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  • Let’s talk about disintermediation, media convergence, and the fact that there are over 1 mil books self published every year. Mediadistribution has been fundamentally transformed by the Internet.
  • What social media isn’t is a magic bullet. You’re probably not going to go viral without a lot of hardwork
  • Facebook – Need I go into the billion users schpeil?Twitter – Increasingly important for authors. A network and a giant rss feed. Reporters and bloggers monitor TwitterLinkedIn – The social network for business, increasingly more content centric. Use this for networking!Google+ - This is Google….YouTube – Video is important for all kinds of reasons, it’s a traffic and SEO driverPhotos – Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, etc. Same reasons as video
  • People who have Twitter connected to their Kindle account will also sometimes tweet that they are reading your book or just finished reading it. Nesvig suggests following up with these people and asking what they thought of the book
  • 175 million members
  • Don’t exhaust your network!
  • Content dissemination and engagement
  • Social media for authors

    1. 1. Hi! I’m David
    2. 2. Social Media for Authors SWIM OR DROWN! “Even when you do have the support of a publisher, their marketing efforts will likely be limited.” - Mashable
    3. 3. What Social Media Can Do Increase traffic to a website Learn about and engage your audience Improve search engine rankings Acquire subscribers Make it so readers, bloggers, reporters, agents, and others find you and know! Promote events Generate sales
    4. 4. What You Should Do Take a Programmatic Approach1. Listen & monitor2. Curate content3. Engage4. Measure5. Rinse and Repeat
    5. 5. What You Should Do: Networks
    6. 6. Content, Content, and Content You guys are content creators! Clips and excerpts Free chapters All events How to/advice Images and video Your creative process Content curation w/Google Reader & a dashboard
    7. 7. What You Should Do: Blog! Your Blog: Your Social Media Platform Wordpress! Optimize your blog for Social Media
    8. 8. What You Should Do: Blog! RSS, email sign-up, social media buttons Disqus comment system Twitter feed and Twitter address in sidebar Display articles meta data (author name, posted date) – Display author names with a link to author’s bio
    9. 9. What You Should Do: Blog! Author bio page/section w/ social media buttons and recent posts links Display articles social proof (# shares, comments, votes) All-in-one-SEO plugin or Yoast Display "categories" and/or "tags" near share buttons Display comment section immediately after share/vote buttons on bottom and Display a dynamic list of "Twitter Reactions"
    10. 10. What You Should Do: Blog!
    11. 11. What You Should Do: BeSocial!The objective is to get other people totalk about your book!Don’t exhaust your personal network!
    12. 12. Social Media 101Rough Content Ratio Suggestion: Useful information and interesting articles 25% Reposts, Reshares, Retweets 25% Replies and comments 25% Questions 10% Shameless promotion 15%
    13. 13. Facebook Pace yourself, don’t post too often Use the content guidelines we discussed Post images and videos whenever possible Instagram & Foursquare > Facebook! Make a Fan Page or Group, list all of your events on the Fan Page Consider Facebook Ads, mind the metrics!
    14. 14. Facebook
    15. 15. Instagram & Facebook
    16. 16. What You Should Do: Twitter Twitter Basics - If you’re new, start here: basics Twitter is much more frenetic than Facebook It’s a giant RSS feed and a social network Tweet early and often
    17. 17. What You Should Do: TwitterAnatomy of a Tweet Twitter HandleRe-Tweet Hashtag Shortened URL
    18. 18. What You Should Do: Twitter Twitter searches Hashtags Lists URL shortening with All in one Twitter tools: Hootsuite and Tweet Deck
    19. 19. What You Should Do: Hootsuite Set up streams for  Hashtags & searches  Lists Automatic URL shortening Schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Groups, and more!
    20. 20. What You Should Do: LinkedInOptimize your profile: Robust descriptions with keywords A great picture Customized website links Customized LinkedIn URL
    21. 21. What You Should Do: LinkedIn
    22. 22. What You Should Do: LinkedIn Connect with people (be strategic, use searches) Join Groups Start a Group Connect with people from groups Post content Share, like, and reply Use social media 101 guidelines!
    23. 23. Quick, Free Social Media Tools ForEvents The Internet Society – List on Eventbrite Have everybody post the Eventbrite link on all of their social media profiles Email entire list on MailChimp from Eventbrite Create Facebook event Post Event on LinkedIn Group Target a few influencers to post the event Tweet the event
    24. 24. Quick, Free Social Media Tools ForEvents
    25. 25. Secret Sauce Social networks for authors    
    26. 26. Secret Sauce The Goal is to get other people to talk about your book! Be humble and give others access to you as an author Do a virtual launch to drive sales  G+ hangouts  UStream/LiveStream  Promise the first hundred books will be signed. Go on a guest blogging tour. Write posts on as many blogs as you can Get as many reviews by bloggers and influencers as you can. Give away >100 copies to bloggers Have contests. I.e. the best 5 answers get a free book. Make everyone you give a book to take a photo with the book, and post to instagram > facebook. Get as many speaking engagements and readings as possible and sell books there.
    27. 27. The Life of a Blog PostDisseminated You write an absorbing, useful, keyword packed blog post, with pictures and links Post to your Facebook profile and your Facebook page Post to your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Groups Download as PDF with plugin, post to Scribd Share pictures on Pinterest with link to your blog post Tweet about 3 times (you have to change a letter…) Respond to all comments on the
    28. 28. Further ReadingRecent changes to Facebook Edgerank are screwing up Page visibility: defeating-edgerank-for-facebook-page-owners/ ess_social_money_grab?taxonomyId=236&pageNumber=2 on-brand-page-posts/LinkedIn Changes: 144502Social Media for Authors: authors_b_1745168.html
    29. 29. Tools Hootsuite & Hootsuite Analytics TweetDeck Google Analytics Facebook Insights Nimble Social Mention Tweetreach
    30. 30. The Ultimate Resource David Vyorst @dvyo This Deck Online