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Twitter hangout

  1. 1. Social media Hangouts Sponsored by Captive TouchHost: Sherry Nouraini, Founder/President of Captive Touch Topic: How to be effective on Twitter
  2. 2. Please find a copy of this presentation On SlideShare.•Open a new browser window and follow along•Link provided in the comment section below the video
  3. 3. About Captive TouchSocial media, e-newsletter marketing, and blogging
  4. 4. Start with your profile• Complete your profile• Use keywords so people can find you•Share link to your other web properties •Website •Facebook page •About me
  5. 5. Lists: Golden nugget of your profile
  6. 6. More on Lists Where you’ve been listed Lists you’ve made Or lists you’ve subscribed to
  7. 7. Why are lists so powerful?1. They allow you to organize your stream2. They help you to prioritize your interactions3. They are a great way to find your target audience • Likeminded people for networking • Target customersHow do you use lists to find people? Next slide!
  8. 8. Using lists to find your target audienceAt least two ways:3. Search where people list their lists5. Search Twitter itself, using the # Discover (I prefer)
  9. 9. Sample search on Listorious: Search term (long term care)
  10. 10. Sample search on Twitter: Search term (long term care) Type Click Search resultsLet’s choseThis one
  11. 11. Lists created and subscribe to by @WeKnowAPlaceLet’s checkthis out!
  12. 12. People on @Caregiving’s list, let’s find oneLet’s listAnd followher
  13. 13. How to add people to lists Check Click 1 Or Click 2 Make a List
  14. 14. Other ways to find people on Twitter• Twitter’s advanced search• Twellow: Twitter Yellow pages• Search on Bing Social for keywordsHowever, as I said, Twitter’s #Discover searchIs my favorite way to go, it is more efficient, andmore relevant.
  15. 15. Twitter chats: The Golden Nugget of engagementTwitter chats: A group of people having a chat on TwitterUsually centered around a topic.Your mission: Find a chat relevant to your topic Or Start one!
  16. 16. Where to find list of chats Wikki for Twitter chats: Crowdsourced chats:Not all chats are created equal
  17. 17. What to say when you are not participating in chats?1. Join webinars related to your industry and post updates2. Share links to your blog posts3. Share links to articles (that you have read) related to your industry5. Read updates from people on your lists and retweet (RT) them. Include a comment with the RT if possible7. And most importantly, start a conversation8. Pay attention to your @Connect stream to see who is engaging with your updates
  18. 18. Keep an eye on your Interactions Stream
  19. 19. Some Twitter Dos and Don’tsDon’t2. Direct message people thanking them for following you3. Constantly talk about yourself4. Be inconsistentDo• Be yourself, and speak in first person• Thank people for sharing your posts• Recommend people if they make an impression on you• Be generous
  20. 20. Let’s play a gameI show you a sample twitter post and you answer with either1- Who cares?Or2- Interesting, I want to know more!
  21. 21. Sample post #1I am at Starbucks Who cares?
  22. 22. Sample post #2Our CEO is going to be at the Whatever conference, Be sure to meet him Who cares?
  23. 23. Sample post #3My hands are in pain, a good pain from Signing 100 copies of my book Interesting, I want to know more!
  24. 24. Sample post #4I gave @JaneDoe +K for blogging on @Klout…. Who cares?
  25. 25. Sample post #5I gave @JaneDoe +K for blogging, Shehelped my blog rank first page on google! Interesting, I want to know more!
  26. 26. Tool recommendationsPlenty of tools out there, I am mentioning two • Hootsuite • Management of your streams • Analytics (if people clicked) • Crowdbooster • Best time to tweet • Your effectiveness • Your best followers
  27. 27. Before I conclude this presentation Let me ask you, did you like what you heard?1- If you did, please click the +1 button and share2- If you have suggestions or want to be notified ofmy future presentations, please complete our surveyLink provided in the comment, right below the video,and in my last slide.
  28. 28. Last Words1. Be Human2. Be generous3. Be thoughtful4. Be consistent5. Have a conversation6. Measure (another hangout)
  29. 29. Thanks for ListeningPlease complete my feedback survey