Engauge - Lunch & Learn - Mobile - Oct. 2012 - Charlotte NC


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Engauge - Lunch & Learn - Mobile - Oct. 2012 - Charlotte NC

  1. 1. Mobile Now Moments:Setting Your Brand Up For Success 10.18.2012
  2. 2. ENGAUGE
  3. 3. Engauge is a full-service Offices in Atlanta,marketing agency built 235 Employees Columbus, Orlando,for the social age. Pittsburgh and China.
  4. 4. A FEW “HOUSEKEEPING” ITEMSPlease feel free to ask questions.The USB drives contain:- Our mobile one-sheet- A variety of our thought leadership papersTweeting during lunch? We hope so! Our Use hashtaghandle is @Engauge. #mobileNC
  5. 5. ABOUT TODAY’S SPEAKERS Dustin Garis, Global Marketing Innovation Procter & Gamble “Chief Troublemaker” at P&G FutureWorks, the brand building innovation hub of Procter & Gamble.  Leads disruptive innovation, from P&Gs first franchise operation (CMO of Mr. Clean Car Wash), to rural India health clinics. Beyond P&G, he is a marketing consultant and director for a breakthrough new mobile platform. Carla Paschke, Director of Mobile Innovation Engauge Founding member of the Digital Innovation Group (DIG) Instrumental in propelling Engauge into the mobile space Accountable for end-to-end quality and growth of Engauge’s mobile portfolio
  6. 6. Mobile Now Moments
  9. 9. We’re ADDICTED to checking our phones
  10. 10. 94% of Americans are worried that theirphone might vanish,with 73% saying such fears induce feelings of panic.
  11. 11. Young consumersswitch media 27times an hour.
  14. 14. URGENT NOWBe present when and where usersmay need your products orservices. Instant Gratification Always On Informed Consumerism Catalog Memory
  15. 15. 70% of all mobile searches result in action within onehour. 70% of online searches result in action in one month.
  16. 16. Mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users in 2014.
  17. 17. SMS has 8x theresponse rate of email.90% of messagesare read within 3 minutes.
  18. 18. URGENT NOWSynopsis:Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and manyother banks have implemented mobilebanking, including SMS alerts, to drawattention to key account activity such as thebouncing of a check or large deposits.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  19. 19. URGENT NOWSynopsis:For the first time in over 10 yearsof their presenting sponsorship,Coca-Cola activated itssponsorship of the Essence MusicFestivals “Main Stage Moments”with mobile.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  20. 20. URGENT NOWSynopsis:Charmin crowdsources recommendations frombrand enthusiasts for public restrooms around theworld.  Charmin recognized a universal need, andchose to sponsor an early-to-market app thattackled the awkward but necessary process offinding a clean bathroom on the go.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Catalog Memory Always On
  21. 21. URGENT NOWSynopsis:The BAND-AID® Brand Magic Vision Appfeaturing Disney’s The Muppets uses augmentedreality (AR) technology to provide parents with anunprecedented ability to entertain their kids duringthe traumatic moment of getting hurt. Whethersinging along to Kermit the Frog’s serenade,striking a pose with Miss Piggy or aiding TheGreat Gonzo on his daring act of lunacy, the ARapp is designed to entertain and make Muppetsfans forget about their boo-boos.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  22. 22. P&G “Thank You Mom” Campaign
  23. 23. URGENT NOWSynopsis:The P&G app, “Proud Sponsor ofMoms” gives users the opportunity tothank their mom in a big way.Users scanned the P&G-IOCworldwide partner logo, write amessage for their mom and share theirmessage with the world.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  24. 24. URGENT NOWSynopsis:General Motors has filed for a patent wherehighway billboards are designed to show adsthat are relevant to the driver using datacollected from their OnStar in-vehicle system.GM and OnStar have specified that thebillboards would only collect informationregarding the destination inputted by the driver.The data is anonymous and is immediatelydeleted afterward from the ad server.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  25. 25. BORED NOW Instant Gratification Always OnIdentify downtime or “tween time” withinconsumer routines and develop experiencesto engage users. Accidental Discovery
  26. 26. On average a personspends an estimated 45to 62 minutes waiting every day. Nearly 60% ofsmartphone owners use their phones while waiting in line.
  27. 27. BORED NOWSynopsis:Six Flags partnered with Ask.com to provide arelevant experience to users at park locations.Based on a user’s location, the Ask.com appwill launch a “Skip the Line” game where guestscan earn points and win a move to the front ofthe line if they answer trivia questions correctly.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  28. 28. BORED NOWSynopsis:Gap’s recent location-based ad campaigntied physical ads to virtual ones, combiningtraditional transit ads with geo-fencing technology.From 2/20 to 3/6, bus stops and other publictransportation in New York, San Francisco andChicago were equipped with standard poster adsand geo-fences around the ads, which activatedads within Words with Friends which served upcoupons within the game.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  29. 29. BORED NOWSynopsis:P&G partnered with Walmart this summer in a month-long marketing effort in New York to promote online andmobile shopping and free delivery from Walmart with afood truck type of mobile initiative.Passersby scanned QR codes and bought P&Gproducts instantly.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On Accidental Discovery
  30. 30. BORED NOWSynopsis:P&G’s, UK-focused, BeautyRecommended app integrates beauty tipswith P&G product recommendations and isintegrated with Facebook and Twitter.It also featured three interactive, virtualtours of London called “Beauty Spots.” Theapp was timed to coincide with the swarmof visitors to London for the Olympics.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On Accidental Discovery
  31. 31. 38% of cell phone owners(not just smartphone) used their phones “to keepthemselves occupied during commercials or breaks in something they were watching.”
  32. 32. 62% of participants want advertisers to make iteasier to purchaseproducts seen on TV.
