The 3 mistakes of my life


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The 3 mistakes of my life

  1. 1. The 3mistakes ofmy lifeBy :-Chetan
  2. 2. ofChetanBhagat•Chetan Bhagat is one of the most popular novelists in India.•Chetan Bhagat was born on 22nd April 1974 in New Delhi,India. After finishing school at The Army Public School inNew Delhi, he joined IIT Delhi.•He completed a post graduation course from IIMAhmedabad.•He worked as an investment banker and lived in Hong Kongfor eleven years before moving to Mumbai. He is married toAnusha,an ex-classmate from IIMA. The couple have twinsIshaan and Shyam.
  3. 3. His achievements…• He is the author of four blockbuster novels, Fivepoint someone(2004), One night @ the call center(2005),The 3 mistakes of my life(2008) and 2 states(2009).Since their release, all his books were bestsellers andhave inspired major bollywood films.• The New York Times called Chetan “The biggestselling English language novelist in Indian history”.• He also writes columns for leading English and Hindinewspapers, focusing on youth and nationaldevelopment based issues.
  4. 4. Characters of the story•Govind-He is the narrator of the story and the one whomakes “the 3 mistakes..”.He is an ordinary guy and isambitious to become a businessman. Ishaan and Omi arehis best friends and business partners too. He is anagnostic. His father has abandoned him and his motherruns a business of selling homemade food items. Tosupport her financially, he takes maths tuitions andcontinue it even after starting the cricket shop business.He has good business sense and mathematical skills.
  5. 5. Conti………•Ishaan: He is a big cricket freak and also a patriot atheart. He has been the best cricketer in his locality andschool. He suggests the name of their business as "TeamIndia Cricket Shop". He helps Govinds business byorganizing daily cricket coaching camps. He has a familywhich makes life worse for him as he is a military schooldropout. His father constantly nags him and his motherworsens the situation by keeping quiet. He has a youngersister, Vidya about whom he is quite protective. When hediscovers that a boy called Ali is a very talented batsman, hedecides to go any length to give Ali proper training. He hasgenuine interest in any cricket-related things.
  6. 6. Conti……..•Omi: He is the son of a Hindu priest of the local temple.He does not want to be a priest and likes to be always withhis friends. His family has great respect among the people.Through Omis parents and maternal uncle (who own fewshops as a part of the temple trust property), they(Govind,Ish & Omi) readily get a place to start their business. Heis a rather dumb kind of boy and has not many dreams, butis conscious to have a healthy body. He is religious andactively takes part in his maternal uncles (Bittoo Mama)religious politics.
  7. 7. Conti…….Vidya: She is Ish’s younger sister. She is a rebel atheart and dreams to break free from the constraints ofa typical middle-class family and society. She wants to goto Mumbai, do a course in PR and become independent.She however despises maths which is required for hermedical entrance exams. Hence, Ish asks Govind to takeher mathematics tuition. However, in between theirtuition they fall in love with each other.Ali: He is a boy with hyper reflex condition that makeshim to hit each ball for a six. However, he cant play toomuch cricket as he gets tired fast, but enjoys playingmarbles. He is a Muslim boy and respects Ish like a Guru.He too, like Ish is patriotic at heart. He denies theoffer of Australian scholarship and wants to play in theIndian team.
  8. 8. Conti…….Bittoo Mama: He is the maternal uncle of Omi. Mama runsthe trust of the temple and agrees to rent the place tothe three friends for the Cricket Shop business. He is anactive member of a Hindu political Party. He follows thepreaching of Parekh-ji, a political-cum-spiritual leader andhas complete faith in him. He has locked his horns withAlis father who belongs to the Secular Party. He has ason Dhiraj,who later on dies in Godhra sabotage.Govinds mother: She is a middle-aged Gujarati woman.She wants her son to pursue a degree in Engineering. Sheruns a home-made food business. She cares about Govind alot and supports him well through his hardships andstruggles.
  9. 9. Conti…..Alis Father: He is a devout Muslim and works for asecular party. He is a very kind-hearted person who wantsAli to take his education seriously despite his mediocrefinancial condition. He treats the three friends very wellwhen they go to visit Ali in his house.Fred Li: Hes an Australian Cricket Team member and afast bowler. He invites the three friends and Ali toSydney when they travel to Goa to see India-AustraliaOne Day International and meet him in the stands. Hespots the talent in Ali and wants to help him getting achance to be trained in his academy in Australia.
  10. 10. Synopsis•The story begins with the author receiving a suicide mail froma boy named Govind from Ahmedabad. The horrified authorfrantically contacts his ex-teacher, explains him the matterand asks for his help to save the boy. After a few hours theboy is found in a hospital being treated for consuming sleepingpills. He decides to meet him to know the reason for takingthis drastic step. He leaves for Gujarat .The boy initiallyrefuses to say anything but after a while speaks out.•The story is based on the three mistakes that Govind made inhis life. What follows is a mix of cricket, religion, business,love, friendship,riots,earthquake and politics.•Govind sets up a sports shop along with his friends in thetemple compound with Omi’s family’s help.
  11. 11. Conti….•He aspires big, manages to grow his business and goesthrough its ups and downs. Gujarat earthquake ruining his over1 lakh investment for a shop in a newly built mall is termed“mistake number 1.”•The shop prospers as Ishaan coaches young boys in cricketand Govind teaches maths including to Ishaan’s sister Vidyawho also captures his heart and both falls in love.•Getting caught by Ish, resulting in collapse of theirfriendship and Govind branded as a traitor. Govind violating anunwritten protocol & falling in love with his best friend’s sisteris termed “mistake number 2.”•Ish spots Ali and struggles to make this gifted boy asuperstar, buy coaching him, taking him to Australia to trainedby Fred li and protecting him from bitoo mama and hissupporters during communal riots.
  12. 12. Conti…•Situations come to a head and Ahmedabad burns in riot fires.Omi dies saving Ali. A split second delay by Govind in making aspecific move which could have saved Ali from a hit is termed“mistake number 3.”•These events lead Govind to his death-bed.• It ends in the usual happy note – Ish forgiving Govind and thesuccessful operation of Ali’s wrist.
  13. 13. ReviewIt is an interesting book about3 of Indias passions -Cricket, Religion and Business,personified by the 3 friends-Ishaan, Omi and Govind and3mistakes done by one of thefriend Govind.
  14. 14. Thank You