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Power point presentation of reading strategies


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Submission of power point presentation on reading strategies

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Power point presentation of reading strategies

  2. 2. Reading Strategies
  3. 3. WHAT ARE READING STRATEGIES ??  Reading strategies are those thing students do to help them understand what they are reading. Reading strategies are often categorized as behaviors designed strategies to help before, during and after they read. As a reader, it is important to learn and multiple strategies for different texts, different reading purposes and for different subject areas.
  4. 4. WHAT READING STRATEGIES DO I READ TO LEARN ??  According to reading experts, “good readers’’ do the following to improve their comprehension: • Establish a purpose • Preview the text • Activate/use prior knowledge • Make predictions • Confirm, revise, or reject predictions • Create mental image • Identify organizational patterns • Determine the most important • Ask questions • Draw inferences • Share responses
  5. 5.  Reading teachers and experts have helped as to think about reading as those thing we do to help as we read text, while we are reading the text, after we have finished reading the text. Some example in clude :
  6. 6. Establish a purpose Preview or survey the text Use prior knowledge Make predictions Identify new vocabulary
  7. 7. Confirm revise or reject predictions Create mental image Ask question Clarify understanding Connect text to self, world and other texts Draw inferences
  8. 8. Summarize and synthesize Respond and text Answer question Connect text to self, world and other texts
  9. 9. What is sq3r ?? SQ3R is a commonly known and used strategy for teaching comprehension of reading material. The acronym stands for survey, question, read, recite and review. Students are encouraged to being reading by surveying the contents, questioning to enhance understanding, reading with purpose, recitingin search of answer, and reviewing with intent to remember. This is an effective strategy to learn and apply as text becomes more textbooks at the secondary level.
  10. 10. THANK YOU…