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Social Media Strategy for College Newsrooms


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Twitter and Facebook strategy for college news brands.

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Social Media Strategy for College Newsrooms

  1. 1. Social Media 101 Twitter and Facebook Strategy for College Newsrooms #social101 NYC12 3/19/2012Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins
  2. 2. Find Your Persona
  3. 3. Questions to Ask• What sort of tone is right for my audience?• Who is my audience?• What do they want?• When is my audience online?
  4. 4. Who You Should Follow•  Other on and off-campus publications•  Student and local blogs•  Those who RT and reply to you•  Popular people in the local Twittersphere•  Your staff
  5. 5. Finding who to follow• By subject/location:,• Look at others’ follows/followers• Spy on Twitter lists/Search
  6. 6. Interacting With Users
  7. 7. 8 Rules of Social Interaction1. Respond to replies, comments and questions (especially questions) everywhere2. Be transparent in all you do3. Ask for help when you need it4. Be thankful
  8. 8. 8 Rules of Social Interaction5. Make corrections quickly and publicly6. Address criticism without spats7. Be consistent8. Dont just push your content out
  9. 9. Who manages it? When do we update?
  10. 10. Think like a student!It snowed - are sidewalks plowed? Are classes on time? Is there an awesome thing happening today? Wha? Free burritos? Whats going on tonight? What happened last night?
  11. 11. Search.Twitter.ComSearch by keywords, location, timeAll public tweetsAlso can be done in desktop, mobile apps
  12. 12. RT News and Photos
  13. 13. Ask For Tips
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Local Twitter
  16. 16. Curate Your Campus•  Keep open searches for local keywords for daily use•  Establish a hashtag for students to send you info/photos
  17. 17. Go Live For News & EventsUpdate often, maybe start a hashtag?
  18. 18. Curate &
  19. 19. What Not to Do
  20. 20. Brands Behaving Badly
  21. 21. Brands Behaving Badly
  22. 22. FacebookBe more than just friends
  23. 23. Create An Engaging PresenceTake advantage of timeline with photos,milestones and videos
  24. 24. Whatever You Like•  What would you share on Facebook?•  Ask questions, feature the responses in stories•  During news, you cant overpost•  Photos and videos work well
  25. 25. Watch Analytics
  26. 26. Wording Matters • Posed Questions +64% • Call to read or take a closer look +37% • Personal reflections +25% • Clever, catchy tone +18%% more feedback over averageSource: Facebook
  27. 27. Images Matter
  28. 28. Mandy Jenkins Twitter: @mjenkins Find these slides