward 35 yrs Amazing Race Asia Fan, constantly active on Social Media Will tune into AXN Channel to watch Amazing Race every week Enjoy supporting teams and hate some teams How does it work? Bella 25 yrs A Zombie Geek Fan of Walking Dead, constantly sharing her opinion towards the show through social media using Twitter or Facebook. Occasionally channel surfing not knowing what to watch. 9
  18. 18. Social influencing TV Habits Edward is watching Amazing Race Asia Bella is bored so she is browsing Facebook Plays Prediction game from the app He earns a badge He shares on Facebook She sees Edward’s Post Bella downloads the App and finds a show that interest her Bella favorites the show to receive push notification Bella becomes a regular for the show And repeats the cycle like Edward 10
  19. 19. Our Solutions Automated Push Notifications Allow the Viewers to like their favorite show and receive a Push Notification on their mobile phone. Get Program Information Viewer can check out interesting programs and see if it interest them. Game / Quiz / Poll / Prediction Engaging the Viewers by allowing them to participate with the show. Such as, a real time quiz game and earning badges. Include Social Media Platform User can read and share their feedback by using twitter hashtag or post their game score on to Facebook. Encourage viewer to watch TV on a Regular basis Benefits Basic second screen app which fulfills a viewer’s need for information Provides a stimulating meet-and-greet environment wherein TV fans can share common interests Allows the viewers to interact with the TV Content to stimulates an urge to watch the show Features 8
  20. 20. The Future of Second Screen Sell Advertising / Sponsorship using interactive function of the app Interactive Advertisement Track Rating of the Shows Increase in Monetisation Options
  21. 21. Catch up With Us 18