Question 5


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Question 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience? By Rosanna Todd
  2. 2. What in your magazine tells us what your target audience is? The colour scheme- red, yellow, white and black The artists used- target audience would be attracted by the artists used on different pages The clothing and style that the artists are wearing- these are clothes that the target audience would wear The chatty/informal language used- e.g. “hello readers” (editorial) The colourful and bold font choice The layout of the pictures The eye-catching images All these features show that my target audience are indie rockers aged 16-24. This is because my magazine is similar to other music magazines of this genre that are appealing to this target audience. Also, the features stated above are the aspects that this target audience would be interested in. From these features you can tell what the target audience is because it is what they are interested in.
  3. 3. How is the magazine designed to appeal to the target audience? The masthead is designed to appeal to the target audience because it is in a large, bold font so is therefore eye-catching for the reader. The word “exclusive” also suggests that it is new and something different and as indie rockers like to be seen as different this would appeal to them. The header involves a music festival so this would therefore appeal to the target audience as they like to attend events such as these The coverlines are designed to appeal to the target audience because they involve music artists that the reader would be interested in. Also the colours and shadowing used makes it look more eye-catching against the background image. The images on the contents page are designed to appeal to the target audience because they are wearing clothes that the reader would wear and some also include instruments which the readers would be interested in. The layout of the question and answer article is designed to appeal to the target audience because the text is split into sections so is therefore easier to read. The use of colours is also attractive as they are bright and colourful.
  4. 4. Summary <ul><li>I used all these features in my music magazine to attract and address my target audience. I did this so that my magazine would look realistic and to show that it relates well to the genre of music. </li></ul>