Chapter 8


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Chapter 8

  1. 1. Chapter 8
  2. 2. Welcome back to the NEW Pokemon Legacy! Where we try to force a Nintendo game into an EA one.
  3. 3. Last chapter Charrie returned home with Bulbasaur in tow. Bulba got threw a party and both her and Charrie got knocked up. Charrie gave birth to Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise. Simself Thai is their father, stirring up trouble with Thai’s wife and Charizard, who has been in ‘love’ with Thai since she was a child. Bulba gave birth to a girl she named Kaylynn. Ivy had Tara turn her into a witch.
  4. 4. “I can’t believe you!” Rizzi screamed at the top of her lungs, “You know how I feel about Thai!”
  5. 5. “It was a mistake Rizzi!” Charrie shouted back, “You’ve never had a mistake before? Hmm? Anyways it’s not like you had a chance with him. He’s married with kids. What can a snot nosed kid like you offer him?”
  6. 6. “SHUT UP!” Rizzi bellowed, “At least I wouldn’t have to get him drunk.” “Whatever, Rizzi.” Charrie spat, she turned on her heel and left.
  7. 7. “She ruined it all Mel…” Rizzi cried, “Everything I had dreamed of is gone.” “It’ll okay Rizzi.” Mel said, “There’s always more fish in the sea.”
  8. 8. “What do you know Mel??? Jimmy was just handed to you gift wrapped.” Rizzi snapped. “Rizzi!” Mel gasped, “You know if you’d just open your eyes once in awhile, you’d might just be surprised.” Mel left the room slamming the door.
  9. 9. “Mel, I haven’t ever heard you raise your voice before.” Jimmy said softly he wrapped his arms around her. “Oh Jimmy, she’s hurting so bad.” Mel sobbed, “I think I just made it worse.” “Shush, luv, she’ll be fine. She just needs some time.”
  10. 10. Rizzi spent most of the reminder of the semester sulking. She stayed in his room or played chess alone. Mel gathered her nerve and sat down across from her twin. “Will you just talk to me?” “Why should I?” Rizzi snapped and left.
  11. 11. When Rizzi left for class, Mel called for back up. “Pony I need your help.” She begged. “Pony’s not home.” Keika* said at the end of the line, “You must be Mel. Give me a sec. I’ll get her over there.” A/N: Keika’s the wonderful author of the White Legacy.
  12. 12. “Why am I at the greek house?” Pony mused appearing out of nowhere. “I was just about to swim with a whale shark…someone’s going to get her simself license revoked.”
  13. 13. “Pony! Thank goodness.” Mel exclaimed. “You’ve got to talk to Rizzi…Her and Charrie had a horrible fight, now she won’t talk to anyone.” “Easy now.” Pony hugged Mel, “She needs some time.” “I understand that, but she’ll never get better if she won’t talk to someone.” “Alright alright.” Pony relented, “Send her in the living when she gets back from class.”
  14. 14. “Rizzi, we need to talk.” Pony said a few hours later when Rizzi returned from class.
  15. 15. “YOU!!! It’s all your fault. You’re the simself and you let it happen!!!!” Rizzi screamed. “Oh dear, your face will get stuck like that.” Pony replied. “You can’t even be serious. You’re here just to mock me! Laugh it up Pony! That’s what you simselves do.”
  16. 16. “Listen here you silly girl.” Pony said in a heated tone, “You’re not the only hurting about this. Quit your sniveling and grow up. Thai and you were never meant to be. He’s immortal, you’re not. How would you like when you got older everyday and he’d stay young forever. You didn’t even think about it, lovestruck.” Pony spat in disgust. “I could drink the Elixir of Life, we’d be young together.”
  17. 17. “Life is a one way street here Rizzi. There’s no elixir for you. No vampires, no cow plants. You’re mortal here.” “I can find a way.” “How about Hollie? Hmm, Thai’s married. Triple bolts.”
  18. 18. “Open your eyes Rizzi.” Pony said pointing to the paintings on the hall, “There’s something greater planned for you.” “You kidding.” Scowling at the painting of Gordon, “He’s just Mel’s friend.” “He’s so such more.”
  19. 19. “He loves you. Double bolts. Which is more than you could share with a crush.” “But Gordon???” “Just think about it Rizzi.”
  20. 20. And with that Pony was gone. “Freakin’ simselves.” Rizzi grumbled.
