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Umbrella lighting vs softbox lighting


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Softboxcreate soft illumination that wraps well on the subject while light from umbrella is slight harder and wider

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Umbrella lighting vs softbox lighting

  1. 1. Umbrella and Softbox, both are two of the most used lighting devices in photography. They are both used for generating different type of effects
  2. 2. So Similar Yet So Different
  3. 3. Illumination from a softbox and umbrella is similar. But an expert photographer can make out the difference between the both
  4. 4. Understanding Softbox Lighting
  5. 5. Light generated by softbox wraps well around the surface of a subject. The rays fall on surface in a scattered manner. It is an ideal example of soft light. If you look at the shadow created with the illumination you will find that light and shadow blend in not so distinct a manner
  6. 6. A diffusing umbrella generates soft light but the rays are directional and stronger than those coming out of a softbox. So this results in more contrasting light effect. This is the reason light from umbrella is sometimes also referred to as harder light
  7. 7. Now you know the difference between umbrella and softbox lighting you should choose between them. Choose softbox for soft and wrapping illumination or opt for umbrella for sharper and wider light. You want semi hard light you can also opt for Elinchrom beauty dish