Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

  1. 1. Chapter 7
  2. 2. Welcome back to the NEW Pokémon Legacy! Cause NEW is one letter anyway from Mew. Sadly we’re still a long way from Mew. But the heir is home at last. Ivy and Venu moved across the street in the lovely abode above. It’s still a work in progress but it ended up a really nice house.
  3. 3. Last chapter was a bit of a busy one, let’s see if I can squeeze in a recap. Charrie was voted heir by her sisters. She was reluctant and tried to get Pony to veto the decision with no luck. Pony hinted at something big going on but stopped before revealing too much. Mel got engaged to Jimmy Phoenix and Gordon Notts tried desperately to get Rizzi’s attention to no avail.
  4. 4. Life was good in Laguna Isle. Time was on it’s never-ending forward march. At the Starr household, Athena, Demeter, and Orion all grew a little older. Orion decided to take after his Uncle Thai and follow the path of pleasure in life.
  5. 5. “Want to try for another?” Reias asked Ani-Mei after the parties were over and the kids in bed. “Yes. We’re going to need a bigger house. Orion’s not going to want to share with his sisters forever.” “Pony’s in the mood for building. I’m sure she would be willing to pitch some ideas.” ...
  6. 6. Across the island and a few hours later new arrivals had finally found their way to the beach house. “Finally” Keika sighed with relief, “I thought we were never going to get here.” “At least your wearing something decent.” Gabie grumble, “Long sleeves with shorts is silly.” “And a jumpsuit isn’t? I’m going to hurt Pony when I find her.”
  7. 7. “Hey you guys! I was expecting you earlier.” Pony said breathlessly as she ran up to the porch.
  8. 8. “Your map wasn’t very helpful.” Gabie pointed out. “Sorry, Bane bumped my hand when I was drawing it out. I’m so glad you’re here, just in time for the wedding too.” “Wedding?” Keika asked from the door. “Thai’s and Hollie’s it’s tomorrow but Hollie’s coming over tonight with her daughter Sari.”
  9. 9. It didn’t take long for the new simselves to settle in. Hollie came over with Sari in tow. Pony took over the toddler while her mom got a tour of the house with Thai. “Aunt Pony is your favorite right Sari?’ Pony asked, “Much better than those family sims over there eh?” “That’s not fair Pony share the baby!” Keika protested.
  10. 10. The next morning Ani-Mei and her family came over to help set everything up. “You guys didn’t have to do this.” Hollie scolded shyly. “Of course we did.” Ani-Mei said with a smile, “it’s not everyday we get to fuss over someone.” “I thought I was the mother duck.” Pony protested, “But AniMei’s right it’s not everyday someone joins our little band.”
  11. 11. “This is beautiful Thai.” Hollie said in awe. “You have Pony to thank for that one.” Thai grinned, “Hollie Bellefonte, will you take me as your not so humble husband.” “I do. And Thai Colours will you take me as your lawful wedded wife?” “I do!”
  12. 12. “Go Thai!” Reias cheered. Several of the women wiped their eyes. “Weddings always make me cry.” Pony blubbered into a napkin.
  13. 13. Shortly after the reception Hollie went into labor. “I thought she wasn’t due until tomorrow?” Gabie asked. “I might have helped her along.” Pony said with an innocent expression.
  14. 14. A short while later Salbatore was born, looking very much like his dad. With dark hair and brown eyes.
  15. 15. After Sal’s birth Thai and Hollie moved out with their children. Pony and the other simselves moved as well the beach house was too small for four people. ...
  16. 16. “Bulba? What are you doing here I though you would want your own place.” “I do, but I think I’m going to wait until Greg graduates so his name will be on the deed to the land. There’s going to be so many Pokémon households, it’s going to be nice to be a little different.” “I see.” Charrie grinned, “It’s good to be home.” “I knew we made the right choice when we picked you.” Bulba said smugly. “You aren’t married yet Bulba, I can always talk Mom and Dad into making you stay.” “Puhleeze, they wouldn’t.”
