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Lighting techniques for photography


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Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. Position and nature of lights determine quality of picture.

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Lighting techniques for photography

  1. 1. Most of us learn about different techniques of photography by experimenting under natural light. The best time to click in natural light is morning and evening So begin here to master lights. During this time of the day light is soft and helps in better photograph.
  2. 2. Lights should be placed away from the camera The lights must be placed on either sides of the subjects You must also use backlights for removing shadows from the frame. ides of the subject
  3. 3. Photography lighting is about diffused lights. Since filtered lights renders uniform illumination to the subject. So your pictures will have better texture
  4. 4. Click some sample shots before going for the actual snap. This will help in making adjustments in the background and lighting set up.