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Photography planning


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Photography planning

  1. 1. Photography planning
  2. 2. Front cover• I will use a female friend and I will get her to wear a black t-shirt so it SNUFF will fit in with my colour scheme of red white and black. It will be a medium close up and she will have an aggressive face, she will have longish hair for as it looks quite rock-like.• There will be plenty of space above and around the person so I have room to fit in my masthead and feature headlines.• Some rock bands such as Paramore Haley Williams has long hair, this could be for head banging and also fitting in to the style of being rebellious and different.
  3. 3. Feature headlinesFor my feature headline I will use one of my malefriends and location will be in a studio with goodlighting. I will angle the camera looking straight at themodel at eye level. It will show attitude as they arelooking in to the camera. I place the image in abox, However I will place the image on top of the box soit looks almost 3D. I will make my model do this pose asit will help me to do a good cover-line saying that thecertain artist is “sharing his secrets” with my magazine.This will be more interesting for my audience as they getto read the opinions of their favourite artist. I will also include on my contents page a small image of a poster that will be included in the magazine. It will be of one male posing in dull light, however he will be holding a guitar. He will have stubble so he will look quite rough and fit in to the rock look. It will look similar to this image , in black and white but I will keep the guitar in colour. The pose and angle of the image Is what I will try to copy.
  4. 4. Other images• I will also include a headshot of the editor of my magazine, who will be a female friend. She will have a slight smile to show the readers that she is friendly also this is to inform the reader of what she looks like. Therefore she can take credit for the magazine, this also gives the editor chance to directly talk to the audience on a personal level. For my double page spread I will have a large image of a female whos band I am reporting on. I chose female because from my results my audience would prefer to see a female rather than a male. She will be posing in a rocky way. My inspiration will come from some “paramore poses.” I want my model to be posed like this because it shows attitude but also fun. The photo is right in your face. Also my model will have bright coloured hair symbolising rebellion and being mischievous.