  17. 17. “I thought you two were going to stand outside forever.” Cleve chuckled as the girls entered the living room. “Welcome home dear.” Anna smiled serenely, “We left your room the way it was.” “Thank you Mom.” Charrie smiled. “You’re expected to make some changes to the house though. You’ll want your own suite.” “That can wait a few days, I’m just glad to home.”
  18. 18. Anna and Cleve went to bed, leaving their daughters to their own devices. Bulba and Charrie tried to get some sleep, but found themselves too energized to sleep. “You would think we would be exhausted after that party.” Bulba complained getting up, “I’m getting some cereal, you want any?” “Yeah, beats sitting in bed doing nothing.”
  19. 19. “So what do you have plan for the house Charrie?” Bulba asked as they ate. “I don’t, Mom wants me to have a suite, but that seems a bit much.” “You are the heir after all, add another story, you can have a room for your crafts like Mom’s studio.”
  20. 20. Anna and Cleve awoke with the sun. They spent a little quality together while contractors got to work on a second story to the legacy house.
  21. 21. A/N: I built Charrie three rooms and overly large bedroom, a place where she can work on her toy making and pottery badges, and of course she wants to get a sewing machine now. And I can’t keep Anna and Bulba away from the pottery wheel as it is. Sigh of course all Anna’s family is super artsy.
  22. 22. Charrie decided to start on her lifetime want to have six pets get to the top of their careers. She wanted a dog, but Anna talked her into a kitten named Bethany. The little grey kitten was a delight, she settled into her new home rather quickly.
  23. 23. Bulba dipped into the funds she got for graduating college and bought some new clothes. The sundress was cute, but she wanted something more green. Charrie offered to remodel Mel and Rizzi’s bedroom for her. But Bulba refused she was only going to be here a week. It didn’t make since to change the décor for her. Especially when babies were bound to need the space.
  24. 24. “Get it Bethany, you can do it.” Charrie teased the kitten. Bethany stood on her hind legs struggling to get the ‘bird’. Charrie couldn’t help but laugh they should of got a cat a long time ago.
  25. 25. Charrie changed into the outfit she had worn in college. Bulba had bought her another outfit but she liked this one best. Red just wasn’t her color.
  26. 26. “Bulba wants to throw a party.” Cleve said with a tolerant smile. “Really, we’ve only been home two days.” “I think she misses that boy of hers.” Cleve chuckled, “She’s a popularity driven person, she needs a party every now and then.” “I guess that’s okay, at least it won’t be a toga party.”
  27. 27. While Bulba got everything ready for the party, Charrie entertained herself by getting another kitten. A little white boy named Hex.
  28. 28. Bulba and Charrie put the Don’t Wake the Llama table away and set up a bar. “You picked out a nice one girls.” Anna nodded approvingly as Charrie poured drinks. “It’ll keep for plenty of years to come too.” Bulba grinned thinking of parties to come. “That’s if you get to take it with you.” Charrie teased.
  29. 29. Darkness fell and the party was soon in full swing. There seemed to be plenty of juice flowing as everyone want to toast to the legacy.
  30. 30. Juice made Charrie feel all tingly. Her brain buzzed in a haze. She couldn’t help but notice Thai in a new light.
  31. 31. The sounds of the other guests leaving woke Charrie out of the haze with a start. “I think you’d better go.” She told Thai feeling sick in her stomach. “I’m so sorry.” “Me too.” Thai said squeezing her hand gently. “You want to let the be forgotten?” “Yes, I’m so sorry Thai.”
  32. 32. Anna saw her daughter choking back sobs as she ate a plate of cold turkey. “What’s wrong Charrie?” She asked confused, she had thought the party went rather well. “Oh Momma, I’ve done something awful.” Charrie said surrendering to her tears.
  33. 33. Anna was silent as Charrie told her what had happened with Thai. “Oh dear, this is a bit of pickle.” Anna said after Charrie finished. “Dry your eyes and wash your face Charrie. We all make mistakes, will figure this all out in the morning.” “Yes Momma.” Charrie said just glad to be told what to do.
