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Product description digital_poster_eng


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Product description digital_poster_eng

  1. 1. DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEMDESIGNDigital poster www.onlPurpose: Waking up ATTENTIONDesign No: 85900/2010 Attention, ATTENTION! The customers stimulus threshold is getting higher. Do your commercials step over it? A large crowd of potential customers, are passing-by uninterested the classic,printed advertisements, even if some of them are very creative. The question is rightful, thatin which proportion the investment of money, time, energy and workforce will return? But itis more important to know, if these advertisements are reaching their goal in waking up theinterest and attention of a customer. The digital poster is asolution that, with it´s dynamiccontent can wake-up, catchand keep active the attentionof a potential customer, evenif he is sitting in a clientwaiting area or he iswalking down the street. Your commercialswill not “whisper” anymorebut they will ´´cry out loudthrough a megaphone´´.
  2. 2. Recommendation Banks, Building societies Insurance companies Telecommunication companies Mobile, internet, cable tv suppliers Fashion stores Beauty shops Cinemas, theatres, concert hallsFeatures and Travel agencies, tourist information points City and District Councils, Registry offices,advantages Tax, Custom and Revenue Offices Solicitor and Notary Public officesFast and efficient Malls, Supermarkets, Store chains Refreshing, rescheduling or completely renewingthe content of the digital posters is just a matter of a Restaurants, bars, pubsfew moments, even in a country-wide network. In this Educational institutionsway, your commercials, announcements, marketing or Real estate agenciespromotional messages will reach your customers beforeyour competitors. Conference and sport centersSpectacular savings The classic paper-based posters, beside having aquestionable efficiency, has the disadvantage of highadditional costs. With the digital poster you can savethe printing, distribution, display and relatedadministration costs. Above all this the distribution of thecontent in multiple locations is just a matter of a fewmoments.Targeted messages Integrated with the ONLINET QueueManagement System, the digital poster serves todisplay the ticket numbers in a queue too. Above this, thecommercials can be played automatically in an order thatcovers the actual needs of your customers. In this way,your messages, commercials will have bigger effect,creating higher sales impulses.2 Digital poster
  3. 3. www.onlinet.euTechnicalspecification Standard screen sizes: 32" - 37" - 42" * Mounting types: Wall mounted, free standing and ceiling hanged Playable formats: PC video formats(video playlist) PC picture formats (picture slideshow) Animated presentations Direct VHS/DVD/Bluray play (even in HD quality)** Display of TV channels** Integrated to a Queue Management System: Display of the last 3-5 ticket numbers called Display of new call in a separate window Warning sound when a new customer called Even 4 tickers at the bottom of screen * Other sizes are upon request. ** Some restrictions may apply Company logo, image, colours and fonts Wall mounted Celiling hanged Free standing Aluminum profile cover Make your dreams come true! Student loan promotion until 31st August! For details come into our branch! N NAVIGATOR BANK Wooden frame REDAPPLE LANGUAGE SCHOOL WorldTraveler TRAVEL AGENCY Early harvest promotion! -20% off for all our new students for 2 weeks! Last minute trips from 109 USD/pp! Ask for a detailed offer in the shop!Digital poster 3
  4. 4. www.onlinet.euAccessories and Relatedoptions solutions Performant PC as multimedia server Customer management Branded models, that allows even Customer Services efficiency increase a 24h operation. Stores multimedia materials. Monitoring and statistics We recommend: Queue Management System ONLINET CDS TV & Media Manager software A multi-functional application that allows the play, Solution offering a 24h opening the scheduling and refresh of multimedia materials Interactive information for passers-by stored on the server. We recommend: Interactive window display CISCO DMP digital media player Automated customer information Special, PC replacement hardware, with Media Automated transactions Management software. We recommend: Information & Self-service kiosk Ceiling and wall mounting support, floor stand Front and back aluminium cover Wooden frame Uniquely designed frame or cover Related services Consulting Site survey, planning Installation, commissioning, training Maintenance, remote support, repairs Spare parts supply Operation Custom development and design Integration to existing IT systems Warranty Standard warranty: 1 YEAR In case of a maintenance and support contract, even EXTENDED WARRANTY.4 Digital poster