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  1. 1. Testing in CALL
  2. 2. Housekeeping• Last week for Diigo & blogs.• Materials development• Portfolios
  3. 3. Presentations• Cynthia: Teo on Dynamic Assessment• Dan: Cummins & Davesne on LanguagePortfolios
  4. 4. Dooey, 2008• “In particular, the mode of presentationshould not have an effect on the test-taker’sresults” (p. 25).• High stakes tests – should have option forexaminees.
  5. 5. Critical issues in testing• Does Computer-based testing privilegeparticular learners?• How can we mitigate any effects?• What does CBT offer that trad testing doesn’t?
  6. 6. In your own teaching…• Have you used computer-based instruments?Which ones?• How have you decided what type ofassessment to use?• What are the differences in washback?
  7. 7. E-Portfolios• Create robust multi-media portfolio• Create portfolios in a community• Access/presentation can be an issue
  8. 8. Final Portfolio• The final project for the class will be to submit aweb-based portfolio of your work in the course.• The web portfolio project should be aprofessional demonstration of yourunderstanding of the field of CALL and of CALL-based materials you have developed for languageteaching.• The project is also an opportunity for you todevelop a web-based teaching portfolio (or aweb-based component of your teachingportfolio).
  9. 9. Final Portfolio• In class we will look at using LiveBinders todevelop a portfolio, but you are free to use adifferent tool based on your own interests orneeds (e.g., Google Sites, Weebly).• If you would like to make your portfolioprivate, please discuss the options with me.• However, it is your responsibility to ensurethat the portfolio and related material allfunction correctly and are accessible.
  10. 10. Final Portfolio• A brief description (300-400 words) that provides anoverview of your portfolio and teaching materials. Thisshould include references where appropriate.• A statement on your philosophy of using technology inlanguage teaching.• Materials Development 1• Materials Development 2• Materials Development 3• Other (optional) items can include: your CV, othermaterials or activities you have developed, links toother resources you have developed.
  11. 11. RubricCriteria• Layout, 3 points: Is the layout of the portfolio logicaland accessible? Do the links or embedded documentswork and are they accessible to the audience?• Overview, 2 points: Has the author provided a clearoverview and rationale for the inclusion of thematerials?• Content, 5 points: Does the portfolio demonstrate aprofessional understanding of using CALL in languageteaching? Does the portfolio incorporate or make useof ideas and research from the course in thedevelopment of materials?
  12. 12. Homework: Part 1• Sign up for LiveBinders and check out the site– Go through tutorial (Your First Binder)– Checkout these Binders:–
  13. 13. Homework: Part 2• Sign up for SecondLife– Choose and avatar and user name (public)– Download and install free version (around 60mb)– Go into SecondLife and explore some– Visit some language learning places (e.g., try someof the “quests” on the British Council Isle)