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Weekly innovation report 3 23


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Weekly innovation report 3 23

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT MARCH 2012 • 23 Leave a Voicemail on the Wall Never Miss a Call with Vibrating Tattoos The 10-Cent Malaria and HIV Test Record Me is a new way to leave Nokia recently filed a patent for a Researchers at the University of messages for members of your piece of fabric that can alert you Texas at Austin have created an household. Instead of leaving sticky when you have a phone call. The alternative to traditional malaria notes or magnets on the fridge, you fabric supposedly will be able to and HIV lab tests. They have created can simply record your message right attach to your skin and, using haptic a paper sensor, similar to those onto the device. Users just twist the technology, vibrate when you are typically found in at-home device to one of 12 available slots receiving a phone call. Similar to the pregnancy kits, that uses origami and push the button to record. Once features in iOS 5, users will also be style folding. By folding the sensor, the message is recorded, users just able to set different vibrations for it is able to perform more push the button again to save their different people. Nokia also complicated testing. Using similar message. There is a glowing light to patented the idea of a magnetic ink functions as those found in at-home indicate a new message is waiting that can be tattooed onto an pregnancy tests, the sensor will and deleting messages is as easy as individual and work in very much the simply change colors to indicate the How would you reinvent a holding down the button after it has How would you rethink the same way. The tattoos could also be How would you recreate a presence of a disease, not to ? simple task with a new piece of technology? been listened to. ? tattoo to add a layer of functionality? in any design, adding a layer of functionality to the ? piece of equipment in order to make testing more readily mention the tests costs less than 10 cents to produce. READ MORE READ MORE available to those in need? READ MORE traditional tattoo. The Camera That Can See Around Corners Paint Your Walls with Grass Meet the New RoboCop Car Scientists at MIT have created a Professor Sangmin Bae of KAIST has Modularis recently created and camera with the ability to see come up with a way to paint grass demoed an app for Windows 8 that objects hidden around corners. The onto any surface. The users simply can control a full-sized police car. camera fires a laser, which, when it put their seed of choice inside the The app was created for the hits a surface, scatters photons in roller, then roll it in the nutrition Worldwide Public Safety Symposium every direction. These photons then paste, which is made from water, and is able to control the vehicle continue to scatter and break apart fertilizer, pulp and a natural using the cloud. The app has the even more until some reach back to adhesive. Finally the substance is functionality to be able to control the camera lens. The camera then rolled onto the surface of choice and all aspects of the car, from sirens uses formulas to rebuild the object left to grow. Possible uses discussed and lights to opening and closing around the corner using the time are graffiti that will fade long before doors. While the app may not prove and speed at which the photons the buildings do, and painting a to be extremely useful for the time return to the camera lens. The parking lot into a temporary park on being, it is a great example of the How would you use laser camera is able to reconstruct How would you rethink the short notice. The grass is said to be How would you use the power power of apps that can be built to ? technology to improve upon the capabilities of an everyday objects within one centimeter of ? act of painting to be both environmentally friendly able to live for up to six months. ? of the cloud and a mobile app to change the way we think run on Windows 8. object? precision. READ MORE and practical? READ MORE about remote control? READ MOREThursday, March 22, 2012