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Evaluation question pictures

  1. 1. Photo shoot oneThis was my first attempt to a photo shoot for my magazine front cover.
  2. 2. I did not use this image for my front cover becausemainly the background is very dark so it does not give asense of where she is. Her eyes are too squinted so herface does not convey the correct attitude for my Indiemagazine. Also the guitar is not fully in the imagemistaking that it was not purposely meant to be there.
  3. 3. In this image the model is notgiving direct address. This willnot attract the audience and pullthem in. As well as that I thinkthe camera shot is too long, sothe audience wouldnt get theright feeling of the magazine.
  4. 4. This image is very disappointing as I really like her facial expression. As it conyed an indie attitudevery smug yet suttle. However there is too much space above her head so the image looks verysmall and squashed. The medium close up was the wrong choice for this image as I would of likedher outfit to of been seen. Due to the colour “red” being a popular colour with the Indie fans. Alongwith that the strap on her arm was not meant to be shown. Her hair also fades into the backgroundand because the background is very dark, so she does not stand out. Lastly her hair on some of theshots is in her face.
  5. 5. This shot is too far away. Cant really capture herfacial expression due to the model is not givingdirect address. As well as this her facialexpression looks very dazed and that is not theattitude I want for my magazine. There is toomuch space above her head . And captured andun wanted speck of light in the background.
  6. 6. In this shot the model is standing quite awkwardlyand conveys a sweet attitude also due to her smilebeing very wide. The lighting of this shot makes herskin look very ghost like, too pale. Also she looksvery small compared to her surroundings and Iwould like my artist to stand out.
  7. 7. These images I did not use because they can easily be mistaken for a fashion magazine . As you canhardly see the guitar she is holding and the bag is a lot more noticeable. The images above are also verydull with the dark background, in some cases it would make the model stand out but because theycontrasting. But in this case the images are too far away ,so again she fades into it. Theres nothing veryattractive and appealing about these images as her attitude could be stronger.
  8. 8. I did not use this imagebecause there is too muchspace above her head. Herhead is not positioned inthe correct way to get fullaffect of her facialexpressions. The low angleshot gave the effect of theartist having power whichwas good for the image butoverall she looks awkwardand out of place.
  9. 9. I can not use these images as the flash has caused an unwanted shadow. Aswell as that I do not want to use images as it is too far away and it does notcapture an indie attitude as much as it could.
  10. 10. I did not use these images because the background is toodull, and she does not stand out as much. So thesephotographs do not have much appeal. Lastly thephotograph on the left does not have enough space aboveher head. And the image on the right has too much.
  11. 11. I did not use these photographs because none of them look interesting enough to goon the front cover. None of the these images are conveying the indie attitude Iwanted. Also the clothing choice is quite dull and boring.
  12. 12. Photo Shoot 2This is my second photo shoot attempt for my front cover magazine.
  13. 13. These images didnt convey an indie attitude so I chose not touse them. They are also quite awkwardly taken this wasanother reason I did not choose to use them Lastly they aretoo long and far away so it looks quite dull.
  14. 14. These images dont look interesting enough, her facialexpressions on these photos are too dull and have to muchspace above her head and on these three photos theheadphones are not noticeable, so they just look odd.
  15. 15. These images I did not use cause they are also too far away andher hand gestures are too awkwardly placed.
  16. 16. I did not use these photographs because most of themcaused an un wanted shadow but mainly because I didnot like her outfit in the end. It did not match mymagazine.
  17. 17. This was the image Ichose to use in the end.It was my favourite outof them all. I thought itlooked the mostinteresting and eyecatching. There is ashadow but I easilyerased that in photoshopped and changedthe background so itlooks less dull. But theimage itself really standsout and coveys an indieattitude which fitsperfectly with mymagazine. I also like thehand gestures as itmakes it look even moreappealing.