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  1. 1. Readership These are some of the music magazines available in the UK. I will be looking at the circulation and readership of NME and Kerrang!
  2. 2. Kerrang!
  3. 3. Kerrang! From this graph, it shows that the readership for kerrang! is high. Although the circulation and readership isdecreasing each year. It is not a significant difference. Being able to access the magazine online will reduce the circulationnumbers, as it is easier for the reader to access the magazine on their phone or computer. This is linked to the targetaudience as kerrang! has a young median age of 22. young people are stereotypically linked with using technology suchas; phones, laptops, I pads etc. kerrang! is perfect for advertising films, games, also mobile technology and governmentmessages.Also from the Kerrang media pack 2011 the class of people who buy Kerrang is 52% ABC1 profile. The middle class willbuy this magazine, meaning they will have money to spend on the magazine games and other things advertised in themagazine.Even though the circulation numbers have decreased the readership figures have remained consistent over the years.Due to copies being sold online as in January- December in 2003, 69,000 copies were printed and 468,000 people readthose copies. Readers must be sharing them with friends and others. This is good for the magazine as people can get toknow the magazine and buy or subscribe to the magazine itself. Making it more popular. The circulation and readership numbers
  4. 4. The magazine has been going for 29 years. Kerrangis a successful magazine as it has been able tomaintain a good reputation for all of these years.Kerrang is successful because it is reaching out to adifficult age group. Younger people would ratheruse their money for other things such as clothes,festivals and food/drink.There is also a lack of money due to the currenteconomic status, this could be the influence to thedecrease in circulation. Therefore morepeople will be sharing one copy of the samemagazine, as young people are stereotypically seenas unemployed; not having enough money to buyluxuries such as magazines.Also 87% of readers buy every issue. This shows themagazine is of good quality and the readers arecommitted to the magazine.
  5. 5. Here kerrang! Have looked at their statisticsand made their average reader. Whom is ofthe age of 22 and loves rock. By using statistics to determine anaverage reader, this gives Kerrang! Anadvantage to be able to understand theiraudience a lot better. This gives them ease to understandingwhat the average reader of Kerrang! Is likegiving them the opportunity to connectwith the audience on a more personal level. Once you have an idea of an averagereader you start to plan the magazinearound that person and designing it toowhat they would like rather than what themagazine company themselves would like.
  6. 6. NME
  7. 7. NME have generally more male readers, thiscould be down to the style or contents of themagazine or mainly because more males buymagazines as females will spend their disposableincome on make-up and such things. The median age is 23, this is fairly young.The magazine is clearly successful as it appealsto a young age group as 42% of them arestudents. Normally students don’t have muchdisposable income and to spend it on a magazineindicates that the magazine is of good quality.• ABC1 65%This image clearly points out what the readers ofNME are in to such as fashion, gaming, snacks,drinks, festivals, hair care and cars. This gives themagazine an opportunity to understand theirreaders and can manipulate them by includinginformation that they will like. They can alsoinclude competitions and the opportunity to wincertain things, but to win they must invest in themagazine, this is a clever technique inpromoting a magazine and I plan to use it inmine.
  8. 8. I got this fromYork collegemedia packs