The Wrongway Legacy: 4.5


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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.5

  1. 1. Welcome to generation four, part five of the Wrongway Legacy!Last time, we saw Hex and Henry struggle over the subject of the WrongwayGuardian. Henry turned down the position. Hercules decided he didnt want to bea monster, and was found in the house of Ralph by his twin, Aphrodite. Lavendergave birth to baby girl, Madeline. Rose, looking for inspiration, went to a theatre,where she met Sullivan Phelps. Hercules, keen for a fresh start, shortened hisname to Lee, and went in search of Hex. Rose found happiness and love inSullivan, which influenced her writing. Lavender stumbled across an abandoneddesert village which she adored, on her way to the city. Upon arriving in the city,Hex and Lavender discovered Marks apartment was just a studio apartment, andmoved into a large family home in the desert town of Mirage. Lee went to Hex andasked for forgiveness. Maddies birthday rolled around, but her father didnt showup. Instead, he was partying with a music star from the city. Maddie remainedhopeful about her Dad coming to visit her.
  2. 2. Lee Wrongway was nervous. He had accepted the offer of becoming aguardian to the Wrongways, of being a member of the SupernaturalCourt. Now that meant meeting up with Lavender again.“She doesnt like me!” Lee exclaimed, “I havent seen her since wewere in uni, and she threw up in your car that night!”Hex raised an eyebrow, “That was your fault?”Lee looked a little embarrassed, “I hurt her, Hex. Shes not going toforgive me, or let me be the one who guards her babies.”
  3. 3. “You keep telling me it was ages ago, Hercules-”“Lee.”“Right. I keep forgetting. Sorry,” Hex smiled, “shes human. Shellforgive you. It may take a little time, but its the best we can hope for.”The doorbell rang.“Did you want to get that or should I?” Lee asked, dazed.“Ill get it, if you want?” Lee didnt respond, so Hex rose from his seat.
  4. 4. “Hex!” Lavender cried when she entered, grinning. She pulled him intoa hug, while her daughter watched them, smiling.I cant do this. For llamas sake, she even brought her daughter here!Lee thought to himself, as he waited awkwardly behind Hex. Hecouldnt talk himself into staying there, and took a few steps back.
  5. 5. Madeline Wrongway, however, noticed the man trying to leave, “Mister,where are you going?”“Just to look out of the window...the views really nice.” He finished,lamely. Madeline smiled.“Its better when the suns going down,” Madeline replied, honestly,“why are you hiding?”“Lets just say Im not your mothers favourite person. She doesnt likeme much.”
  6. 6. “Why doesnt she like you?” Madeline asked, innocently, “I like you.”Lee stared at the little girl for a moment, taking in her sweet smile.How could she possibly like him? She had only just met him!Still, she smiled encouragingly, waiting patiently for an answer.
  7. 7. “Maybe shell have changed her mind,” Lee told her, with a smile, “ImLee, by the way.”“My names Maddie. Are you related to me? Like a cousin or an uncleor something?”“Not really.” Lee shrugged a little, wondering how he could explain it.“Then a brother? I really want a brother.”Lee frowned a little, “Why?”“Because its really boring when you dont have one...” Maddieadmitted, thinking about how she had to play by herself.
  8. 8. Lee decided he liked the idea of being a role model to Maddie. Shedidnt know anything about his past, and was too young to worry aboutit. Finally, someone had given him a chance.“Look at that, Maddie!” Lee laughed, pointing. Maddie immediatelyjoined in with his laughter.
  9. 9. “Hex, are they laughing at us dancing?” Lavender questioned, smiling.“Yes, but Im having way too much fun to stop,” Hex replied, with agrin, “I have a feeling that this new town is going to be great for us all.” ***
  10. 10. After spending a significant amount of her afternoon convincing Leeshe was okay with him being the guardian, Lavender had headedhome. She was having a brilliant day, and it was only about to getbetter.“Mark! Youre home!” Lavender cried. Madelines birthday had been afew days ago, and even though Mark had missed it, Lavender waspleased to see her husband.“I can only stay for the weekend,” Mark told her, “I have a lot of work todo next week – were recording an album.”
