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Weekly innovation report 3 9


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Weekly innovation report 3 9

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT MARCH 2012 • 9 Sprinkles: The 24 Hour Cupcake ATM Japan Invents a Mute Button for People Mind-Reading Social Glasses Have you ever noticed how all the Japanese researchers have invented Transcendenz is a conceptual social cupcake shops are closed at 2 in the a way to stop you from talking — network using HUD (heads up morning? Well, Sprinkles Cupcakes with a unique gun. The gun quickly display) technology to connect users has just the solution to this problem: records your speech and then fires it to the world around them. The idea a 24 hour cupcake ATM. This back at you with a 0.2 second delay, is that the glasses can connect to machine dispenses freshly baked affecting your cognitive processing the user’s thoughts and use them to cupcakes, cupcakes mixes, cupcakes and causing you to stutter and unlock new features of the network. for your dog and Sprinkles Cupcakes ultimately fall silent. The effect is The goal of Transcendenz is to get apparel. This marvelous machine is said to cause no harm and will stop users to become more in touch with only available at the Beverly Hills as soon as the individual stops themselves, others, the environment location for the time being, but talking. Considered uses are to and the effect they are having on keep your eyes open and you may be silence noisy talkers in libraries or to the world around them. The lucky enough to stumble across one silence those who interrupt when Transcendenz concept was created How would you reinvent a of these someday. How would you solve an age others are talking. Of course, this How would you use a social as a thesis by a student at Strate ? familiar technology to surprise and delight your fans? ? old, yet common problem with a new technology? technology could be a ? network that runs off thought to connect people to the world College. READ MORE dangerous tool in the READ MORE around them? READ MORE wrong hands. Tracking Tweets and Saving Lives Drink Your Coke and Eat the Bottle Too IKEA’s Touch Screen Solution The Red Cross and Dell have teamed A professor at Harvard is working on IKEA had a problem with their up to create a social media crisis a project to create edible Norwegian touch-screen catalog monitoring center in order to better packaging. The idea is to create a app: It was unusable in the winter assist those in need during natural bottle made from an organic, because everyone was wearing disasters. The team will monitor biodegradable substance that can be gloves. So Ikea enlisted the help of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to eaten after the contents have been the agency SMFB, who came up with find victims of these disasters. The consumed. The project is called a simple, profitable solution: a information will then be passed WikiCells, and, according to the sewing kit with conductive thread. along to first responders in an effort team, these cells could be made a IKEA then sold this sewing kit to provide the fastest help possible. range of edible substances, such as complete with instructions on how The center will, of course, use Dell chocolate or candy. While the team to apply the thread so that gloves computers and run Radian6 as its has had success so far, next they are became touch-screen friendly. They social monitoring tool of choice. The tackling mass production and using sold all 12,000 kits in just two weeks How would you use social center saw its first action during the How would you take a mass- edible packaging in uncontrolled How would you improve upon and their app saw a record breaking ? media to help others during a crisis? recent slew of tornadoes. ? produced, everyday product and make it more environments. ? one product and, in turn, improve your own? number of downloads. READ MORE environmentally friendly? READ MORE READ MOREFriday, March 9, 2012