  34. 34. Charrie crawled under her covers. The sheets cold and uninviting, but she fell asleep quickly.
  35. 35. The next morning, Charrie adopted another kitten. A little boy she named Dalen. He was a little younger than Hex but was solid white like him.
  36. 36. Anna barely slept a wink. She was up early trying to fix the computer. She mulled over and over what needed to happen with Charrie. Electricity shot up her arm when her screwdriver slipped.
  37. 37. It seemed forever until the breaker flipped and the shocks stopped. A burning smell infused her pajamas. Wrinkling her nose in disgust she went to shower.
  38. 38. Charrie rushed to the bathroom, spewing her breakfast into the toilet. Her heart was full of dread. She closed her eyes, she was pregnant…Rizzi worshipped Thai, she would hate her forever. Not to mention, Thai was a married man.
  39. 39. “Charrie is that you?” Anna asked hearing the sounds of someone being sick. “Yes.” Charrie got off the floor and rinse out her mouth. “You’re pregnant aren’t you?” Anna said hugging Charrie. “I think so.” Charrie said weakly. “You need to call Thai and tell him. You should probably called Pony too.”
  40. 40. Charrie did not want to call either of them. But her mom was right. Thai had the right to know. But Pony would be so disappointed in her. She had behaved horribly, Pony wouldn’t want her to be heir anymore.
  41. 41. Pony arrived all too promptly. “Charrie what’s a matter? You sounded distressed on the phone.” Pony said, Charrie nearly burst into tears again. Pony was so caring. “Here let’s get you inside, here comes Thai.”
  42. 42. Once settled in the living room Charrie swallowed and said, “I’m pregnant, Pony. At the party last night, Thai and I…” She stopped speaking feeling sick over the shock on her friends’ faces. “Well I certainly didn’t expect this.” Pony said quietly, “Not from you, Charrie. Maybe Rizzi.” “I can leave this week,” Charrie swallowed, “Venu or Ivy could be heir. Or Bulba, she’s already here.” “No Charrie, you’re the heir.” Pony said quickly. She glanced at Thai for support. “Charrie you have to be the heir.” Thai said.
  43. 43. “Even with this? Thai’s a simself, I’m not supposed to have children with a playable. Isn’t that legacy rules?”
  44. 44. “You can’t marry a playable, or move one in.” Pony explain empathically, “No one said a simself can’t be the father of your children.” “Ani-Mei’s done it this way before.” Thai put in. “You guys aren’t mad?”
  45. 45. “Shocked, not really mad.” Thai said after a silence. Pony shook her head, “Not mad Charrie, just surprised.”
  46. 46. “As I said, you’re the perfect heir.” Pony hugged Charrie, “Go get some rest, you’re exhausted.” “What do I tell Rizzi? Or Hollie?” “We’ll take care of it. That’s what we’re here for.”
  47. 47. “This is awkward Pony, I just got married.” Thai said after Charrie reluctantly went off to bed. “I think it went over quite well. If Hollie makes you sleep on the couch send her to me.” Pony grinned, “It’s me she should be mad at anyways.” “Now who’s breaking the fourth wall?”
  48. 48. Later that evening, Bulba got up from the dinner table with a strange feeling in her midsection. “Whoops” Bulba grinned, “I shouldn’t be surprised should I?” She smiled fondly.
  49. 49. Greg had swung by before the party so they had some alone time together. Bulba hope Charrie didn’t mind her borrowing the bed.
  50. 50. Charrie’s belly popped only a few short hours after Bulba’s. Charrie still fretted about telling her sister. Soon there would be no avoiding it. Maybe the baby would look like Charrie and not Thai.
  51. 51. Being pregnant had both Bulba and Charrie up at odd hours. Bulba didn’t say tactfully made little fuss over her sister’s condition. Charrie, despite Pony’s reassurances, stilled seemed upset over the matter.