  21. 21. Later that night. Gordon joined Rizzi at the poker table. “It’s good to see you out Rizzi.” He said quietly. “I can’t hide forever.” Rizzi gruffly, then she sighed, “Pony said you love me.” “With all my heart.” Gordon replied looking up sharply.
  22. 22. “You guys gonna play or what?” Lila, the placeholder’s girlfriend asked sitting down, “Deal me some cards.” Rizzi held back the urge to throw her chips in Lila’s face and dealt the cards.
  23. 23. Greg, Kendal, Charmeleon, Charizard, Jimmy and Gordon all moved back to Laguna Isle. Greg and Bulbasaur moved in together, along with their daughter Kaylynn. Jimmy and Charmeleon moved in with Ivysaur and Venusaur. Kendal Mellon awaits her own challenge. Charizard never got to finish her talk with Gordon, but they moved into neighboring houses. Thai finally told Hollie about his indiscretion.
  24. 24. “I can’t believe you, how could you?” Hollie halfshouted, not wanting to wake Sal, “I thought you loved me.” “I do love you, Hollie.” Thai sighed, “I told you. Pony gave me no choice. This is her ‘verse, we have to play by her rules.” “I don’t understand, why?” “She didn’t explain. I have a feeling something's going on that she’s not sharing.”
  25. 25. “She didn’t tell you?” Hollie said. Thai would never hurt her, she told herself. He was so good with Sari and Sal. She knew also he would do anything for his friends, Pony asks too much! “No.” Thai frowned, “Hollie, I’m so sorry. If you want me to go I’ll go…” “NO!” Hollie said vehemently, “Don’t go…I understand, I think. Please don’t go.”
  26. 26. . . .
  27. 27. In the early hours of the morning after the birthday party Cleve was the only one wake with the toddlers. Not that he mind the undivided attention of his grandchildren. He sighed, they had put the potty chairs where Kaylynn’s crib had been. Too bad Greg had found his own place already. Bulba had already joined him, taking little Kaylynn with her. Cleve knew a child should stay with her mother, he would miss the little girl. “Dun!” Wartortle chirped happily, hopping off the potty. It was nice to have more boys in the house for once.
  28. 28. Wartortle left Gan to go play with Blastoise. Both boys too absorbed in their play to notice the absence of their sister.
  29. 29. Charrie just barely got to make breakfast before Cleve had to go to work. “I got them all fed and changed.” Cleve said getting up, “The boy should be nodding off soon. Squirtle fell asleep in the catbed.” Charrie chuckled, “Have a good day at work Dad.”
  30. 30. Squirtle as it happen decided that nap time was over and was crawling out of her refuge. Torttie an’ Toise didn’t want to play with her so she had gone looking for Nana.
  31. 31. Nana was no where to be found, but Mama was just as good. “Alright Squirtle, can you say Mama?” “Bootle.” Squirtle just laughed, Mama was silly. “Mom never said it was this hard. Say Mama.” “Mama!”
  32. 32. Charrie settled Squirtle down for a nap. Hex came home at noon with a promotion due. Charrie grinned and made much of him. The first one of her cats to get promoted.
  33. 33. Anna and Cleve took their turn toddler training. Though no word was spoken about it. The adults agreed that Charrie would teach the kids to talk, Anna would handle walking and Cleve would teach them the Nursery rhyme. Potty training would be done by whoever managed to get the kids to the potty in time.
  34. 34. They took turns being up in the wee hours with the kids. Toddlers didn’t know the difference between night and day. They slept when they when tired. Charrie liked those quiet times best. The boys were a lot like her. They were rough and tumble and often Squirtle was left out of their games. Squirtle was as sweet as Mel, never crying and just content to play with Mama.
  35. 35. Soon the kids were passed out and Charrie left wide awake. She spent some time teaching Bethany to speak.
  36. 36. Thai was finally able to come over and was imeediately swarmed by his offspring. “Laloo Laloo!” Wartortle demanded. “What? What you want?” “Pick him up Thai.” Anna said with a smile, “He obviously know who you are.” “I would hope so.” Thai said picking up the boy.
  37. 37. “So you’re bad with kids.” Charrie chuckled. Wartortle held on to his father’s neck with an iron grip. “They’re not so bad, at least when they’re mine.” Thai grinned sheepishly. “Thanks for coming to see them...I know it’s not easy for Hollie.” “She understands Charrie. “ He glanced at Anna, “Pony says to call her as soon as you have some free time.”
