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  1. 1. +Magazine Photo Shoot
  2. 2. +The location for the photo shoot was within the school dancestudio, where we were able to set up a green screen with theappropriate lighting. I think this set-up worked in my favorbecause I was then able to manipulate the background of theimages easily. However, at times in certain images the lightwas a bad addition because it would increase the amount ofshadow in the pictures.
  3. 3. +I chose this image for my front coveras I feel it is a sexy, provocativeimage that will draw the attention ofmy target audience. It is a mid-shoton a slight angle, the model islooking directly into the camera.I chose this outfit for the modelbecause the tight black pants andleather jacket suggest the model hasa bad side to her, but then thesparkly bra contrasts this and bringsout her glamorous, flirty side!The models hair is drawn back into atight ponytail, so that no focus istaken away from her face. She isalso wearing very minimal make up.
  4. 4. +This was the first image I chose for mycontents page, it is of my main model andgoes well with my cover shot. The image isanother mid-shot and it is taken on a slightlylow angle. The model is again lookingdirectly into the camera, I like this because ithelps to engage with the reader andprompts them to read on. The model isgiving a cheeky smile with her finger on herlips, suggesting she is making a ‘hush’sound because she has a secret to keep,this suggests to the reader if you read thearticle you will find these secrets out. Themodel is wearing the same outfit throughoutthe magazine, I think this is an advantagebecause it helps the reader to recognise herstraight away if she is who they want to readabout. On the other hand it could be adisadvantage because people may like tosee her in different outfits and there is notmuch variety.
  5. 5. +This is one of the more insignificant imagesused on my contents page. This image wastaking in a different environment to the rest ofmy images, that’s why the quality is lower. Itis still a high level image but the lighting isjust darker and more natural than the artificiallighting used in my other shots. Even thoughthe model is sitting down this shot is a fullbody shot taken at a mid-angle, sticking withthe ongoing trend through out my magazine,the model is staring directly in to the camera,making reading my magazine more personalfor the reader. The pose he is in makes himlook relaxed and approachable. The model iswearing black jeans and a graphic t-shirt,which portrays to the reader the image of a‘skater boy’. Also the graphic t-shirt ties inwith the feel of my magazine, symbolisingthat my product is hip and trendy.
  6. 6. +This was the final image I added to mycontents page and again this wasn’ttaken in the same environment as myother images, because it is a differentmodel. This is a full body shot, his eyelevel is in the top third of the image sohis eye-level matches the reader’s eye-level. His body posture which is quiterelaxed contrasts with his facialexpression which is assertive andserious, which gives the reader theimpression he is confident. The model’sattire corresponds with the other outfit’sin the magazine, he is wearing all blackwhich connotes bad, dark and highlightsthat the model is a ‘bad boy’. His denimshirt also helps to make him look currentand stylish.
  7. 7. +It took me a while to decide which image touse on my double page spread, I had tookso many good ones and it was hard todecide. Initially I was planning to use morethan one image on my double pagespread, while there are numerousmagazines that do this I did not think itlooked professional enough and lookedslightly unorganised. On this image themodel is leaning against a wall, similarly tomy other images she is staring directly into the camera however this time she islooking over her shoulder in to the camera.Even though she is wearing the same outfitit looks completely different because thejacket has been removed which makes theimage look much more seductive. Herfacial expression portrays her as timid butyet sexy and passionate, her hair beingloose also adds to the sex appeal her hairon this picture looks more untamed givingthe impression she has become more wild.
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