  52. 52. Anna often woke up early as well, she found Rizzi’s exercise bike a good way to spend the wee hours of the morning.
  53. 53. Bethany soon grew from a tiny gray kitten to a beautiful gray and brown cat.
  54. 54. Charrie spent her waking hours training Bethany to speak. Her dream was to have six cats reach the top of their career. She decided that Bethany would join the show biz career. Beth certainly had the flair for it.
  55. 55. Hex and Dalen were still young, but they would grow up fast enough.
  56. 56. “Mom?” Bulba asked in a small worried voice, splashing cool water on Anna’s face. “Are you alright?” “Uh?” Anna blinked confused, “Why am I on the floor?” “You must of overheated on Rizzi’s bike.”
  57. 57. Bulba pulled her mom off the floor and hugged her tightly. “Easy, dear, don’t break these old bones of mine.” “I’m sorry, I thought we were gonna lose you, how about staying off the bike a bit.” Bulba said relaxing her grip, “Maybe I should have Rizzi come pick it up.” “Not yet, not with Charrie in a state. I’ll stay off it dear.”
  58. 58. In the wee hours of the morning, Charrie ‘popped’ again. She rubbed her belly thoughtfully, her depression easing a little. “I can’t wait to see you little one.” She told the life growing inside her. No matter how this ended up she would be a mother. She wouldn’t have what Greg and Bulba would have or Jimmy and Mel. But she didn’t really want to get married anyway. She was more like Ivy and Venu in that regard.
  59. 59. “Mom what you did think about doing Charrie’s portrait today?’ Bulba asked at breakfast trying to think of a way to keep her mother off the bike. “That’s a wonderful idea. Her face is radiant and none of the baby fat will show.” “Mooommm!” Charrie complained, “Do I look that big?” “No larger than I do.” Bulba smiled shoveling down her food.
  60. 60. Anna insisted Charrie go outside to get lighting ideas. Newly grown up Hex decided to go along and master the arts of climbing stairs.
  61. 61. Bethany’s car pool showed up. The cat excited as ever to go to her first day of work.
  62. 62. As planned the walk outside tired both Anna and Charrie. Bulba hummed happily to herself as she painted.
  63. 63. As soon as Charrie woke and went to her studio a bit, Bulba hung the finished painting up in her sister’s room. Charrie had such a serious face, hopefully motherhood would soften her a bit. She wondered if Greg had any friends she might be able to introduce her sister to.
  64. 64. Bethany returned from her first day of work triumphant with a promotion. Charrie was one step closer to completing her goal.
  65. 65. They the rest of the evening redecorating the nursery for the new babies. Charrie decide it should be blue because she would follow dutifully in her mother’s footsteps and name her children after pokémon. The next name in line was Squirtle.
  66. 66. The nursery was finished none too soon. Just after going to bed, Bulba went into labor.
  67. 67. “I think I’ll call you Kaylynn.” Bulba murmured into her daughter’s ear. The infant grabbed at her mother’s fingers. “Daddy will be so excited when he sees you little one.” She glanced at the clock, it was a little late to called Greg, but he surely wouldn’t mind being woken up.
  68. 68. “Here Dad want to hold her?” “Yes, your mother will be thrill, she wanted to name you Kaylynn.” “I know she told me.” “There’s her car pulling up, let’s surprise her.”
  69. 69. “Anna dear, meet your granddaughter.” Cleve said placing the infant in her arms. “Squirtle?” “No, Kaylynn.” “Oh Cleve!” Careful not to squish the girl, she kissed her husband.
  70. 70. Not to be left out, Squirtle soon made its presences known! “DAAAADDDD, MOOOOOMMMM!” Charrie howled against the labor mains.
  71. 71. “Hey there, girly.” Charrie tickled the girl’s belly, “You were a lot of work.” Squirtle looked just like Thai with his brown eyes and dark hair.
  72. 72. Charrie felt the pains start again. She handed off Squirtle just in time to give birth to her twin brother Wartortle.
