Topic 3a: The Art of Teaching - Planning


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Topic 3a: The Art of Teaching - Planning

  1. 1. Topic #3: The Art of Teaching Part A: Planning
  2. 2. Why do we teach the subjects we do? A Student’s Opinion
  3. 3. Quality Teaching in Alberta…. Discussion: Types of Planning
  4. 4. Lesson Planning Where do you start?
  5. 5. Lesson Planning: Key Concepts
  6. 6. A Good Lesson Plan Should… #1. be based on instructional objectives which are student oriented. This objective places the emphasis on what the student is expected to do, not on what the teacher will do. Example: Students should be able to list five punctuation rules discussed in the textbook Exercise: Which of the following objectives are “student-oriented”? A. B. C. D. To lecture on the basic steps in the scientific method To maintain positive discipline in my class To write a unified paragraph on a single topic To divide two digit numbers
  7. 7. A Good Lesson Plan Should… #2. have instructional objectives which describe learning outcomes. In other words, what the student will learn to do is more important than the learning activities that lead to that outcome.
  8. 8. A Good Lesson Plan Should… #3. be based on instructional objectives which are clear and understandable. They are explicit and contain a clearly stated verb that describes a definite action or behavior.
  9. 9. A Good Lesson Plan Should… #4. be based on instructional objectives which are observable. The verb must describe an observable action or an action which results in an observable product.
  10. 10. Bloom’s Taxonomy Think ACTION
  11. 11. Planning Templates • Madeline Hunter Lesson Design • Lesson Plan Template • IDA E • Concept Map • Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan • Multiple Intelligence Planner • Differentiated Lesson Plan • Unit Planning
  12. 12. Tuesday’s Teacher Thoughts: How do we plan to engage today’s students? “The person who does the talking, does the learning” “"The quality of learning rarely exceeds the quality of teaching" ***Dr. David Sousa The most powerful single influence on student achievement is feedback.” John Hattie “If we want to have engaged brains in the classroom, we have to have an interactive environment” ***Spencer Kagan “People learn by what they do, not by what they are told” …Pat Wolfe “ Learn by Doing “ 4H Motto “The best technology is questions” **Jamie McKenzie “The brain holds onto information that is „relevant‟. Thus, when teaching new information, „hook‟ it onto prior learning and experiences” "We Are Not Preparing Children For Our …Marian Diamond Future, We are Preparing Them for Their Future” ***David Warlick “Are we training students to write tests for life, or are we training students for the tests of life” ….Art Costa