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Social Media in B2B Companies


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Introduction to social media from B2B perspective. Delivered at a customer workshop for a global B2B client.

External utilization part done and presented by Marko Sykkö from Promener / Tehostamo Consulting.

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  • Good info in here. I'd recommend tools such as (Gmail plugin to send friendly follow-up emails) and Rapportive (verifying email) among some of the marketing strategies. Does anyone have any other B2B tools they'd recommend?
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  • Definitely Harri, and Finns all speak great English ;-) Yes, from my experience working on the social enterprise, the real challenge is in changing habits to facilitate adoption. Metcalfe's law definitely applies here too for the value the users give the network. Internal social media governance is definitely another hot topic too.

    Is there any other open forums you collaborate with?

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  • No worries Fito (Adolfo), looks like I should do more presentations in english as the audience is much bigger than in finnish.

    Obviously one cannot get all the info from the slides alone but hopefully you and other viewers have gotten some new ideas about utilizing social media in the B2B context. There's much more to it than just marketing.
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  • Great presentation and some awesome slides. Thanx 4 sharing!
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Social Media in B2B Companies

  1. Social Media in B2B Companies Harri Lakkala - Intosome Marko Sykkö - Promener
  2. Harri Lakkala • Expert on social media and innovations • 6 years of experience with social media in enterprise context • Introduced blogs and wikis to Nokia Ltd • Plenty of experience on coaching teams, enhancing business processes, internal consulting • Nokia Innovation Award -05, Nokia Quality Award -08
  3. Marko Sykkö • Social Media and Marketing professional • Background in marketing communications and media, with 11 years of experience • Created internal social media utilization in Nokia • Experience about Change Management in large organizations
  5. 82% use Internet 82% use (almost) daily Ref: Statistics Finland
  6. Consumers 82% research products and services 90% compare prices online Ref: Statistics Finland, TeliaSonera
  7. B2B Buyers 68% follow social media for business purposes 90% for personal things Ref: Forrester Research
  8. The Net is now Social photos: &
  9. 400 million globally 1.6 million in Finland 300 000 companies Ref:
  10. “Markets are Conversations” - The Cluetrain Manifesto
  11. Conversations take place - You can only choose to participate or not photo:
  12. Utilization areas Partners Organization Employees Customers
  14. What is Social Media?
  15. Social Media ≠ Medium Photo: Rain on Window 3 by ToastyKen/ Flickr
  16. print radio letter email TV web PR event social
  17. Social media is the human connection via media
  18. Social Media is all about relationships
  19. Relationships help making B2B buying decisions
  20. Listen Participate Reward Engage
  21. Transparency and conversation are to the Web 2.0 culture what “productivity” and “innovation” are to corporate culture. SAP, 2007
  22. Culture and way of working 80% 20% Tools
  23. This is what we’re used to
  24. Enterprise Media Public
  25. ”Things have changed.” - Bob Dylan
  26. Twitter Facebook YouTube Press Enterprise LinkedIn Radio, TV Blog Web
  27. The media by functions Marketing, Visibility customer service Forum Enterprise Expertise, Collaboration, Open thought leadership innovation Closed Forum Secret
  28. Utilization possibilities Marketing Customer Service Thought leadership Communication Recruiting
  29. Social Media in B2B Marketing
  30. Forrester: B2B buyers have very high social participation
  31. McDonalds: ”Our head of social media is the customer”
  32. Be open, invite participation, share Culture content, discuss Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, Tools wikis, forums, ...
  33. “United Linens isn’t a company. It’s Scott, the marketing director. I can trust him.” from Penn Olson
  34. Premarketing Case UPM Raflatac RFID
  35. ? #in aunch on June L
  36. “Markets are Conversations” - The Cluetrain Manifesto
  37. ”You can’t just say it. You have to get the people say it to each other.” - James Farley, CMO Ford
  38. Owned, bought, earned reach earned bought owned control Ref: Daniel Goodall - Nokia
  39. 25% of Ford’s marketing spend is on digital/social media
  40. Ford is the only US auto company that didn’t take government loan
  41. Communications
  42. Scania Social Media Newsroom
  43. Nokia Social Media Release
  44. Corporate image & Recruiting
  45. Ernst & Young Careers in Facebook
  46. Dassault Systemes Communities
  47. Customer Service
  48. JetBlue - Twitter in customer service
  49. Pitney Bowes user forum
  50. Thought leadership
  51. CEO’s blogs
  52. ABB UK Instrumentation in SlideShare
  53. Building ecosystems: GE and Siemens
  54. GE ”Reports”: Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr
  55. Siemens unified open communications
  56. Social Media and Crisis
  57. Nokia Siemens Networks and Iran
  58. Toyota Recall info, Digg and Twitter
  59. Open innovation
  60. Dell IdeaStorm
  61. Procter & Gamble connect + develop
  63. Email overload
  64. Example: High school reunion and 50 emails
  65. Email is not a collaboration tool!
  66. Net generation is entering the workforce
  67. Breaking the 50-foot rule
  68. Needed: Easier communication, collaboration and sharing virtually
  69. Social media tools Blogs Wikis Forums Social networking Social bookmarking Microblogging
  70. Social media tools enable new ways of working
  71. Commu- instant nication email blogs messaging local document Content wikis documents repositories Coordi- F2F online online nation meetings meetings processes Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
  72. Utilization areas Collaboration Internal communications Leadership Induction process Engaging employees Communities of practice
  73. Example: Blogs and leadership
  74. Example: Team collaboration
  75. Example: Employee participation
  76. Case Nokia: 4000 wikis, 100’s of blogs internally
  77. Case British Telecom: BTPedia, Collaborate wikis, MyBT, Blog Central, News2.0
  78. Making change happen Ways of working and culture 80% Tools 20%
  79. Making change happen: Motivation & Ability
  80. Case Telenor: Way of Work program
  81. users IT Traditional model WoW users IT support Way of Working model
  82. Supporting projects #1 Problem analysis #2 Tool selection and setup #3 Creating initial content #4 Training and kick-off #5 Coaching
  83. Telenor - Network changes
  84. How to make your intranet and culture social?
  86. Getting started #1: Build understanding
  87. Getting started #1a: Get personally involved
  88. Why should I invest the time to understand social media?
  89. Getting started #2: Experiment
  90. Getting started #3: Social media strategy
  91. Pick tools according to goals Social Social Company media media strategy strategy tools
  92. Strategy creation Audience Consider the target group What are you trying to Objectives achieve? How will you get to the Roadmap target state? What services and tools Technology to use?
  93. Getting started #4: Share learnings and raise awareness
  94. Things to consider Ownership Resourcing Budgeting Pilots Support Social media policy and guides
  95. Social media isn’t a campaign, you have to commit for the long haul
  96. Improving productivity Automation Enabling collaboration and participation Web 2.0 tools and approaches Traditional IT systems 2009 Ref: The McKinsey Quarterly - Six ways to make Web 2.0 work
  97. 69% of companies have gained measurable benefits McKinsey study in 2009 - 1700 companies surveyed
  98. Social Business Design
  99. “Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” - Dorothy in the movie Wizard of Oz