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Content Curation Presentation


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How to high conversion content without a single thought.

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Content Curation Presentation

  1. 1. Adam Japko
  2. 2. Curation Webinar Agenda • Definition • Tools • Process • Purpose and Value • Social and Audience Development Advantages
  3. 3. Content Curation • Process of sorting through vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way- e.g. Google alerts for self curation, for audience aggregation • Museum curators do the same: Identify theme, provide context, decide which paintings to hang, how to annotate and display for public Beth’s Blog
  4. 4. Increasing Adoption Rate for 3 Main Reasons
  5. 5. • save you time by aggregating, curating and delivering the top stories on your topics of interest • Aggregates Facebook, Twitter and blogs • Delivers content via web app, e-mail, etc. • Provides personal search engine Read more at
  6. 6. • • Create your own stories – Curate social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web with a coherent narrative • Curation ease– Drag and drop status updates, photos or videos to bring together the social media elements that will best illustrate your story • Add voice and narrative to the the elements you have curated • Embed code for publishing your stories on blogs and websites Read more at tools/#WjD5lafMD29ypwEd.99
  7. 7. • -visual and collaborative library • Collect –web pages, photos and notes and turn into ―pearls‖ • Organize – categories into ―Pearltrees‖ that can be synchronized across devices • Discover – content already organized by people with similar interests and collaborate • Share – what you have created in your library Read more at
  8. 8. • is about creating a news feed based on your interests. It’s along the lines of the retired Google Reader and Flipboard • It finds the things you like on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and serves them up to you Read more at
  9. 9. • delivers highly relevant recommendations based on rich contextual analysis of information and user preferences • Makes discoveries inside a growing source library of blogs, journals, magazines, and newspapers • Customize Trapit for your own content needs
  10. 10. Process & Purpose Before Tools
  11. 11. Wide Range of Content Curation -curation-overview-benefits-goals-and-tools/
  12. 12. Relevance • Are you selecting topics based on your market’s informational needs? • Myopia — putting your interests ahead of your market’s informational needs — is something all content marketers have to be constantly aware of. • Preparing and updating your buyer personas is the best way to avoid wasting your time curating content on topics your market doesn’t care about. Content Marketing Institute
  13. 13. Adding Value • Are you integrating your own content that summarizes key ideas and lessons? – Enhance value of the content by adding your own perspective to original content. Highlight and summarizing the most important ideas and providing examples of how your market can put the ideas to work. • Add value and provide a deeper content experience by cross-referencing curated topics to other online resources or perspectives. What do other experts on the topic have to say? Content Marketing Institute
  14. 14. Search Engines &Curated Content? • Rank Along The Value-Add Scale – Simple Aggregation; i.e site widgets, rss feeds, twitter feeds – Curated content integrated into original content – All original content- yes, it’s still curation Source: Matt Cutts-Google
  15. 15. Matt Cutts- Google Webspam Team
  16. 16. Source Ideas & Improve Social Content
  17. 17. Controversy
  18. 18. Human Reaction to Compliment logical-subtleties/the-anatomy-of-a- compliment-and-art-of-giving-one/
  19. 19. Writers Return Acknowledgements
  20. 20. Inbound Links
  21. 21. Social Sharing
  22. 22. Social Sharing
  23. 23. Summary: Content Curation • Definite Context For Target Audience • Borrowing and Sharing work • Add Value • Thought Leadership, Visibility, & Buzz • Enhances Social Feeds • Saves Time • Idea Sourcing • Social Multiplication • Inbound Links • SEO
  24. 24. This Entire Presentation is by: Adam Japko
  25. 25. 29 @adamjapko Adam Japko Adam Japko