Part Two - A Conversation About Twitter


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A Conversation about Twitter is a 5-part educational series that rolls through a dialogue between Twitter Tina (Twitter fan) and Tom (Twitter skeptic) in blurbs of 140 characters or less. The second part "Why should I join?" focuses on the benefits of a personal Twitter account. Feel free to contact us (Fresh Consulting) for your business use at

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Part Two - A Conversation About Twitter

  1. A Conversation about Twitter in 140 characters or less to tweet or not to tweet Part Two: Why should I join?
  2. There’s a lot going on in the “twittersphere,” but I still don’t see why I should join Meet Twitter Tom
  3. Well, let’s talk about how Twitter can help you! Meet Twitter Tina
  4. Yeah, but I already have my own ways to communicate. Not sure I have the time for another one
  5. It can take time, but that’s because it has so many unique benefits!
  6. One of my friends said it’s a colossal waste of time, but absolutely necessary?! I don’t get it
  7. Well, let me share 7 examples of how joining the “twittersphere” can help you, and even become “absolutely necessary!”
  8. 1) For one, it’s used for breaking news, much like how people first heard of the NY plane crash in the Hudson read more
  9. Because people re-tweet (RT) others’ messages, there is a viral effect that helps you get the real news before it breaks read more
  10. 2) Twitter is also used for finding jobs
  11. Slow down... A job?! Really? How does that work?
  12. Well, there are multiple career and job experts on Twitter that post new opportunities and share great advice read more
  13. But the real power comes from connecting with the people you want to meet and having real conversations with them read more
  14. Are you really suggesting that if I follow and tweet a CEO that that could lead to a job?
  15. Absolutely! Conversations or questions on Twitter can definitely initiate good job leads
  16. And as it is often said on Twitter, “it’s not who you know, but who knows you (follows you)”
  17. By sharing what you know or do best, it’s a great way to get recognized in the job market for what you know or do best
  18. In fact, a few of the authors of this series “A Conversation about Twitter” first connected on Twitter!
  19. But honestly, who really cares about what you or I have to say?
  20. You never know who will take interest in your tweets...friends, family, businesses, and even strangers. This leads me to my next point
  21. 3) Twitter can help you keep in touch real-time with friends, family, acquaintances, groups, communities, companies, and more
  22. Twitter’s real-time communication exchange can help you in real-life situations, even disastrous circumstances
  23. Yeah right! Disastrous circumstances? Give me an example...
  24. James Karl Buck’s one word tweet helped him escape an Egyptian jail read more
  25. Wow...that is powerful...but it’s probably just a rare occurrence for one person
  26. Maybe, but likely not. Twitter can facilitate communication at a much larger level as well, such as with national protests read more
  27. But why use Twitter for personal messaging or group messaging as your communication medium?
  28. It’s free, personal, and quick; messages (or tweets) are transmitted over a variety of open web channels as well as over SMS on mobile devices read more
  29. And don’t forget how fast important messages can spread. Re-tweeting powers viral messages! read more
  30. Moreover, by adding a “hashtag” #tagslooklikethis to a tweet, messages are easy to organize and track to keep interested parties in sync
  31. 4) It’s no wonder Twitter is used for connecting live and conversing at events
  32. People at the same events, such as concerts, speeches, conferences, and presentations, can read and share tweets about that event
  33. Like what?
  34. Like during the Obama inauguration speech read more
  35. So people converse during live events. What ever happened to listening?
  36. They are listening, but also responding and conversing about the message simultaneously. I think you could call that active listening!
  37. Even some churches are using Twitter to add another level of interaction during their sermons! read more
  38. Fascinating, but don’t you think this can go too far sometimes?
  39. Maybe, but remember its just an open communication platform open for everyone’s creative use
  40. 5) Because its open to everyone, tapping the “twittersphere” is great for asking specific questions and getting answers and advice
  41. How does that work?
  42. You can tweet a question to a specific expert or directly email a follower. Most Tweeple are good at getting back to you
  43. OK, so you can proactively converse with others but without initiating how do people find you on Twitter or come across your Tweets?
  44. People search for key words or conversations that relate to them. As I said earlier, Twitter is a massive search engine for conversations
  45. 6) Moreover, you don’t need any qualifications to talk to others
  46. You don’t have to be someone famous to talk to someone famous
  47. Does that mean anyone can talk to me? What if I don’t want to talk to them?
  48. There’s no obligation to respond, but it is common Twitter etiquette to engage with your followers!
  49. How do I know I’m even talking to the real people they say they are?
  50. That’s a fair question
  51. There are applications to confirm identities, but like almost all other online networking it can be difficult to verify authenticity read more
  52. I’ve heard of people faking the identities of companies and famous people, like the Dalai Lama read more
  53. It’s unfortunate, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all the benefits Twitter can offer
  54. 7) For example, Twitter can also help you gather feedback or creative ideas by posting open-ended questions
  55. Let me guess, because there is so much “mindsharing” on Twitter you can gain dozens of different perspectives and ideas on just about anything
  56. Yep, especially from your followers
  57. I think you are starting to understand how Twitter can help you connect and get value from the immense amount of information out there
  58. Yeah, I guess I can see why a personal Twitter account might be handy, but why would my business need an account?
  59. There are lots of Twitter uses for businesses...but lets save that topic for next time since that’s a whole other conversation!
  60. Sure, in the mean time, what if I have more questions for you?
  61. You can reach our team on Twitter @freshconsulting or feel free to email us at before our next discussion
  62. 5 PART Twitter educational series by the team at: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED contact us for your business use Authors @jeffdance @syamaguchi @brentdance | 206.801.0961