Double Page Spread Planning


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Double Page Spread Planning

  1. 1. Double Page Spread For Our Magazine PLANNING
  2. 3. Topics <ul><li>Interviews </li></ul><ul><li>Stories </li></ul><ul><li>Facts </li></ul>Language – write the article Quotes
  3. 4. Images; plans about locations for photos, make-up, hair, clothes, styling, lighting, Mise en scene. Locations: I think using a plain background for the main image will best to allow the image to stand out. We will find a room or a wall in school with a plain background for us to take our photos. Make-Up: For the image of my female model I think dark make-up around the eyes will be good to make them stand out. Lighting: I think using a bright white spotlight for main image would be best. Or we could use a dim light and main spotlight for model. Hair: In most cases we see natural flowing hair, I think it will be best for my model to have her hair down to present that image. Clothes: I think if we use a bright plain background or white background for the photos then we should use bright clothes which will stand out, red/blue. Styling: Clothes that we may stereotype with the R’n’B genre. When dressing my model I shall take these factors into account – High heels, presenting a casual but smart outfit. CHARLOTTE:
  4. 5. LAUREN: Images; plans about locations for photos, make-up, hair, clothes, styling, lighting, Mise en scene. Mise En Scene Location Styling Hair Make Up Clothes The location of this image I would like to be in a garden or somewhere that isn’t just plain as I think the image on a double page spread should also tell a story. Clothes that I think would look most appealing on the person would be clothes that are in contrast to the colour of the background to make them stand out. But also stereotyping R&B so wearing high heels etc. For my double page spread image I think I will have a background this time instead of just using a plain background. I will either choose just a plain wall for the background or a specific place like a garden. Make Up on the female artist I use for my image I would like to be clear that they are wearing makeup however not to over the top as I want to keep it quite simple. For the hair I’d want it to be styled in some way, not just plain and down, maybe be put up and curly. The styling would be based on the stereotypes of R&B so their body language would be that their posing in a certain way, however in my double page spread I want their facial expression to be more enthusiastic than what I used in the previous front page and contents.
  5. 6. Images I like this image, I have chosen this picture to include in my double page spread as it shows a face on photo of the model presenting her focus to the reader. This image also presents the model facing toward the camera, this directly focuses the reader’s attention towards her. This image shows a full length shot of the model, but displays her slightly at an angle to the audience. As a result I might use this as a smaller image on the page rather than the main image. CHARLOTTE:
  6. 7. I like this photo because of her facial expression, it’s a shot of her laughing which I think has a lot of meaning for a double page spread image, however there isn’t a specific background to this image so if I wanted to use it I would have to edit out the background and use something else. I like this image because it links to the other pictures I like of him. Its also a long shot so you can see all of him and his style. I like this picture because she is sitting unusually but you can also see what she is wearing so like her high heels. This picture also has a sense of mystery to it I think and I also think it would just look good on a double page spread. I like this photo because it’s a medium close up he is also standing to the side but looking directly at the camera so it automatically forms a bond with him and the reader. LAUREN:
  7. 8. Mock Up Layouts Main Image Article Title Article Information Image Image Text
  8. 9. Mock Up Layouts Text Main Image Article Information Image Text Image Article Title