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  1. 1. Reader profile My average viewer would be 18 years old and of a male gender. He would be a student with a part time job, as his class system is ABC1. Therefore he will have left over money to spend on luxuries such as CDs. He will be of a white (British) ethnicity. He would also go to festivals where rock bands play, such as download or Leeds festival. A typical viewer would have tattoos because stereotypically people of a rock genre have tattoos as a way of expressing themselves. I will include close ups of tattoos and dark clothing within the video. They will then be interested in the video because stereotypically the average viewer will play some type of instrument or be really interested in what instruments are used and what band members are wearing. This will show the video has been targeted towards the fans to appeal to their tastes and interests. In the video I aim to include a lot of metal conventions. For example there will be black clothing, leather jackets, long black hair, attitude, instruments and dark themes to really connect with the audience. This will be difficult to appeal to everyone. However, the genre is in our best interests and the viewers like the genre therefore there must be some elements of the video that will appeal to them.