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B. wordsworth

B. wordsworth

  2. 2. ABOUT THEABOUT THEAUTHORAUTHORBorn – 17 August, 1932Full name – Sir VidiadharSurajprasad NaipaulWorks – Heart of darkness,A House for Mr. Biswas,The Enigma of ArrivalAwards – SomersetMaughamAward, Nobel Prize inLiterature in 2001,
  3. 3. THE AUTHOR himselfB. WORDSWORTH – A poet and agood friend of the author
  4. 4. MAIN THEMEMAIN THEMEOF THE STORYOF THE STORYClose interaction betweenthe poet and the author.How the author wasinspired by the poet andboth had they formed acommune between them
  5. 5. Three punctual beggars came for thehospitality to the Miguel Street.An Indian came at ten, who wasgiven a tin of rice.At twelve, a lady arrived who wasgiven a cent.A penny was given to an old man ledby his boy.
  6. 6. One day, a strange man came whoasked for a meal and then compelledthe author to light a cigarette forhim.
  7. 7. A strange man arrived again one daywearing clean outfits.He exclaimed that he wanted towatch the bees flying near the palmtree.The author’s mother allowed himand also signaled his son to keep aneye on the man.He spoke good English. He thankedthe lady.
  8. 8. The man questioned the little boywhether he liked watching bees and ifhe had ever watched scorpions,centipedes or congorees.The boy enquired the man hisprofession to which he replied he wasa poet.He introduced himself that he wasBlack Wordsworth. His brother wasWhite Wordsworth.
  9. 9. He said he could watch the morningglory and cry.The boy questioned why did he cry.He replied that he would also crywhen he would grow up and becomea poet.The poet asked the lad if he liked hismother to which he replied onlywhen she doesn’t beat him.He removed a printed sheet of paperand professed that it contained thegreatest poem about mother.
  10. 10. He would sell it for four cents.The boy questioned his mother if shewanted to buy a poem for four cents.The mother replied to get lost fromher yard.The poet kept the paper back in hispocket.The boy professed it was amusingselling poems like that. The man saidnone had bought a single copy.
  11. 11. But he cheerfully said in this way hesees many things like that and hopesto get a poet like him.When he left, he gave the boy ahope that he wad a good poet.
  12. 12. After a week, when the boy wasreturning from school he saw thepoet.He invited him to his yard which hadjuicy red mangoes.Both of them went to Albert Streetwhere the poet stayed.His house was embraced with wildcoconut, palm and mango trees.They ate the juicy mangoes.
  13. 13. When the boy returned to his abode,his mother shouted at him if hethought he was a man and couldroam anywhere.Since he was also beaten up from hismom, he ran from the houseswearing that he would never return.He went to the poet’s house.
  14. 14. The poet consoled him and took himfor a walk to St. Clair Avenue to theSavannah.Both of them then lied on the grassand looked at the stars.While gazing at the stars, the boyfelt so light hearted and ecstatic thathe forgot all his worries.They discussed the names of theconstellations.
  15. 15. Suddenly the police threw light onthem and enquired what were theydoing there.In a poetic manner, the poet repliedthat he had been asking himself thesame question.The poet and the boy became goodfriends.
  16. 16. Once the boy asked the poet why doeshe keep the bush in the yard though itspoils the beauty of the surrounding.He narrated a story :“A boy and girl, both poets lovedeach other and got married. Thepoetess exclaimed that they wereabout to have a new poet in the family.They went for walks together andenjoyed life.
  17. 17. The poet told a secret to the boy.He was writing a poem that is thegreatest in the world.He had been working on that poem since22 years and will finish it within 5 years.He writes only a line in a month butensures that it is a good one.His last line was “The past is deep”.He distills the experience of the wholemonth in one line.
  18. 18. The boy threw a pin in the water tocheck if it sinks or floats.The boy asked what was his line thismonth.He simply said “It comes. It comes”.
  19. 19. The poet enquired how does he live.He replied he sings calypsos in thecalypsos season.The boy exclaimed that he would bethe richest man in the world when hewill finish writing that poem.There was no response.One day the boy saw him lying on thebed.
  20. 20. He said the poem is not going on well asit used to go in his 20s.The boy was about to cry.He called the boy near him.The poet said that he will be narratinghim an amusing story.But he made him promise that afterfinishing the story he would never cometo see him.He cracked that the story narrated byhim about the boy and girl as well as thegreatest poem in the world was all a LIE.
  21. 21. The boy ran home crying.Now after one year when the boy(the author) visited the AlbertoStreet, there was no sign of thepoet.
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