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Corporate Partnership

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Binus - Mozilla partnership

  1. 1. Prospect Partnership BINUS – Mozilla 2012
  2. 2. Strategic Partnership
  3. 3. About MozillaWhat is Mozilla?We’re a global communityof thousands who sincerely believe in the power oftechnology to enrich people’s lives.We’re a public benefit organizationdedicated not to making money but to improving the waypeople everywhere experience the Internet.And we’re an open source software projectwhose code has been used as a platform for some of theInternet’s most innovative projects.
  4. 4. Focus of MozillaWe’re Building a Better InternetThe Firefox browser is created byMozilla, a non-profit organization whosemission is to promoteopenness, innovation and opportunityon the Web.GovernanceMozilla is an open source projectgoverned as a meritocracy. Ourcommunity is structured as a virtualorganization where authority isdistributed to both volunteer andemployed community members as theyshow their abilities throughcontributions to the project.
  5. 5. Our MissionMozillas mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.What we doWe do this by creating great software, like the Firefox browser, and buildingmovements, like Drumbeat, that give people tools to take control of their onlinelives.What we strive forAs a non-profit organization, we define success in terms of building communitiesand enriching people’s lives instead of benefiting shareholders. We believe in thepower and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone,everywhere.Who we work withBuilding a better Internet is an ambitious goal, but we believe that it is possiblewhen people who share our passion get involved. Coders, artists, writers, testers,surfers, students, grandparents—anyone who cares about the web can help makeit even better. Find out how you can help.What drives usRead the Mozilla Manifesto to learn more about the values and principles thatguide the pursuit of our mission.
  6. 6. MOZILLA INDONESIA Representatives Mr. Viking Karwur Community Manager – Mozilla *BINUS Alumnae – Management Informatika (1999)
  7. 7. MOZILLA User – World wide (Matrix)Mozilla’s State of the Internet Report, Firefox’s Worldwide Share Close To30%Mozilla has released "State of the Internet" : the Quarterly Analyst Report for thefirst time. This report, for Q1 2010, analyzes various online trends and Firefox statsworldwide.Here are the highlights of this report:• Firefox’s worldwide market share hovering near 30%.• Usage/Adoption of Firefox this quarter grew most dramatically in Russia.• Firefox market share continues to be strongest in Europe.• Firefox’s current share is near 80% in Antarctica. :) ASIA, 26% Users• Indonesia, India, Philippines, Australia, Mexico, and Turkey - showing stronggrowth. Each showing a Firefox usage increase of about 15%.• The following diagram shows a rough estimation of Firefox users in variousregions:
  8. 8. BINUS – MozillaProject Incubation
  9. 9. Potential PartnershipNo Partnership Mozilla1. Internship v2. Employability / Hiring v3. Workshop v4. Talk show – Seminar (Studium Generale – Guest Lecture, CEO v speaks)5. Research Lab v6. Final Thesis v7. Office tour v8. Training v9 Product Innovation v
  10. 10. Corporate Overview
  11. 11. What type of KEY Message do we want to deliver @2012I. MultistratumII. Strategic PartnershipIII. ICT, Innovation & CreativeIV. Communities Enhancement
  12. 12. Primary Corporate Communication Area of Contribution Primary Marketing Score Card Descriptors 1. Brand Equity  Average of Public Survey of Top of Mind in Indonesia toward All BINUS products and services  Average of Public Survey of Top of Mind overseas toward All BINUS products and services 2. Government & Industry # Government & Industry Relations Relations 3. Social Responsibility # of social responsibility initiatives 3. Cost Efficiency carried out % of total cost VS Realizations
  13. 13. Objectives• Marketing Objectives – Increasing brand equity of BINA NUSANTARA until 75% – In accordance to prepare for Bina Nusantara’s main goal in 2020 as one of a world’s class education institution• Communications Objectives – Good Corporate Image – To shape and maintain BINA NUSANTARA ’s reputation as a world-class knowledge Institution• Issues and Challenges – Non profit organization (Donation base on) – Indonesian Mozilla community is still small
  14. 14. SWOT Analysis BINUS Mozilla Strength BINUS known for it’s ICT department Mozilla in a well known global company BINUS have credible and competent Mozilla has branches all around the world graduates Mozilla is one of the leading ICT Industry in BINUS have the most credible graduates in ICT Strength the world sector Mozilla Corporation is currently not popular in BINUS needs Global Industry partnership to Weakness IndonesiaWeakness strive its goals Mozilla Developers are a small community inOpportunit Indonesia y Establish of Cross lab – Mozilla Opportuni The first university in Indonesia to collaborate ty BINUS can increase brand equity in ICT sector partnership with international web browser Global employability for BINUS students Increase Media exposure in ICT news of Internship and summer course abroad in USA partnership International recognition for Mozilla Mozilla Representatives engagement for institutional partner BINUSIAN Event activities such as seminars, workshop BINUS can increase knowledge in ICT sector] and training BINUS can increase WOM in International There are several other institutional education events regarding with ICT that are also interest to collaborate with Mozilla vision is deliver free software and adds Threat Mozilla Threat on globally Willingness to commit with BINUS in coming Mozilla is an non Profit organization years is still a big question mark (Case study ; Mozilla corporate culture is different than Google) BINUS
  15. 15. Advantages of Partnership BINUS Mozilla International recognition for Event activities such as Mozilla institutional partner seminars, workshop and trainingInternship and summer course Mozilla Representatives abroad in USA engagement for BINUSIAN The first university in IndonesiaGlobal employability for BINUS to collaborate partnership with students international web browserBINUS can increase brand equity Establish of Cross lab – Mozilla in ICT sector
  16. 16. Communication GoalsWe are here… 2015 : International 2014 : Community Becoming apart of 2013 : International International Recognition 2012 : National Recognition
  17. 17. 6 Steps Process Strategy TacticsCommunication PlanGoals Measure MeasureTo become Corporate Event Media Blowpart of the CommunicatiInternational on plan to outCommunity partnershipand Top of with Industry Internship & GAP Analysis ResultMind linkage with Research Training Centers ICT BINUS – Cross-labs Mozilla Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6Align Corporate Communications to Achieve Communication goals through StrategicPartnership
  18. 18. Measurement • Participants Event • Media Publications • Sponsorship Internship • Participants • Feedback and resultand Training • Real World application • New innovations ; adds on, technologies and labs experiments Cross-labs • Sustainable research • Media awareness
  19. 19. Conclusion PRO CONTRA1. Global Company 1. Non profit organization2. One of the ICT leaders in 2. Small community ofthe world developers3. Global Employability 3. Not popular in Indonesia4. Increase brand equity andstrategic partnership
  20. 20. RecommendationsCorporate Communication recommends that we should partnership because ; Increase Brand equity Good Corporate Image Inline Communication Goals Brings benefit for BINUS Business units
  21. 21. THANK YOU