  11. 11. Hours passed, and the couple quickly picked up from where they left off.“Mark, Ive missed you so much.”“Ive missed you, too, Lavender, but its only been a week.”“It felt like forever.”
  12. 12. By the next morning, things were falling apart again.“Its not my fault if I have commitments!”“You have commitments to me, and to Madeline, Mark! Even if you nolonger want to see me, at least make the effort to see Maddie!”“I cannot believe you! You know I am trying my hardest to earn moneyso Maddie can have the best in life!”“Yeah, make your absence sound like its a positive thing!”
  13. 13. Madeline Wrongways bedroom was directly above her parents, andtheir screaming and shouting carried through the floorboards.“Dont worry, horsey, Im sure the yelling will stop sooner or later.”Distraction techniques werent working, and Madeline spent most ofher Sunday hiding out in her room while her parents screamed at eachother.Maybe Daddys not here to see me at all... Maddie considered as shepoked at the horse. Trying to smile, she carried on with her game.
  14. 14. Mark left, three hours earlier than he had originally intended, stillfuming and angry at Lavender.He didnt bother saying goodbye to Madeline, who stood from one ofthe balconies, watching him go with a worried look on her face. ***
  15. 15. Grace and Orlando, disturbed by the shouting, decided to check onMadeline, who was back in her room with the horse.“Is Daddy coming back?” Madeline asked, though she had alreadyguessed the answer.“Not today, sweetheart.” Grace replied, softly.“Wheres Mummy?”“Shes lying down for a bit, shes tired.”
  16. 16. “Madeline,” Orlando said, carefully, “you know youre not the reasonwhy your parents are arguing, right?”Madeline didnt stop moving the horse through the air, “Dont call meMadeline, Grandpa, it makes me feel like Im in trouble.”Grace smiled, “Alright, Maddie. But you know youre not to blame?”“Why are they fighting, if its not my fault?” Madeline asked. Grace andOrlando glanced at each other.
  17. 17. “Daddy had to go away, and he didnt come home often enough,”Orlando replied, gently, “which isnt fair on anyone.”“Maybe he doesnt like us.” Madeline answered, quietly, trying not tolet her smile drop.“Of course he likes us, Maddie,” Grace said, before muttering, “but Icertainly dont like him.” ***
  18. 18. As night fell, Grace entered Lavenders room, “I put Maddie to bed andread her a story. Are you okay?”“Im pregnant.” Lavender replied, in a small voice.“So Im going to be a grandmother again,” Grace smiled, “thats goodnews. I got a call from Forrest earlier, this mysterious partner of his isalso expecting.”“But...Marks not here for Maddie. How will he be there for the newbaby?”
  19. 19. Grace sat down on the bed next to Lavender, “Im not going to lie toyou, Lavender. Ill be surprised if hes here at all. But you dont needhim to raise your children.”“But I cant raise them on my own.”“You wont have to, Lavender. You have a family to help you out, youllhave the full support of every Wrongway in Mirage.”Lavender smiled, “Thats comforting, actually.”Grace and Lavender rose to their feet, smiling at each other.
  20. 20. “I love you, Mum.” Lavender replied, hugging Grace.“I love you, too, and remember, Im proud of you.”As Lavender pulled out of the hug, “I will give Mark the newstomorrow. See what he thinks.”“Were going over to Forrests tomorrow to meet his new partner,would you like to come?”“I dont want to miss it.” Lavender grinned. ***
  21. 21. Forrests family were due to arrive in fifteen minutes time, and Betriawas worried. Forrest didnt really understand what she had to beworried about.“Look, theyre not going to hate you. Theyre going to love you,because I love you!”“And if youre wrong?” Betria asked, coolly.“I will sleep on the roof tonight if Im wrong.” Forrest laughed, knowinghe wouldnt be wrong.