  33. 33. BORED NOWSynopsis:“Watch With eBay” allows users to exploremerchandise related to television programming,sporting events or movies by bringing up the eBay app.This new feature supports the growing trend toward“couch commerce,” a term being coined by the pressthat represents the considerable number of purchaseswe make while relaxing and watching television withour mobile devices in hand.Participant Trends: Informed Instant Gratification Consumerism Always On
  34. 34. BORED NOW
  35. 35. REPETITIVE NOW Instant Gratification Catalog MemoryDevelop a strong value proposition bynarrowing in on actions that users take on anongoing basis and make it easy for users to Always Onrepeat these tasks.
  36. 36. In just a year, the average number of appsper smartphone has jumped 28%, from 32 apps to 41...
  37. 37. ... And time spent on apps versus mobile Web has increased 10%.
  38. 38. Value exchange is critical to driving repeat usage.
  39. 39. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:With the Starbucks App for iPhone and Android,you can check your balance, reload your cardwith any major credit card, view yourtransactions and conveniently track your Starsin the My Starbucks Rewards program onyour iPhone, iPod Touch or Android. Just scanand go!Starbucks reports the total number of mobiletransactions today is close over 60 million — orclose to 25% of transactions.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  40. 40. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:Neiman Marcus has developed a location-awareiPhone app called NM Service that adds aheightened level of personalization to in-storeshopping:• Set preferences to automatically alert sales associates when in store, or “check-in” when ready for assistance• Provide staff with instant access to shopping history and Facebook profile image.• Allow shoppers to see which sales associates are in-store and message and/or make appointments with an associate of their choice Participant Trends:• Scan QR codes to unlock product information Instant Always On and trends and mark favorite products -- helping Gratification associates make smarter product recommendations.
  41. 41. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:Give customers simple information on howto solve life’s messy problems — that’swhat P&G’s Tide “Stain Brain” app does.Blot or soak? Cold water or hot? The appoffers solutions to 85 stain types with on-the-go tips and washing instructions. Userscan also ask questions and get advicefrom fellow stain-fighters.Participant Trends: Instant Catalog Memory Gratification Always On
  42. 42. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:Getting little kids to brush their teeth well canbe tough. This app strives to make brushingmore fun so that kids want to do it longer. Acustomizable character gets your childrenready to brush and reminds them when toswitch to each area of the mouth. A timercounts down for two minutes while a catchysong plays. Two minutes is the key — that’show long dentists recommend for the bestresults.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  43. 43. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:Canada-based Hospital for Sick Children hascreated the Pain Squad application, whichhelps motivate patients who often suffer deepemotional trauma to keep track of theirsymptoms and condition. The app gamifiesthe process of tracking the physical andemotional well-being of young people withcancer.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  44. 44. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:Ford Motor Company and State Farm Insurancepartnered to implement a system where adriver’s behavior on the road determines theamount they pay for insurance, based on dataabout how often an individual drives, how fastthey go, and their average driving distance.The collaboration is made possible throughFord’s current dashboard platform, the SYNCapp, which records pertinent driving data andcommunicates it with the correspondingsmartphone application.Ford estimates that people who drive the Participant Trends:national average of 1,000 miles per month cansave 10% on insurance premiums, and a low- Instant Gratification Always Onmileage driver could save up to 40%.
  45. 45. Identify and fulfill “in the moment” need states.
  47. 47. Ordinary MemorableMoment Experience
  48. 48. Ordinary MemorableMoment Experience
  49. 49. Jump the fence!Innovating the Organization:
  50. 50. Q&A
  51. 51. THANK YOU!@carlapaschke @dustingaris
  52. 52. URGENT NOWSynopsis:A nearly 1,000-year-old town in Wales is beingtransformed into the world’s first Wikipediatown. QR codes are posted around the townof Monmouth to connect physical locationswith Web pages. A quarter of a millionWikipedia pages are estimated to be producedby this project. This easily accessibleinformation enables tourists to learn facts andinsights about the town.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On Informed Consumerism Catalog Memory
  53. 53. URGENT NOWSynopsis:Soon, you might simply be able to walkstraight out of supermarkets with a trolleyfull of groceries. Select retailers inGermany and Australia are exploringleveraging RFID tags printed onto items,and the trolley’s contents would betransmitted into the system. Using creditcards synced to mobile devices, thetransaction would then immediately becharged to the linked account.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  54. 54. BORED NOWSynopsis:For the past eight years, Chilis Grilland Bar Restaurant has held anannual fundraising campaign forchildhood cancer. In 2011, theyincorporated QR codes into theircampaign, resulting in 291,000 scansand more than $5 million indonations raised for St. JudeChildrens Research Hospital.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On
  55. 55. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:The LG Smart Refrigerator has Frenchdoors and an LCD panel that gives youaccess to online shopping, a grocery list,calendars and photos. You can scan yourgroceries into the system to track themas they get old and moldy.All of this fun stuff hooks up with yoursmartphone so you can get menusuggestions, check expiration dates, andsee if youre running low on Cheez Whiz.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On Catalog Memory
  56. 56. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:P&G Beauty Mentor is a voice-activated,personal consultant that tailors beautyrecommendations to meet an individualsneeds. Users can complete consultationsby answering questions about their skinand hair type, concerns and desiredresults. Once the consultation iscomplete, results reveal customizedrecommendations for P&G products.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On Catalog Memory
  57. 57. REPETITIVE NOWSynopsis:Walgreens launched an SMS remindersystem for prescription refills. The freeservice reminds patients aboutmedications due for a refill and makes iteasy for them to replenish their meds:Patients need only reply “refill” to thereminder text.Walgreens also has a smartphone app,Refill by Scan, that (fittingly) refillsapplications by scanning the bottle’sbarcode.Participant Trends: Instant Gratification Always On