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Anger management


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Anger management

  2. 2. ANGER MANAGEMENTSkills needed in dealing with your anger:1. Identify a range of feelings including anger2. Identify aggressive acts by self and others3. Identify the potential consequences to self and otherfrom these aggressive acts4. Identify self-destructive behavior5. Identify thoughts prior to aggressive acts6. Identify internal cues to feelings of anger7. Develop coping mechanisms for dealing with anger8. Express anger without loss of control
  3. 3. ANGER MANAGEMENTIdentify a range offeelings includinganger:EmbarrassmentExcitementDisappointmentJealousyFearHelplessSadnessLeft-out
  4. 4. ANGER MANAGEMENTI am in charge of myown feelings:1. I own my feelings.2. It is okay to feel angry.3. Anger is part of beinghuman.4. I learn how to expressmy anger in helpfulways.
  5. 5. ANGER MANAGEMENTIdentify aggressiveacts shown by self andothers:Throw somethingKick someone orsomethingGet in someone’s faceShoving, grabbing, hittingBreak somethingCall someone namesGive someone a dirty lookSilent treatmentGet others to “gang up”Spread rumors
  6. 6. ANGER MANAGEMENTI choose to feel goodabout myself throughexpressing myfeelings.1. I express angryfeelings in ways thatare fair to others andme.2. I use fair words…e.g.“I feel when you”
  7. 7. ANGER MANAGEMENTThe more I learn to takecare of my anger themore powerful I become.1. I need to control what I dowith my anger.2. I control how I let myanger out.3. I practice cooling off.4. I watch my thoughts.
  8. 8. ANGER MANAGEMENTKnow the difference between anger andaggression.Anger is an emotion. It is ok to be angry.Aggression is acting out inappropriately andis not ok. Learn to check your aggressionand express your anger appropriately.
  9. 9. ANGER MANAGEMENTWays to Keep Cool:1. Get exercise every day.2. Eat right.3. Get enough sleep.4. Learn to relax.5. Know your feelings.6. Write about those feelings.
  10. 10. ANGER MANAGEMENTWays to Keep Cool:7. Find a quiet place.8. Take a time out.9. Find fun distractions.10. Make good decisions about what you see andhear.11. Choose friends who make you feel good.12. Learn to forgive and forget.
  11. 11. ANGER MANAGEMENTIdentify potentialconsequences of youranger to others andyourself…what canthat mean for you?Physical harm to someoneor selfDestruction of propertyLoss of family/friendsLoss of jobLoss of social privilegesGoing to jailGetting a bad reputation
  12. 12. ANGER MANAGEMENTIdentify self-destructive behavior…How does that help orhurt you?Negative self-talkBlaming everyone elseTaking everythingpersonallyAssumingOvereating, drinkingDriving recklesslyTaking drugsLooking for fightsFeeling outraged
  13. 13. ANGER MANAGEMENTI stop blaming othersand myself.1. Blaming only keepspeople upset.2. Blaming is a way of notrespecting people.3. I express my feelingsand then try to workthings out.
  14. 14. ANGER MANAGEMENTIdentify thoughts priorto aggressive acts:You did that on purpose…You wanted to hurt me…You deserve this…You never even askedme…You’re beingunreasonable…You think you’re sogood…I’ll show you…You started it…There’s no justice…
  15. 15. ANGER MANAGEMENTIdentify internal cuesto feelings of anger:Stomach gets tight/upsetHeart is beating fasterClenching fistsFeel myself gettingflushedPressure on my templesSweaty palmsClenched jaw
  16. 16. ANGER MANAGEMENTI don’t have to hold onto my anger.1. I find ways to let it go2. I talk about hurt andangry feelings.3. I look for someone todiscuss my anger.4. I discuss my words andactions that hurt others.
  17. 17. ANGER MANAGEMENTSteps to taming anger1. Know what pushesyour buttons.2. Know your body’sanger signs.3. Stop and think!4. Cage your rage…it’syour choice.5. Decide what to do.
  18. 18. ANGER MANAGEMENTI take power.1. I stand up for myself andothers being hurt.2. I learn to defeat negativeself-talk.3. I feel good aboutlearning about myself.4. I am strong when I usefair and firm wordsinstead of fists.
  19. 19. ANGER MANAGEMENTI remember that peopleare precious.1. I watch my thoughts,words, and actions.2. I stop hurting peoplewith my words andactions.3. I take ownership of thehurtful things I do andsay.4. “Bullying” hurtseveryone.
  20. 20. ANGER MANAGEMENT1. Calm down2. Name the problem3. Find solutions4. Pick the best solution5. Congratulate yourself6. Evaluate the solution7. Make changes ifnecessary
  21. 21. ANGER MANAGEMENTCan you identify any of the steps inresolving conflict, controlling your angerand avoiding aggressive behavior?Well…(then click)
  22. 22. ANGER MANAGEMENTCalm downShow mutual respectName the problemFind solutionsChoose the best solutionCongratulate yourselfReview the solution that was picked