  38. 38. Wartortle was whisked off for a nap. “Dadaa!” Squirtle demanded and squealed with giggles when Thai tickled her.
  39. 39. Thai spent time with each of the kids. He stayed as long as he dared, perhaps too long. It was after dark when he went home. Hollie would understand. It was important to have a relationship with these three and Sal and Sari. He hoped he could get all five together one day. Maybe when Charrie’s kids were a little older.
  40. 40. Thai gave Squirtle one last cuddle before going home. He was glad Hollie wasn’t too jealous of his kids, but there was no sense in tempting fate.
  41. 41. After work the next day, Bethany laid down on the sidewalk to finally give birth to her kitten.
  42. 42. She gave birth to a single female kitten Charrie decided to call Snow.
  43. 43. Squirtle was the first to find Snow and made a beeline to the poor kitten. “Snow!” Squirtle cooed happily squeezing the kitten.
  44. 44. Snow loved the attention despite getting mildly throttled.
  45. 45. Charrie and Anna set out birthday cakes for the triplets.
  46. 46. Soon the house was filled with guests. “They grow so fast don’t they?” Anna said storking her grandson’s hair. “Too fast.” Charrie agreed. Thai couldn’t make it that night. He had to work, Charrie couldn’t fault him. He was keen on maintaining a relationship with the kids. He’d make it up to them.
  47. 47. A/N: Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise clockwise. Good looking bunch a kids. They mostly favor Thai, but you can see traces of Charrie here or there.
  48. 48. Pony watched Rizzi carefully, though she seemed genuinely thrilled about the triplets birthday. Rizzi was a legacy villain waiting to happen. She still hadn’t taken an interest in Gordon. Pony traded slightly worried glances with Mia. They would have to keep a close eye on Rizzi.
  49. 49. The kids ran off with cake. Blastoise more than happy to chatter to Uncle Reias about ladybugs. “You think I’ll be able to find them under the snow?” he asked “Don’t be stupid Toise.” Wartortle chuckled, “They die in the snow. It’s too cold.” “They die?” Squirtle squeaked her eyes wide. “They don’t die Squirtle, they just go to sleep.” Reias said quickly changing the subject.
  50. 50. After finishing her cake Squirtle went into the bathroom. She didn’t want to keep Auntie Mel’s hair style. It was too long and she kept sitting on the braids. She liked this style much better.
  51. 51. “Mel my dear, you’re expecting!” Cleve exclaimed seeing his daughter’s condition. “Yeah, it’s all rather a surprise. Jimmy and I weren’t really planning on having kids.” “You’ll certain shake things up at Ivy and Venu’s they weren’t expecting kids either.” Cleve replied, “Hi in there, it’s your Grandpa.” Simself Keika is channeling her butler in the background. She writes the White Legacy….BBVM!!!!
  52. 52. “Rizzi you look great, you still jogging?” Charrie said. “Oh don’t play nice Charmander. I’m just here for Mom and Dad.” Rizzi sneered.
  53. 53. “This is my home too Rizzi, if you can’t be nice you can leave.” “I was about to go anyway, hmph.” Rizzi turned on her heel and left. Charrie was surprised that she didn’t hear the door slam. Oh well, tonight was about the kids, not her and Rizzi.
  54. 54. The downstairs bedrooms were redone. The boys got to staying the nursery while Squirtle moved into Mel and Rizzi’s old room.
  55. 55. The triplets were tucked into bed and everyone tramped down the street to Bulba’s house. Rizzi included, Pony felt a thrill of hope.
  56. 56. As simselves* raided the fridge. Greg brought Kaylynn to the cake. *Thai – author of Building the Breadlines and Oh Gosh the Owlpocalyspe
  57. 57. Kaylynn grew up into a darling little girl.
  58. 58. Despite the late night at Bulba’s Charrie was outside when the school bus came. “Momma, I’m scared, what if no one wants to be my friend.” “Don’t worry so much Squirtle, Kaylynn will be there and your stepsister, Sari too.” “Promise?” “I promise, now get on the bus.”
  59. 59. The house was strangely quiet, Cleve was gone to work and the kids at school. Anna finally called Pony over for lunch. Charrie snuck in some long awaited time at the pottery wheel.
  60. 60. “Pony!” Charrie spied her walking up the sidewalk. “’bout time you called, Thai said he deliver my message.” “Let’s go inside Mom has lunch ready.”
