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Badge your way to ICT Competency


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This presentation explores the use of digital badges to credential the ICT General Capabilities from the Australian Curriculum

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Badge your way to ICT Competency

  1. 1. Badge your way to ICT Competency Presented by Leonie McIlvenny Iona Presentation College April, 2014
  2. 2. Year 7’s achieving their ICT passport stickers
  3. 3. As a result of this presentation participants will: • have access to a Year 6-10 ICT Scope and Sequence as it relates to the ICT General Capabilities from the Australian Curriculum; • examine how these ICT competencies translate into practical classroom skills; • examine a Year 7 ICT Passport that can then be used as a model for other year level passports; • examine a range of online badge tools; and • learn how to create online digital badges for use in their classroom using Class Badges.
  4. 4. ICT General Capabilities
  5. 5. Organising Element from AC Element Description Badge Logo Example Description of how the badge can be earned Example of badge that will be received. Explanation of element ‘ background information
  6. 6. Spine label sheets Students receive a sticker to go on their passport when they demonstrate a skill. The sticker is also on the ICT Passport page of the Inspired Learning website and the Guide Sheet Guide Sheet Passport Website
  7. 7. What is a badge?
  8. 8. Badges What is a Badge? • badge [baj]: a special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc. (Source: • A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. From the Boy and Girl Scouts, to PADI diving instruction, to the more recently popular geo-location game, Foursquare, badges have been successfully used to set goals, motivate behaviors, represent achievements and communicate success in many contexts.
  9. 9. Digital Badges vs Open Badges • A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Open Badges take that concept one step further, and allows you to verify your skills, interests and achievements through credible organizations and attaches that information to the badge image file, hard-coding the metadata for future access and review. • Because the system is based on an open standard, earners can combine multiple badges from different issuers to tell the complete story of their achievements — both online and off. • Badges can be displayed wherever earners want them on the web, and share them for employment, education or lifelong learning.
  10. 10. SCOOP.IT
  11. 11. Resources