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Benedictine Tweetcamp


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Slides for the Tweetcamp on July 8, 2013 at the Benedictine Development Symposium.

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Benedictine Tweetcamp

  1. 1. Tweetcamp: Twitter Basic Training
  2. 2. Today’s Goals • You will better understand social media, with Twitter as a prime example • You will see, share applications for your work • You will leave with a Twitter account and feel comfortable using the platform • You will be aware of resources for further answers and training
  3. 3. Twitter vs. Facebook •Facebook is primarily for strengthening existing connections (or reconnecting) with your friends. •Twitter enables you to connect with people who have common interests. For the friends you don’t know yet.
  4. 4. Twitter vs. Blogs • Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. • Limited length reduces writer’s/artist’s block • Blogs provide opportunity for more thoughtful reflection and development •Tweeting = great way to take notes on a live event AND spread word about it •Blog = platform for review/synthesis • Twitter = great for spreading word about posts
  5. 5. 5 Reasons Twitter is Better than Email • “Brevity is the soul of wit” - and of Twitter • No expectation to read and respond to everything • Conversations open and discoverable • Direct messages can reach recipients with priority and privacy • Blocking or unfollowing punishes abuses
  6. 6. So what can you say in 140 Characters anyway? • Have u seen how ppl txt? U can pack lots in via abbrev • URL shorteners let you link to Web sites with more information
  7. 7. From 71 characters or more to 27 or fewer with • This: 2011/06/27/tweetcamp-vi-on-wednesday/ becomes • This: - or a slightly longer but customized version •
  8. 8. Case Study #1: Listening
  9. 9. Ensuing Conversation
  10. 10. Case Study #2: Baltimore Tweetup Me: I’m going to be there Tuesday for this conference. ( on a panel RU available late pm? Me: Are you based in Baltimore? Me: I’m flying out Tues at 6:45 p.m. Any avail in the later afternoon? I think my panel is done about 2:30
  11. 11. Case Study #3: Journalist Interactions Me: Not sure when I’m next in TC...will check when I get back home later tonight Me: As per my call, I have a good social media day that would connect with another interesting story. Call 507-xxx-xxxx or my cell 507-xxx-xxxx
  12. 12. Twitter Hashtags • Enable easy gathering, especially around an event (real-life or virtual), such as: •#CHSOCM •#MCCSM •#MayoRagan • Create a hashtag simply by using it in a tweet: no permission required
  13. 13. Dr. Richard Berger and UT Ligament Split Tear
  14. 14. Jayson Werth’s experience
  15. 15. USA Today
  16. 16. Last Friday 3031031-9
  17. 17. Less than 24 hours after my initial appointment, I not only had a new diagnosis - a UT split tear - but had surgery to correct the problem. As I write this, my right arm is in a festive green, but otherwise annoying cast. The short-term hassle, however, should be more than worth the long-term gain - the potential for a future without chronic wrist pain. A future, that without Twitter and those in the medical community willing to experiment with new communications tools, might not exist for me. 3031031-10
  18. 18. 0 10 20 30 40 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 UT Split Repair Procedures
  19. 19. Don’t Consider Social Media in Isolation • Not a silver bullet • Seek synergy with existing means of communication • Necessary but likely not sufficient • Need to justify NOT using social media
  20. 20. Building “Tweet Cred” • Consider following those who follow you. Following does not mean endorsement • Keep it person-al: Automatic direct messages to new followers miss the point. • Don’t “Protect” updates • When people mention you, reply (@) to them. If they D, respond in kind. • Re-Tweet (RT) to credit sources, help followers find interesting tweeters. • Publicly thank those who help you. Admit mistakes. • Don’t conceal work affiliation
  21. 21. Sample Twitter Bio
  22. 22. Finding “Tweeps” • Search for terms that interest you on Twitter •See who is saying interesting things •Follow them • See Twitter’s recommendations • Start tweeting so others can find you
  23. 23. Assignments - Today • Sign up for Twitter if you haven’t yet • If you have a smart phone, get a Twitter app • Follow @MeredithGould • Send a tweet using the #CHSOCM hashtag, e.g. Looking forward to connecting on #CHSOCM
  24. 24. Assignments - Ongoing • Start spending 10-15 minutes a day listening, following, re-tweeting and tweeting •Follow relevant hashtags or search terms •Follow interesting individuals •RT interesting tweets in your stream •Tweet links to interesting articles • Consider participating in a Twitter chat like #CHSOCM