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  1. 1. Rosanna Todd Questionnaire-Audience ResearchI have recently constructed a front cover, contents page and double pagespread of an indie/rock music magazine for my final product. I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions by selecting/ticking the answers that apply.
  2. 2. Rosanna Todd1) Are you: Male female2) Are you aged 16-24 and interested in Indie/Rock music? Yes No3) Do you think that the magazine front cover, contents page anddouble page spread relate to the genre of indie/rock? Yes No4) Do you think that the main image on the front cover suit thestyle of the magazine? Yes No5)a) The magazine is priced at £2.50. Do you think that this is areasonable price for a music magazine? Yes Nob) Would you buy this music magazine? Yes No
  3. 3. Rosanna Toddc) Does the offer of winning gig tickets encourage you to buy themagazine? Yes No6) What stands out the most to you on the front cover?(Please Circle)The masthead The image The coverlines7) What appeals to you about the magazine?(Please Circle)The article The images used The language style and fontOther-please specify…………………………………………………8)a) I chose the colour scheme of red, yellow and black for my musicmagazine. Do the colours attract you to read the magazine? Yes Nob) Do you think that the colours are suitable for the indie/rockmusic genre of the magazine? Yes NoIf yes please proceed to question 9
  4. 4. Rosanna Toddc) How could the colours be more suitable? (Please tick boxappropriate)There should be brighter coloursThere should be darker coloursThere should be more coloursusedThere should be less coloursused9) On a scale of 1-5 how realistic do you think the contents page ofthe magazine looks? (Please Circle)1 2 3 4 510) Do you think that the double page spread article is interestingto read and relevant to the genre of music? Yes No11) What social group do you think the magazine is aimed at?(Please Circle)Lower class Middle Class Upper class12) What age range do you think the magazine is aimed at?(Please Circle)8-16 16-24 24-35 35+13) What gender do you think the magazine is trying to appeal to?(Please Circle)Females Males Both
  5. 5. Rosanna Todd14) In your opinion, do you think that the front cover, contentspage and double page spread look like they are from the samemagazine? • Yes they link effectively to each other and I can see the connection between the different pages • The pages have some similarities to each other • The three pages do not link together and look as if they are from different magazines15) Rate the magazine out of 10(please circle number appropriate)1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Thank you for completing the questionnaire, your help has been greatly appreciated.