  22. 22. Sure enough, when the family arrived, they seemed to accept Betriawith ease.“So how are you liking Mirage?” Lavender questioned, with a smile.“Its too hot most of the time,” Betria replied, truthfully, “but its alrightas a neighbourhood.”“Great place to raise kids.” Lavender commented, gesturing to herbaby bump and then to Betrias.
  23. 23. Betria considered their baby bumps for a moment, “Do you think ourkids will be best friends?”“Absolutely! Theyll be so close in age it will be impossible for them notto be.”“Have you decided on names yet?” Betria asked, smiling. Just likethat, Betria and Lavender became friends.
  24. 24. “Forrest, I have no idea how you met this woman, but Im glad youdid,” Grace grinned.“We met on a beach.” Forrest said, not untruthfully.“And youre going to be a father, too! You like making me feel my age,dont you?”“I thought you said my teen years alone aged you dreadfully?”Grace laughed, “Its good to have you both home.”
  25. 25. After the introductions and the small talk, Forrest pulled Betria to oneside and smiled.“So, what do you think?” He questioned.“Theyre all really nice,” Betria nodded, “though Ive been asked threetimes when were getting married.”
  26. 26. “How did they take it when you told them we werent planning to getmarried?”“Just fine,” Betria replied, grinning, “they respected our decision.”Forrest took her hand, “I told you youd fit right in.” ***
  27. 27. Michelle Tse had been looking for Mark for about half an hour. Ofcourse she would find him in Faith Goodies office. Michelles entry tothe room caused the conversation to turn to silence.“Gee, Faith, it doesnt look like you have enough chairs in your office.”Michelle remarked, sarcastically.“Im comfortable sitting on the desk.” Faith replied, looking away.“Well, I need to have a private word with Mark for a second, could youleave?”Faith grumbled and got up off her desk, “Never mind the fact its myoffice.”
  28. 28. Faith had barely left the room when Michelle started yelling, “Mark, ifyou were my husband, I would have kicked your ass by now.”“Hello to you to.” Mark raised his eyebrows.“Im serious! Theres a message on the answering machine from yourwife, which is quite important, but instead, youre hanging around inthe office of Sim Citys biggest home wrecker!”“Excuse me! How dare you call Faith that!”
  29. 29. “Sure, its fine, my opinion doesnt matter,” Michelle snarled, “Im only thelead guitarist in your band. It doesnt matter if I walk.”“You wouldnt do that.”“Believe me, I would,” Michelle threatened, “your wife revealed shespregnant again on the phone. I feel sorry for her and that kid – tell meagain, do you even remember the name of your eldest?!”
  30. 30. “My daughters name is Madeline.” Mark replied, thinking aboutLavender at home, pregnant.“Even I know that she prefers to be called Maddie, Mark,” Michellefrowned, “either you sort out the mess youre making with your familyor I walk. I cant be in a band with a guy who thinks this is a goodidea.”
  31. 31. Michelle said no more as she turned to walk out of the office, whileMark watched her go.Quietly, he said to himself, “Ive got quite a few things to put right, itseems.”Hearing this, Michelle smiled. Job done. ***
  32. 32. Music was fast becoming one of Madelines favourite things. Insteadof coming straight home after school, Madeline had signed up for anumber of extra activities.Such as piano lessons.
  33. 33. Madeline took full advantage of her schools music programme, whichalso gave her the opportunity to learn violin.She was willing to try anything at least once – it kept her away fromhome, where things never seemed to be normal, at least, not lately.
  34. 34. Madelines busy schedule turned out to be for the best – she foundherself friends. Tina, Sharla and Gabriella were also heavily involvedin after school activities, and naturally, the four had become a tight-knit group.
