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Weekly innovation report 3 16


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Weekly innovation report 3 16

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT MARCH 2012 • 16 Barclay’s Crowdsourced Credit Card Gap Geo-Fences a Series of Posters The Facebook Blood Bank Next month, Barclaycard US will be Gap recently launched a series of Karthik Naralasetty is out to change launching its newest venture, posters in support of its latest the way we think about social media Barclaycard Ring. The idea is to campaign. The posters were and its uses. Shaped by events in his create a crowdsourced credit card displayed in bus stops throughout own life, Naralasetty has created with features that the customers major cities such as New York and Socialblood, an online community actually want. Customers will be Chicago and incorporated geo- for finding blood donors. The able to access an online network fencing features. Whenever people premise is simple: users can post where they can work together to would browse the web or play Words requests, messages and join shape card features and the Ring with Friends while at the bus stop, campaigns while being set into community via forums and voting. they would see an ad tied to the groups centered around blood types. The card will also feature a poster on their mobile device. After The future goal is to connect “Giveback” program that will allow leaving the bus stop, the ads would Socialblood to Facebook and create users to keep some of the profits no longer display. The campaign a worldwide community of blood How would you use made by the card for themselves. How would you use resulted in 2.5 million impressions How would you use social donors. ? customer feedback to improve your product? Sounds like a rather ? location-based technology to liven up a transit ad? and a 0.93 percent ? media to change the healthcare industry? sweet deal to us. READ MORE click-through rate. READ MORE READ MORE Inhaler, the Game Issey Miyake’s Steam Collection Welcome to the NikeFuel Station Cambridge Consultants is working on Issey Miyake started off his recent Nike recently opened the first a prototype teaching inhaler. The fall-winter 2012-13 fashion show NikeFuel Station in London. The prototype is connected to a with what seemed to be sheets of store features a mix of products and computer system in order to help fabric hanging on the runway. The interactive displays to provide people, mostly children, learn how fabric was then transformed into the customers with more product to use their inhalers properly. By dresses in the collection using only information than usual. There are removing the instruction booklet, steam. The designer chose specific experiences such as motion sensing users can get back to learning what minerals and worked them into the walls, augmented reality setups and actually counts: using their inhalers clothing, knowing how they would interactive touchscreens. The properly. The experience is gamified react to the steam, in order to get augmented reality features are used with the goal of users attempting to the desired result. The collection to provide customers with more get a ball into a hole, a simple was fittingly called the “Mineral detailed product information than is game, but one that doesn’t distract Miracle” collection, and the generally available in-store. The How would you gamify a piece from the purpose of the experience. How would you use natural technique is being dubbed as “steam How would you use interactive touchscreens and motion sensing ? of healthcare equipment in order to promote proper usage? ? elements to change the way that clothing is created? stretching.” ? screen technologies to improve your retail experience? walls play footage of local runners wearing products READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE from the store.Friday, March 16, 2012