  73. 73. She then went downstairs to hand Wartortle off. Not finding her parents, she put the baby on the ground. “Please be the last one.” She groaned.
  74. 74. Another boy, Blastoise was born. Both him and Wartortle had Thai’s brown eyes and black hair like their sister. Charrie sighed in relief when the pains subsided at last.
  75. 75. A/N: Yay the starter Pokémon are done now!
  76. 76. “We did it Charrie, we’re officially parents!” Bulba hugged her sister excitedly. “Things have only just begun, Bulba.” Charrie said with a small smile. “I’m going to call Greg over to see Kaylynn, you should call Thai, he’ll want to know.” “I will, Bulba. I wouldn’t leave him in the dark.”
  77. 77. “So triplets?” Thai asked. “Yes.” Charrie said, she glanced at Cleve who had set Wartortle on the floor. “I’ll get him.” Thai offered generously.
  78. 78. Greg had also come to see his child. Of course, after a few minutes, Kaylynn was handed off to Grandma. Bulba lead Greg away for some private time.
  79. 79. Thai held onto Wartortle tightly as the boy screamed his head. He jiggled the boy carefully, Hollie usually was the one who tend Sal when it came to dirty diapers. “Charrie a little help???” He called afraid he would drop the child.
  80. 80. Charrie rescued Thai, just as Dalen grew up into a beautiful tomcat.
  81. 81. Thai helped Charrie feeding Blastoise and Squirtle. He looked at the clock, “Charrie I have to go…Hollie will be wondering where I am.” “You haven’t told her yet have you?” Charrie said sadly. “I’ll get to, you don’t worry.” Thai laid Squirtle on the floor. “I’ll be back to see them soon…if Hollie doesn’t kill me first.”
  82. 82. That night Anna finally reached her dream of becoming a prestidigitator and the top of the entertainment career. “I did it!” she shouted on the sidewalk.
  83. 83. Cleve wanted to try to breed the cats. Charrie did eventually need three more. Why not try to breed them. Bethany was closest to Dalen so Cleve sent them off to try for kittens.
  84. 84. Both Anna and Cleve were up early. Anna after only a small bit of hemming and hawing decided to retire. Bulba would be moving out soon and Charrie would need help taking care of the little ones. Cleve snuck into the nursery to spend some time with Kaylynn. Greg would be graduating college in a few days. Bulba and Greg would be finding their own place after that.
  85. 85. The day passed by all too quickly. And it was time for a quadruple birthday party.
  86. 86. Squirtle: It shelters itself in its shell, then strikes back with spouts of water at every opportunity. 9/2/10/3/10
  87. 87. 4/10/9/4/1
  88. 88. Wartortle: When tapped, this Pokémon will pull in its head, but its tail will still stick out a little bit. 7/4/10/8/3
  89. 89. Blastoise: The pressurized water jets on this brutal Pokémon's shell are used for high-speed tackles. 10/10/3/8/1
  90. 90. “Where’s Thai Charrie? You would have thought he would come to his own childrens’ birthday party.” Anna said, with a frown. “He’s working tonight, he said he was going to come by tomorrow.”
  91. 91. Anna hadn’t spoken quietly, the next room heard the whole conversation. “I have to go.” Rizzi said, her voice breaking. “Rizzi..” Pony began, but the girl fled the house.
  92. 92. That’s all for this chapter folks. Sorry it took so long to get it out. But generation 3 is here! ...
  93. 93. Tara took a big breathe of the winter cold air…She had waited so long for this moment. To get ahold of something that belonged to Pony.
  94. 94. “Now you promised I didn’t have to wear the hat.” Ivy said. “Yes, yes you don’t have to wear the hat, or the robes.” Tara sighed, “I think it would upset your mother.” “Okay then, let’s get this over with.”
  95. 95. Tara gritted her teeth. Why was this one the only one who wanted her power. She waved her wand and magic flooded over Ivy. Why not someone more driven, like Bulba or Charrie. But she would have to take what she could get.
  96. 96. “Too cool.” Ivy grinned. Tara sighed.