Task 8 summary of results


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Task 8 summary of results

  1. 1. Task 8-Summary of questionnaire resultsFor my audience research I conducted a questionnaire to find outmore about indie/rock music. I chose 6 females and 6 males whoare aged 16-24 and interested in indie/rock music to fill in myquestionnaire. I did this because this is my target audience for mymusic magazine and therefore I can find out more about whatappeals to this audience to ensure that my final product is asuccess. The questionnaire focuses on knowledge of the genreand also asks the reader of their views on music magazines. Theresults have helped me to work out where to ‘pitch’ my magazineand this will influence my final product. In addition to this, I nowhave more of an idea of what to and what not to include on thefront cover, contents page and double page spread of my musicmagazine, because of the results provided from my research.This is the analysis of the results from my questionnaire: 1. Are you : Male female aged 16-24 and interested in Indie/Rock music? (Circle Yes/No)What Rock/indie music/artists/bands do you currently listen to?For this question, 6 people answered that they were male and 6 peopleanswered they were female. They were all aged 16-24 and interested inIndie/Rock music. Artists/bands that they currently listen to include:Arctic Monkeys, Panic at the Disco, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, TheWombats, The Vaccines, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin,The Killers, Oasis, and Paramore. From this I can see that I shouldinclude some of these bands in my music magazine as this is what thetarget audience listens to and what appeals to them. 2. What attracts you to Indie/Rock music? • The lyrics of the songs • The instruments and vocals used • The image of the Indie genre • The artists/bands • Other (specify below)For this question 8 people answered that the instruments and vocals usedattracts them to Indie/Rock music, 3 people chose the answer
  2. 2. artists/bands and 1 person said that the lyrics of the songs attracts them.From this I can see that somewhere in my music magazine I shouldinclude an article or offer information on the instruments and vocals ofthe artist/band. 3. How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? (Please circle) • Nothing • Less than £1 • £1-£2 • £2-£3 • £3-£4 • More than £4For this question 9/12 people said that they would spend £2-£3 on amusic magazine, 2 people said they would spend £1-£2 and 1 person said£3-£4. As the majority of people said they would only spend £2-£3 on amusic magazine, I can see that I should price my magazine at thisamount. 4. Do you currently buy/read music magazines? • YES (If yes, please go on to ANSWER question 5) • NO (If No please go on to answer question 6)For this question 10/12 people answered that they do not buy/read musicmagazines. 5. Specify which music magazine(s) you buy and /or read. The remaining 2 people said that they buy/read magazines such as NME, Kerrang and Q. From this I can see that I should research more into these magazines and also base my music magazine in the same style and with similar content that these existing magazines include. What do you like about this magazine?The answers given for this question were: “The interviews with theartists” and “I enjoy reading about the latest gigs and the images andcolours used in the magazine”. From this I can see that I should includeinterviews with different bands/artists. Also, I intend to include all thefeatures that they like about existing music magazines that clearly appealto this target audience. 6. Why don’t you buy and or read music magazines? (Tick the answers that apply) • I don’t really know much about them
  3. 3. • They don’t interest me • They don’t seem to be aimed at people like me • They’re too expensive • I don’t buy/read any magazines • Other reasons (please specify)9 out of the 10 people who do not buy/read music magazines said thatthis was because they are just not interested in them. The remaining oneperson said that they use the internet to find out about artists and bandsthat they like so have no need to purchase a music magazine. 7. What would encourage you to buy a music magazine? (Please Circle) • Free gifts • Competitions (win CDs, tickets, etc.) • Exclusive news and interviews • Dates of oncoming gigs • Cheap price • Other (please specify)For this question 7/12 people said that exclusive news and interviewswould encourage them to buy a music magazine. 2 people stated that acheap price would encourage them and 1 person said that free gifts wouldencourage them to buy a music magazine. 1 person stated that they wouldbuy the magazine if it included competitions. One person also said that ifthere were no adverts this would encourage them to purchase a musicmagazine. From this I can see that to make my music magazinesuccessful I should include exclusive news and interviews as this is whatwould appeal to the majority of the target audience. However I also thinkthat the other features are good content for the magazine so I might stillinclude them in my final product.8. Which of the following magazines do you find the most eye-catching/appealing? (Circle response)A B C D
  4. 4. Please give reasons why?For question number 8, 7/12 people chose A because they thought it wasan eye-catching and interesting image. This is because of the image used,the bright bold colours and her red hair stands out in contrast to thebackground and the rest of the page. 3 people chose C because they likethe band used on the front of the cover. The remaining 2 people chose Das they liked the girl featured on the cover. From these results I can seethat I should use a big eye-catching image that will attract readers topurchase the magazine. Also, I should use a caption or headline of a well-known band or artist in the genre indie/rock music to attract the targetaudience.9. What would you like to see on the cover of a music magazine?For each one could you tell me how strongly you agree (5 is top score)or disagree (0 is bottom score) Please tick the box appropriateFor this question the majority of people scored “one main image of keyartist/band” as a 5. They also preferred darker colours to brighter colours.However, for my music magazine I may include a bright colour tocapture the reader’s eye but still include mainly darker colours such asblack, for headlines and cover lines to ensure it appeals to the targetaudience.10. What specific images/ photographs associated with Indie/Rockwould you like to see on the front cover and would attract you to amusic magazine?For this question people answers were: Backstage images, images of bandand artists, image of a massive concert with artist on stage. From this Ican see that these are the sort of images I should include within my musicmagazine to ensure I am appealing to my target audience.11. What content would you like to see in this indie/rock musicmagazine?For this question the majority of people scored 3 for all of the optionsavailable. This means that in my music magazine I should include generalinformation about the music scene and information about particularbands/artists. I should also include sections on gossip, latest news andfashion as this would interest the target audience. 12. What would you like to see in a double page spread article that would feature in this magazine? For each one could you tell me how strongly you agree (5 is top score) or disagree (0 is bottom score)
  5. 5. For this final question, everyone scored 5 for “Interview with a rock/indieartist/band” and “Article about indie/rock scene”. Articles about musicalinstruments and props scored less (around 2 or 3) so I shall not beincluding this in my music magazine as it would not interest the targetaudience as much as an interview with an artist/band would.Overall I intend to include the features that I have identified fromconducting my research, in my final product of a music magazine. I willensure that these features appeal to the target audience who are interestedin the genre of indie/rock music. This Questionnaire has helped me tofind more out about my target audience and what appeals to them andalso what does not appeal to them. This has influenced my final productas I now have a clearer indication of what content and music to include inmy music magazine which will hopefully make it a success.