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Questionnaire Analysis


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Questionnaire Analysis

  1. 2. Question 1. What genre of music do you prefer? From this question I wanted to find out which genre of music people prefer so I know which genre of music to focus on in my magazine. Indie genre music was the most popular by a long way so I decided to follow this result an focus on indie music for my magazine.
  2. 3. Question 2. Who is your favourite artist/band at the moment? I decided to ignore the answers to this question as no two answers were the same showing that there was a very wide variety of preferred artists.
  3. 4. Question 3. How frequently do you like magazines to be published? From this question I wanted to see peoples preferred frequency of magazine publishing. From this data I can see that people mostly prefer monthly magazines so I will make my magazine a monthly magazine.
  4. 5. Question 4. What is your favourite magazine? Here the top two magazines were NME and Q. These are both quite indie genre magazines which supports my decision to make my magazine indie. Also, I will look at the designs of NME and Q to see what it is that people liked about them.
  5. 6. Question 5. What is the maximum price you would be willing to pay for a music magazine? Here £2.00-£2.50 and £2.50-£3.00 are almost equally popular so I will make the price of my magazine somewhere in between them, near £2.50.
  6. 7. Question 6. Which of these would you like to see on a music magazine front cover? I planned on chosing the top three or four answers when I asked this question. They were Photos Shoots, Artist Interviews, Band Fashion adn Gig Reviews. I will try to include these on my front cover.
  7. 8. Question 7. Your Info The majority of people that filled in the questionnaire were 16-18. As my target audience are 16-21 this shows the results I have found are relevant to my music magazine and should all be considered. Age? Gender? A my target market is meant to be unisex I should have probably tried to asked 50% male, 50% female. However, this doesn’t mean I should discard any of my results as none of them were very gender specific.