  61. 61. “So has Anna told you anything about the witches?” Pony began as soon as they sat down. “No, are you talking about Tara Kody, Dad’s friend?” “Yes. I’m trying to keep you guys away from her.” “But she’s a good witch isn’t she?” “Well yes, but she wants your family under her thumb. Where she can control you. Especially, now that there’s simself blood in the family. “
  62. 62. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.” “Let me see how much I can explain. This legacy has great potential for power. Beyond anything you can imagine. Great power like that is dangerous, and thankfully dormant. I’m trying to keep it that way. Tara Kody wants to awaken it to use it for goodly caues. Noble, but she doesn’t realize that once you awaken it you can’t shove it back in a box. It’ll find ways out if you aren’t using it.” “I still don’t quite get it. What’s that got to do with Thai and my kids?”
  63. 63. “Nana! I had so much fun at school. Kaylynn was there just like Momma promised and I met Sari too!” “That’s great dear.”
  64. 64. “The horde’s arrived.” Pony chuckled, “I’ll come back later, I don’t want to scare the kids.” “Probably don’t want them parroting everything either.” Charrie agreed. “Is this all to do what you hinted to me in college.” “Yes. But wait ‘til later. Tell Anna the grilled cheese was the best.”
  65. 65. “This is super easy.” Toise exclaimed, “Baby stuff. I can do this my sleep, can’t I go play now.” “You got two problems left finish those and then you can go.” Cleve said firmly, giving Anna a befuddled look. “But Torttie’s already playing with ‘Thena.” “He’s already done his homework.” Squirtle said nothing, she didn’t think the problems were so easy, she was better at history than math.
  66. 66. “I love you Cleve.” Anna said kissing as they headed to bed. “I love you Anna. I still can’t believe you chose me.” “You’re the perfect choice.” She smiled, then sighed, “I wish our girls were happier.” “Charrie and Rizzi? They’ll be okay dear. They just need time.”
  67. 67. While her parents took care of the kids before school, Charrie snuck in so time to train Dalen to speak. He may of missed work, but Charrie was sure he would bag a promotion finally.
  68. 68. Bethany did manage to snag a promotion for herself. Now she and Hex were Understudies.
  69. 69. The kids came home from school exhausted. Charrie sent them all to night and spent the night working on her novel.
  70. 70. Squitle and Wartortle snuck upstairs to jump on their mom’s bed. “This is fun.” Squirtle laughed. “Yeah, I bet I can jump higher than you.” “I bet we both can jump the highest!” Squirtle said quickly, she was glad Tortie woke her up to play, Toise usually hogged him.
  71. 71. Charrie banished her children to bed. But after laying down she got back. “Crap I forgot my pop tart.” She swore and ran downstairs.
  72. 72. It was too late, the oven was already on fire. Lucky the firefighters came quickly to extinguish the blaze. “Please be more careful ma’am.” “Of course.” Charrie sighed with relief, the oven was fine and her kids hadn’t woken up.
  73. 73. Charrie cleaned up the mess she made in the kitchen just in time to start setting up for a party.
  74. 74. Cleve called and rented an ice stating rink so the kids would have something special to do for his and Anna’s anniversary party.
  75. 75. Needless to say it drew kid like a magnet once the guests starting arriving.
  76. 76. As soon as Rizzi arrived, Anna called her into Squirtle’s bedroom and away from the crowd. “What is it Mom?” Rizzi asked, trying to ignore that her mother had forgotten to change out of her pajamas.
  77. 77. “I need you to do something for me and your dad.” Anna began, “I’m not going to be around much longer…” “Mom, you got a lot of time left!” Rizzi exclaimed. “No I don’t, tonight or maybe tomorrow. I’ve had a long full life Rizzi. Most of it happy.” “Most of it?” “Shush and listen to me. I want the same happiness for you. Charrie is sorry for what happened and Gordon is absolutely head over heels for you. Do me a favor, Rizzi, don’t be alone and miserable your whole life when happiness is your next door neighbor.”
  78. 78. “Oh Mom.” Rizzi said her voice choked. “I’m so sorry. I was just so mad at Charrie.” “It’s alright dear, you have time to fix things. You’re so young.” “I love you.” “I love you too dear.”
  79. 79. “Gordon, I haven’t really been fair to but I mean to make it up to you.” “Really how?”
