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Weekly innovation report 4 13


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Weekly innovation report 4 13

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT APRIL 2012 • 13 Text Messaging Cyberpills Smart Car’s Animated Tweets McDonald’s Night Driver Exclusive Billboard Proteus BioMed has created a tiny Smart Car Argentina recently With the help of Vancouver-based chip that costs practically nothing to launched a Twitter-based ad agency Cossette, McDonald’s created create. Lloyds Pharmacy in the U.K. campaign. By using Twitter’s built-in a billboard made exclusively for will be launching a pill that has the keyboard shortcuts, they were able those driving at night. During the chip imbedded in order to better to allow users to animate an ad by day, the billboard looks like a plain track medicine taking patterns. The themselves. BBDO Argentina created white board, while at night it looks chip is activated by stomach acids a series of images using Twitter’s 140 like a plain black one. But when a and sends a low power electric character limit and then used the car passes at night and their signal to record information such as background to tell users how to headlights hit the reflective heart rate, activity and respiratory animate the ad. By pressing the “J” billboard, a message is displayed rate. It can then send an SMS to the key, users can scroll through the that tells passersby that McDonald’s patient,as well as their doctor, tweets, in turn animating the ad and is “Open All Night.” The execution is should they forget to take their pills. providing a unique Twitter a fun way to get a message across in How would you use Users can also run basic diagnostics How would you use Twitter experience. How would you rethink a time-sensitive way. ? microchips to better track patient healthcare? on a connected smartphone app. ? to advertise in a new and creative way? ? traditional advertising to reach a specific audience at READ MORE READ MORE a specific time? READ MORE Riding the Sound Waves Is It a Plane? Is It a Bird? No, It’s a Car. Backseat Vending Machines Coogoo has modified a BMX bike into A company in the Netherlands has TaxiTreats is a vending machine a music making and riding machine. recently launched the PAL-V ONE, a concept that will live in the back of The wheels are the turntables, the production version flying car. The taxis. Designed by students from the handlebars are crossfaders and the car has gyroplane blades fixed to the NYU Stern School of Business and brakes are samplers. By riding the top of the vehicle that can be Universidad de Buenos Aires, the bike, users can remix songs and extended and allow the car to take idea won the New York Economic create new ones. The bike can also flight. Owners will have to find a Development Corporation’s Next Big be wirelessly connected to the DJ runway to take off, and, once in the Idea competition. The team was app Traktor, which allows users to air it can reach speeds of up to 112 granted $17,500 to get their project create unique sounds by performing miles per hour and a maximum off the ground. The machines will special tricks on the bike. The altitude of 4,000 feet. Owners will sell products such as over-the- company has not yet given word on need a sport pilot license to operate counter pain relievers, gum, energy whether the bike will be available the vehicle. The creators hope to drinks and snack bars. The goal is to How would you modify an for purchase in the near future. sell the vehicle in the U.S. market What products would you get these machines installed in the ? everyday piece of equipment to create a unique musical ? How would you modify the car to bring new functionality ? for $300,000 USD. ? design to improve upon the standard taxi cab ride? new line of New York taxis right next to the TV screens. instrument? READ MORE READ MORE READ MOREFriday, April 13, 2012