  35. 35. The four of them had vastly different interests, but all were willing togive things a go – Gabriella was considered to be a girly-girl, andinsisted the four of them joined dancing.Sharla hadnt appreciated that much, she wasnt keen on the dancelessons.
  36. 36. One activity all four girls agreed on was martial arts – it was wherethey had originally met. They called themselves the Fighting Four, as areference to their first day at martial arts.“Ten more jabs, then a break!” The instructor announced.“Phew, about time, right?” Sharla grinned, punching the air in front ofher.“I dont know, I bet I could do more.” Madeline laughed.
  37. 37. “Youre nuts, Maddie,” Gabriella laughed from behind her, “you want toskip your break?”“No, I was just saying I could do more. I dont want to skip break.”“Tina said she has something to tell us, anyway,” Gabriella said, “itsprobably not a good idea to miss the break.”
  38. 38. Sharla chuckled, “If Tina has a secret to tell, break is going to be aninteresting one.”“Shh,” Tina grinned, “its nothing like a secret, I promise.”
  39. 39. “So, come on,” Gabriella urged, “tell us!”Tina laughed, “Youre so eager! Its only about my birthday.”“I still want to hear it!”Madeline smiled at her friends as they laughed.“Mum and Dad were going to take me to Twikkii Island, but instead,theyve given me permission to throw a party. I want all of you guysthere, of course.”
  40. 40. “That sounds like a cool idea!” Madeline remarked, “will there be anyboys going?”“Whats up with you, Maddie?” Sharla grumbled, “Why do you wantboys there? Theyre icky and not very nice.”Madeline offered a shrug, while Tina thought about it, “I think so. Iwant to invite some other people, anyway.”“Wait a second, Tina, you dont know anything about parties. How willyou throw one?” Gabriella asked.
  41. 41. “Ive seen movies,” Tina said, firmly, “I know how to throw a party!”“If youre certain,” Gabriella snorted, “how about we ask my brother?Gavin? Hes always partying.”“Thats a great idea!” Tina grinned.
  42. 42. “Its going to be great!” Madeline added, enthusiastically. Sharla rolledher eyes, not overly keen on the idea.“Arent we going to get into trouble over it, or something? That alwayshappens in the movies, too.”“Dont be a spoilsport,” Gabriella pouted, “its going to be amazing.” ***
  43. 43. Robin Wrongway was upset. After weeks of trying, she still wasntpregnant – while Lavender was pregnant for a second time. It didntmake sense, and it didnt seem fair.“What if its my fault?” Robin asked, “Or maybe it is this curse thingHex warned us about.”
  44. 44. “Robin, you cant think like that. Youll drive yourself crazy.” Austin toldher. He didnt mention that he had been wondering if it was his fault.Sighing, he moved to sit next to her, on the dining table where shewas sat.
  45. 45. “Smile! Its not the end of the world,” he murmured.“Im an heiress, Austin. It might as well be the end of the world.”“Even if it is, youll always have me,” Austin said, smiling, “no one isgoing to have a perfect life. Both lines have struggles, regardless ofthis stupid curse. Ill be here for you. I always will.”“Maybe thats the problem. Youre from the other line.”“Robin...” he jumped down from the table, and pulled her with him,“well sort this out, somehow. Well work out something.”
  46. 46. “I hope youre right, Austin,” Robin sighed, pulling him close, “I dontwant to lose you.”“Youll always have me.”Maybe thats the problem. ***
  47. 47. Mark acted on Michelles words, as quick as he could. His plan was tosweep Lavender off her feet, and Lavender couldnt believe she wasseeing him again.Even the paper boy, who had been lazily sauntering through his round,stopped and stared. Neither Lavender nor Mark looked like they wouldlet the other go.
  48. 48. Madeline saw her Dad through one of the houses front windows, anddecided she didnt want to know why he was back this time.“If I cant hear him,” she said, turning up her radio, “hes not home.”With that, she began dancing, ignoring her Dads calls fromdownstairs. Madeline was too busy spending time with her favouritething – music.
