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NCERT Module Six - Communication ans Collaboration


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Examine a range of collaboration and communication tools

Published in: Education
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NCERT Module Six - Communication ans Collaboration

  2. 2. Learning Intentions 1) Review the use of communication tools and determine the value in each type of tool 2) Choose a tool to use to help you document your Assessment
  3. 3. Skype Translator Preview Opens the Classroom to the World
  4. 4. •Your presence – in class or video • Your technology – what is available •Your product – how will it rate? Presenting
  5. 5. Task 1 1. Use your phone and get your team to record your voice speaking. Listen to yourself 2. Get your colleagues to rate your • Voice volume • Posture • Clarity of speech Presence
  6. 6. Task 2 Go to the inquiring about the world/communicating page and consider some communication technology You need to be able to competently use a number of these technologies. Technology
  7. 7. Managing the technology • Presentation must be only 90 seconds in duration (+/- 15 seconds) • Presentation size must be under 10 MB • Single correctly named file in correct format (mp4, PP, prezi) • Presentation successfully uploaded to BB site in the correct place Technology issues
  8. 8. 1) Consider the presentation parameters 2) Examine the rubric and instructions. Presenting & Communicating
  9. 9. Task • What to tell them….Goldilocks notion. Not too much not too little…..Just right  Identify the audience with whom you want to share the presentation.  Identify the key points for your presentation and create it. Presenting
  10. 10. What will you use and how will you use it? For example • Power point  How many slides? How much text on each slide? Images • Video  How long? How to capture the key ideas? Images / voice over Product
  11. 11. Communication & collaboration tools • Padlet • Todaysmeet • Stoodle • Titanpad • Linoit • Tozzl
  12. 12. Communication & collaboration in education
  13. 13. REDDIT
  14. 14. Student learning communities
  15. 15. Student Learning Communities
  16. 16. Almost finished