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4 Fire and Life Safety - Risk Management - 4

  1. 1. Managing the Risks A Risk Management Presentation For UT Dallas Student Organizations Fire and Life Safety Presentation 4 of 9
  2. 2. IT’S THE LAWState law prohibits the possession of any explosive, firearm,Imitation firearm, ammunition or hazardous chemicals onUniversity property. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  3. 3. PolicyIt is the policy of The University of Texas at Dallas to providethe safest possible environment for our students, faculty, staffand visitors. Each member of our academic community isurged to accept the challenge of maintaining an accident-freeenvironment. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  4. 4. PenaltiesTampering with or destroying fire safety equipment can lead tofines and fees for repair as well as possible sanctions from lawenforcement authorities and the Dean of Students.In the event that there is an injury or death, there can also becriminal and civil charges filed against you and/or yourorganization. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  5. 5. What You Can Do• When planning for an event, make sure the venue is large enough to handle the expected attendance. Crowd control is essential.• Make sure during organizational meetings and events that all entrances and exits are unobstructed. Do not obstruct or tamper with smoke detectors or sprinkler systems.• Do not over load electrical circuits and remember to always use surge protectors. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  6. 6. What You Can Do• Never ignore a fire alarm. “Oh, it’s just another drill.”• If you suspect or know of any one who may be in possession of any illegal weapons on campus, please report it immediately to UT Dallas Police at 972-883-2331 or call 911. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  7. 7. Objectives• Identify the resources available to student organizations pertaining to fire and life safety.• Understand how your actions can be part of the solution to any potential or ongoing fire and life safety issue.• Personal safety.• Event planning.• What to do during a crisis. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  8. 8. In An Emergency, who Can You Call?• University Police 972-883-2331 ‒ www.utdallas.edu/police ‒ Our police are trained in the same fashion as the City of Richardson Police. ‒ They can provide security services for campus events. ‒ They offer a variety of trainings for students and student organizations regarding safety.• Calling 911 from a cell phone will connect you with the City of Richardson dispatch. ‒ Remember to provide detailed emergency information MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  9. 9. Fire, Police, Or EMS• If your gut says you think you should call 911, then call.• Be patient when speaking with the operator. They will ask a lot of questions; provide as much detail as possible.• Do not hung up until the operator hangs up – unless you are imminent danger. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  10. 10. Not Feeling Well? For medical advice contact: Health Center 972-883-2747 For counseling advice contact:Counseling Center at 972-883-2575 MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  11. 11. And There Is Still More For Fire Prevention Services http://www.utdallas.edu/ehs/ For Safety and Securityhttp://www.utdallas.edu/enroll/visit/safety.php?nocookies=fals e For the Office of Campus Safety and Security www.utexas.edu/safety For forms related to planning campus events Please contact the Student Organization Center at 972-883-6551 MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  12. 12. If You See It...Report It.• Slippery floors• Water leaks• Broken glass• Strange odors (gas leak, fire, chemical, etc.)• Lights out• Broken doors and/or locks• Emergency equipment missing or not working• A person who doesn’t belong in a particular area MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  13. 13. Crime Prevention• Use the blue light call boxes on campus if you need assistance• Use the buddy system.• Walk in well lit areas.• Keep your valuables out of sight in your car and don’t forget to lock your doors.• Contact UTPD to borrow their engraver to engrave your belongings.• Visit UTPD’s website at www.utdalals.edu/police for more great tips or to arrange a presentation for your student organization. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  14. 14. Do You Have An Exit Strategy?• At home (in your residence hall room or apartment)? ‒ Multiple exits ‒ Are there bars on windows• At work? ‒ Have you practiced how to exit and where• For your event? ‒ What is the room capacity for your venue ‒ Are exits clearly defined and able to be accessed if needed ‒ Have you reviewed the city code regulations. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  15. 15. Occupant Numbers A Key Factor For SafetyHow many people (occupants) are allowed depends on: • Your apartment • Your fraternity-sorority reception area • Your classroom or lecture hall • Your favorite nightclub • Many permits may be required for public gatherings MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  16. 16. Do You Know What An Emergency Looks Like?• A fight.• An alarm that is going off.• Someone who is continually sick; throwing up multiple times, falling down, losing consciousness.• Someone with a weapon.• Someone threatening another person or group either verbally or physically. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  17. 17. Weapons• Are you aware of the UTD Weapons policy?• For more information please refer to utdallas.edu/orgs/manual/08/ MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  18. 18. Internet SafetyBefore you login, you should know: • Use the privacy blocks that are available through on- line groups for your own safety. • Know who you are friending. • Do not be afraid to unfriend someone. • Do no give out your passwords to ANYONE. • Keep any threatening or harassing emails, text, messages, etc. to show the police. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  19. 19. We Met Online.If meeting someone in person whom you’ve only known on-line consider the following: • Share your intentions and plans with friends. • Come up with a plan to leave if things are not working out. • Meet in public space. • Have a friend be at your meeting place and sit where they can see you, but not interfere. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  20. 20. HOW TO RESPOND TO A CRISIS AT YOUR EVENT?• Call for help.• Stay calm.• Be prepared to give as much information possible to 911and the responding emergency personnel.• Contact the Office of the Dean of Student as soon aspossible to get assistance with how to address media, ifnecessary, and See what resources they can offer. Call (972)883-6391. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  21. 21. SUMMARY• Be sure to visit the websites mentioned in this presentation for more in depth information.• Be an active participant in your community, do be a bystander.• Be prepared.• Be calm. MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  22. 22. Additional QuestionsDiscuss with your organization’s leadership • Faculty/Staff advisor • Risk Management Officer (or other officer) • Alumni members/organization MANAGING THE RISKS ● Fire and Life Safety
  23. 23. Review Your Knowledge1) Clink on the link below to get started https://elearningpilot.utdallas.edu/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp2) Login with your netID and Password3) In the my organizations box click on Risk Management Quizzes 2012-20134) Click on the quiz title that you will take.5) Click Begin. As you proceed make sure all answers are saved.6) Once you have answered and Saved all ten questions click save and submit.7) Wait for the submission report. Click ok to view results8) If you have scored an 80% you may move on to the next quiz. If you have not scored an 80% you must retake the quiz until you have received a score of 80%