  49. 49. Madelines radio was rarely off that day, as Mark tried again and againto attract her attention. Instead of giving in and seeking out her father,Madeline found other things to do.Like daydreaming while trying to do her homework.I wonder what it would be like to be on the radio, Maddie thought toherself.
  50. 50. Later that evening, after Madeline had gone to bed, Lavender wentinto labour.“Show time,” Grace smiled, “just breathe, sweetheart.”“I dont think its one baby,” Lavender gasped, “wheres Mark?”“Right here!” He called, entering the room.
  51. 51. Within minutes, the first of the babies had been delivered.“Hes got your eyes, sweetheart,” Mark smiled, as Lavender handedhim their son, “whats his name?”“I decided on Lance as a name I like last week.”“Lance Wrongway.” Mark repeated, with pride.
  52. 52. “And his twin sister,” Lavender said, after the second baby wasdelivered.“What shall we call her?” Mark questioned.“I like the name Leda.”“Leda Wrongway it is, then.”
  53. 53. Once the babies were in their cribs, Mark and Lavender sat down totalk in the kitchen.“I get the feeling Im unwelcome here, now.” Mark murmured, asLavender took her seat.“Is it the fact Maddie wont talk to you, or the glares youre getting frommy mother?” Lavender asked, with a grin. While she was happy tohave him back, she was enjoying watching him trying to work his wayback into family.“The first one more than the second one.” Mark admitted.
  54. 54. “Youre surprised she wont talk to you?” Lavender asked, in disbelief.“I know I havent been around for her much, but-”“Much? Shes seen you once, Mark, when she was a toddler. And atglance, a few days ago. You missed her birthday. You missed hergetting good grades, making friends, singing to the radio, and going tomartial arts. Youve missed most of her life.”“It wasnt intentional. I cant apologise enough for-”“Its not me you should be apologising to.”
  55. 55. “I know you have to go back to the city every now and then, Mark, butplease. Dont abandon her again.”“I wont. Im going to make up for what Ive missed.”“If shell let you in,” Lavender pointed out, glumly.Mark sighed, looking at the table, “Im not going to let this happenagain.”
  56. 56. The day following the birth of the Wrongway twins – and Forrestsdaughter, Ophelia Hollinter – was Roses wedding.“I wonder how Rosie-Posies wedding would be. And if Archa wouldever consider getting married.” Rose mused as she walked towardsthe top of the aisle.
  57. 57. The wedding was a small, sweet affair – only close family and Hexwere invited. Even Will and Owen hadnt made the final guest list,because both of them hadnt made it to Mirage yet.“Shes so pretty!” Maddie smiled, watching Rose.
  58. 58. Sullivan Phelps was waiting for her at the end of the aisle, aspromised.“Are you ready for the greatest adventure since Rosie-Posie stormedthe Shadow Castle?” Sullivan asked, with a smile.“This adventure is different,” Rose told him, “this time its real.”
  59. 59. Rose couldnt hide her smile as Sullivan held up the ring, the suncatching the smooth shape of that little golden O. Why should shehide how happy she was? She wanted to dance and yell, and leteveryone know just how much she loved Sullivan...“I do.” Rose told him, and offered her hand to him. He slid the ringonto her finger, delicately, and the ceremony was complete.
  60. 60. “Im so happy for her,” Lavender grinned, applauding. She was not theonly one who was pleased to see Rose so happy.
  61. 61. “What a beautiful wedding,” Forrest murmured to Betria, “kind ofmakes you wish you were meeting me at the end of an aisle, right?”Betrias grin remained in place, “If you feel like sleeping on the couchtonight, please continue talking about getting married.”Forrest chuckled, “I love you, Betria.”
  62. 62. *** And thats it for this time!I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading!