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  • Unique Visitors 6 month average: 1.4 million Page views 6 month average: 7.3 million   1300 average comments per debate, can go up to 15000 (e.g. death of Michael Jackson) On the first day a big story might easily get 500.000 page impressions, over the course of a few days that can increase to 1m+ Set up as a 3-man pilot in the spring of 2005 after the audience response to the Tsunami gave us an insight into the power of tapping into the audience.   We're now a 24/7 operation -- the whole team is 23 strong and serve every part of BBC News   We won an RTS in 2007 for our work in reporting the floods that hit the UK   In picture terms -- around 200 - 300 images and video a day; tho that varies massively -- eg Feb snow we saw 65,000 images.    In big global stories like Iran -- or Burma -- the power of user generated content sent directly to the BBC and posted on sm sites like YouTube is essential to telling the story. During the height of the Iran election troubles BBC Persian TV was receiving around 200 video clips a day from protestors in Iran
  • Every Saturday and Sunday night, Twitter is exploding with real-time boos, back-pats and reactions to the show's performances. It's a reimagining of the old-media watercooler ("Did you see The X Factor last night?") in live, online space (" Omg jedward are through !") - and it could point the way to the future of TV . X-Factor's Twitter takeover is impressive.'s social media manager Ben Ayers , who has been leading the broadcaster's audience engagement strategy, gave paidContent:UK some stats from inside the show ; here they are together with our own analysis… • X-Factor occupied half of Twitter's top "trending" global topics list during Sunday's show. • Leading The X Factor keywords comprised at least 4.6% of all worldwide tweets during the controversial Jedward-vs-Lucie deadlock . • @TheXFactor has 51,000+ Twitter followers and a total 1.65 million Facebook fans. • 13,000-14,000 live comments come in via CoverItLive chat during a typical Sunday night. Together with text messages, emails and tweets, they are filtered by an editor for panelists on Holly Willoughby's Xtra Factor show. • 11,000 The X Factor twibbons are being worn by tweeters' avatars; and they have been exposed to a further 850,000 users. • All those tweets are boosting's ad impressions – Ayers claims " a significant amount of traffic from Twitter " to the show's website. shows that people watch TV live twittering these days The Eurovision Song Contest already embraced the phenomenon for one night in May ( see my previous interview ). But The X Factor's sustained outpouring of live social commentary is unprecedented.
  • The BBC has launched a Strictly Come Dancing application for the latest series. The new application enables users to get more involved with the show while watching it. Judge Len Goodman appears as an avatar to welcome users, who can submit their own ratings for the contestants as well as select their favourite moments while the show is on air for viewing afterwards.
  • As you can see here, the iPlayer mesh application is already installed on the phone. And of course, I can also view videos, rate and share them with my friends.
  • The UK’s biggest selling ‘Motoring Magazine’ with over 65k subscribers and a 42% market share. Penguin have sold over 102k Top Gear books to date. Over 11 New titles for 2009/10. The 2008 Annual-The Big Book of Top Gear has achieved sales of over 400k to date. Licensed products include Stationary, Adult T-shirts, Kids Clothing, Bedding, Toiletries, Board Games, Books, Top Trump Playing Cards, Toys and lots more. Over 1.5million DVD’s sold to date. Gamers can download episodes inside video game Gran Turismo 5 and race around a ‘virtual’ track 2.4m unique users per month. Dedicated Top Gear channel on YouTube Top Gear Live 2009/10 tour goes from UK to Ireland, then to Amsterdam and Cape Town in January, before taking the tour to Johannesburg, Sydney, Hong Kong and Auckland the following month. Top Gear frequently tops the TV series charts on iTunes.
  • 521,815 Fans, half UK, half international. Drives at least 20% of our international traffic, + 10% UK
  • Broadcaster 3.0 = Social TV

    1. 1. BSI Broadcaster 3.0 = Social TV Marketing 2.0 Conference, Paris 2010
    2. 2. Join the conversation MARKETING 2.0 CONFERENCE
    3. 3. BROADCASTER 3.0 = SOCIAL TV Chris Dobson Executive Vice President BBC Advertising
    4. 4. Content + Platform + Audience + Advertisers + + + CLICK
    5. 5. Content + Platform + Audience + Advertisers = Broadcaster 2.0
    6. 6. + Interaction / social
    7. 7. = Broadcaster 3.0!
    8. 8. Social Media – why so important?
    9. 9. The audience has taken control
    10. 10. Significant Digital Media Shift Source: comScore Global 08/09
    11. 11. It’s not just teenagers anymore Source: comScore Global 08/09
    12. 12. So what does this mean for a Broadcaster 3.0
    13. 13. Social media enhances: • Content creation • Delivery • Audience relationship • Reputation If managed effectively….. 13
    14. 14. Content Creation 14
    15. 15. Content Creation + Delivery • 8 – 10,000 comments / emails a day • 200 – 300 images received a day – can increase to 65,000
    16. 16. Audience Relationship • X Factor keyword comprised 5% of worldwide tweets • 51,000 twitter followers and 1.65 million Facebook fans
    17. 17. Audience Relationship
    18. 18. 14M 70M streams August 09 accessed Feb 08
    19. 19. Top Gear: social media brand case study
    20. 20. Books and Magazines Websites Mobile Game Top Gear Live 1977 2009 Merchandise Interactive DVDs Gaming Digital Syndication and VoD Gran Turismo 5 tie-up
    21. 21. • 521,815 Fans • Drives at least 20% of our international traffic
    22. 22. Managing your reputation – reacting quickly
    23. 23. Managing your reputation – reacting quickly
    24. 24. Reputation
    25. 25. Reputation
    26. 26. Conclusions 1 The Audience has changed 2 Broadcast can no longer be one way 3 Multi platform is key for long form video content 4 UGC can be integrated but must be managed! 5 Requires time, effort and $’s!
    27. 27. Thank you