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Digital Marketing This Week Episode 24: How To Optimize A Funnel

In this episode of Digital Marketing This Week, we talked about How To Optimize A Funnel. Watch this episode and you'll learn the reason why majority of marketing funnels fail and the one question all optimizers ask. Please feel free to share to your friends.

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Digital Marketing This Week Episode 24: How To Optimize A Funnel

  1. 1. Episode 24: How To Optimize A Funnel
  2. 2. Who Am I? Chris Mercer • Funnel Optimizer • Content Developer • Host of DMTW • Call me “Mercer” 
  3. 3. This Week’s Focus Topic…
  4. 4. Your Goal: • Get ONE Idea • Act On That ONE Idea • Repeat!
  5. 5. “How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel”
  6. 6. Why Should You Care? Because Today You’ll Get… • The Question Great Optimizers Ask • The Steps Necessary To Optimize • Why Most Conversion Attempts Fail • And more…
  7. 7. What Are Conversions?
  8. 8. What Are Conversions? (This is why most conversions fail)
  9. 9. What Are Conversions REALLY? Advertising Nods
  10. 10. The Question All Great Optimizers Ask
  11. 11. “Am I matching expectations?”
  12. 12. • The Less Guessing They Do… • The Better It Is For You
  13. 13. Optimization Steps
  14. 14. Optimization Steps Define Your “Nods” Match Expectations Measure & Test (NO GUESSING!!)
  15. 15. What Was Your One Idea? • Nods? • Matching Expectations? • Testing? • Action Brings Results!
  16. 16. Click Here To Watch The Recording Of This Episode