  80. 80. “Would you marry me?” “OMG! YES!!!!!!”
  81. 81. “I’m sorry I ignored you for so long.” “I’m sorry I didn’t try harder.” “Ah young love.” Anna said smiling to herself.
  82. 82. “Hey Thai, thanks for coming.” Charrie said pulling him into a casual hug. “Did you see, Rizzi just asked Gordon to marry her?” “I saw, I hope this means things between you two are cleared up. I hate that you were not talking to each because of me.” “It wasn’t your fault Thai, it was mine. Anyway, things should get better now.”
  83. 83. The party was beginning to wind down. The kids abandoned the ice rink to have a water balloon fight in the freezing cold.
  84. 84. The party was a hit. Anna was a little surprised that the cops didn’t show up.
  85. 85. After all the guests were gone, there was one more thing she had to do. Pony should be home from work now.
  86. 86. “Pony thanks for coming.” “No problem, sorry I missed your party. I love ice skating.” “I’m sure Cleve the number for the rental place. But I wanted to talk to you about something else.” “Oh?” “I’m dying.” “I know.” Pony replied sadly, “Today?” “I don’t know, today, maybe tomorrow. But I wanted to thank you.”
  87. 87. “Oh Anna, you don’t have to thank me.” Pony sniffled, “I should be thanking you.” “Don’t be silly Pony, I have what I wanted most, a family. I didn’t want to be a legacy founder, but I wouldn’t change what I did for anything.” Anna smiled, “And now Charrie and her children will continue after me.”
  88. 88. Anna went to go get dinner ready so Pony plopped down with the newest generation of Pokemon. “I bet I can whip all of you!” She grinned. “Nuh uh.” Toise and Tortie exclaimed together. “Toise is the best at Don’t Wake the Llama.” Squirtle chimed in.
  89. 89. “Pony, I have something for you.” “Me? It’s not my birthday.” “Just take it, it’s a painting of Dad. Mom told me to give it to you.” “Thank you, I’ll hang it up next to the painting I have of her.”
  90. 90. The next morning the family all managed to get to the table for breakfast. Anna smiled, remembering when Charrie and her sisters were younger. Though they rarely talked about burping and bugs.
  91. 91. “Hey Toise can I have a turn?” Squirtle asked. “No, you’re too short to reach the mic.” “I’m as tall as you are!” “Nuh uh, you’re an inch shorter. Now buzz off and play with the cats. I have a world domination speech to practice for.” “Why do you have to be so mean?” Squirtle murmured leaving to see if she could find Snow.
  92. 92. “Wow Snow!” Squirtle exclaimed finding Snow. The little kitten had grown up to a beautiful cat. “You look just like a panda.”
  93. 93. Charrie finally splurged and bought all her children new outfits. Which they donned immediately.
  94. 94. Anna suddenly felt cold all over, the sounds her grandchildren playing faded into the distant background. Slowly she turned around.
  95. 95. “Anna Pokémon.” “Reias? Is that you?” “Yes, but you aren’t supposed to recognize me.” “Oh okay.” “Are you ready?” “I do believe I am, Grim Reaper.” She sighed looking around at her sobbing family, “They’ll be well taken care of won’t they?” “We’re always watching, Anna.” “Alright then…”
  96. 96. Goodbye Anna
  97. 97. Charrie and Cleve quickly fence off a small area in the back yard. They planted flowers and left some of Anna’s favorite paintbrushes.
  98. 98. Cleve pulled back the covers of Anna’s side of the bed, the sheets still smelled of her. He looked longing at the painting of her, it was going to be a long night. …
  99. 99. Light streaming in the windows woke Ivy up from the best dream.
  100. 100. She looked around her room confused, what was with all the plants?
  102. 102. “This better be good, do you know how early it is?” “Trust me, Pony would I call you for something silly?” “Yes you would… Well Mel would.”
  103. 103. “So this all grew in over night?” “Yes.”
  104. 104. That’s it for this round. A quick couple things before I leave you. I delayed this chapter a bit because I wasn’t ready for Anna to go. Now there is a bone phone in the neighborhood, but I had to have the one way street handicap *grumbles*. Her life insurance benefited 16 people, including all her kids and several simselves. Saying goodbye Anna was one of the hardest things I’ve done. She’s been on my computer since 2011ish. Well that’s enough sad stuff. Happy Simming everyone!
  105. 105. “Holy cow that’s a ton of Ivy.”