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  • Personal Accounts vs. Professional Accounts
  • Amit Gupta has until the end of November to find a life-saving bone marrow donor, and his friends are willing to pay. The campaign, called Amit Gupta Needs You, was started by Gupta himself and his social-media-savvy friends. Their plea for marrow has swept across the web via Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, gathering hundreds of new potential marrow donors along the way.Some news stories have said that Gupta, who has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, has a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding a perfect match because he is of South Asian descent. While the odds aren’t quite so dire, according to the National Marrow Donor Program, only 1.8 percent of the marrow registry is South Asian.
  • 7000 Tweets and Facebook posts and over 100 bone marrow drivesFinding a needle in a haystack and also creating social change: awareness, more bone marrow registrants.
  • The debut of Pope Francis was recorded for posterity by the thousands of iWitnesses packing St. Peter’s Square.But eight years earlier, there was nary a cell phone camera in the crowd when Pope Benedict assumed the papal throne, a series of remarkable then-and-now photos reveal.The only one visible in Benedict’s crowd is a flip-type phone — a dinosaur compared to the iPhones and the other smart phones used the world over these days.Read more: : obamavshllary to get democratic nominations.Twitter was around in 2006 but didn’t gain widesspread popularity until much laterCutting through the noise—choosing the right platforms
  • SHIFT TO THIS WHEN YOU SSAY SKEPTICAL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLSWE are In a rapidly changing tech landscapeFacebook says it now has 1.11 billion people using the site each month, slightly more than the 1.06 billion reported three months earlier. It represents a 23 percent growth from a year earlier.
  • 200 million active users
  • With the growing number of international, self-described (both non-for-profit and for-profit) organizations such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Wikileaks and more, much of the information provided is now often opinionated and biased, nonetheless, truthful. Ultimately, public information supplied by social networking websites has played an important role during modern-day activism, specifically as it pertains to the Arab Spring. In Arab countries, many activists who played crucial roles in the Arab Spring used social networking as a key tool in expressing their thoughts concerning unjust acts committed by the government.Being capable of sharing an immense amount of uncensored and accurate information throughout social networking sites has contributed to the cause of many Arab Spring activists. Through social networking sites, Arab Spring activists have not only gained the power to overthrow powerful dictatorship, but also helped Arab civilians become aware of the underground communities that exist and are made up of their brothers, and others willing to listen to their stories.Social networks have broken the psychological barrier of fear by helping many to connect and share information. It has given most people in the Arab world the knowledge that they are not alone, that there are others experiencing just as much brutality, just as much hardships, just as much lack of justice. Social networks "for the first time provided activists with an opportunity to quickly disseminate information while bypassing government restrictions," Hussein Amin, professor of mass communications at the American University in Cairo said.It is important to understand that new platforms of social media didn’t cause Arab Spring but played a role of communication that aids the revolutions in the long run.TWITTER IS ONE OF MANY POWERFUL PLATFORMS THAT CONNECT PEOPLE AND ALLOW THEM TO SHARE INFORMATION.
  • More than 1.5 million pieces of content are are shared on Facbeook DAILYFastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 years old.Facebook says it now has 1.11 billion people using the site each month, slightly more than the 1.06 billion reported three months earlier. It represents a 23 percent growth from a year earlier.
  • This is a graphic someone made to represent “social media” online. Of course, these are just platforms, and they’re going to continue to proliferate. What social media is about , of course, is connecting and communicating.This can be overwhelming---
  • But it doesn’t have to be. So I hope one of the things you get out of this presentation is how to tame the ‘social media beast…”
  • The company announced on Thursday — in a tweet, one of the 140-character messages that are the backbone of the service — that it had filed paperwork with regulators to eventually sell shares in an initial public offering. However, it had filed the first documents months earlier under a special provision of securities law that allows a company with less than $1 billion in annual revenue to keep its financial data secret until it begins actively marketing its stock to investors.Twitter is expected to post around $600 million in revenue this year and close to $1 billion next year, according to internal projections and estimates by the research firm eMarketer. While it is unclear how much money Twitter will seek in its offering, the amount is certain to be in the billions of dollars.
  • 554,750,000 million twitter users
  • I always say the easy part is signing up—hard part is maintaining it.LIKE A GyM MEMBERSHIP.
  • Hashtags are now on facebook,instagram, etc
  • Buffer hootsuitePockettweetbot
  • Show Klout and twitter lists
  • The twitter website is not where most people consumer Twitter.
  • Much like google, there is an algorithm and uses factors like how many friends commented on a story to bring something to the top
  • Facebook pre-populates content with post metatdata—but you can change it—show example.Understand the Platform Facebook EdgeRankDid you know that not all your fans see your posts?Actually probably less than 16% of your fans see your Page posts! Edgerank determines what posts appear on a Facebook user’s newsfeed. Facebook EdgeRank formula includes:Affinity: Measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score.Weight: Different types of posts carry different weights (photos, videos, status updates, links, etc.). The higher the weight, the higher the score.Time Decay: As a post ages it continually loses value.
  • 8am, 6pm or weekends and 1 update every 2nd day—what one source says—figure out what works best
  • Goo
  • Advantages to google plus over FBThis is the question that has been on everyone’s mind for several years now. As a business owner, it is still a good idea to have a strong presence in both of these social networks, but for the sake of comparison, we will look at some of the pros and cons of the two social media giants.The Benefits of FacebookStronger Reach CapabilitiesGoogle Plus is rising in terms of number of users and is now the world’s second largest social media network. However, it still pales in comparison to Facebook in terms of total users and user interaction. Facebook has just been around for longer and has cemented a large number of users into its network.Better AppsSimilarly, Facebook has a staggering amount of third-party apps, with many of them (like Zynga) becoming multi-million dollar companies just off of app sales.More Effective PromotionsNote that this talks about promotions on the actual site itself. Facebook allows for very easy creation of business promotions like sweepstakes, photo contests, and so on. In fact, Wishpond has an incredible suite of tools and analytics to get you started on any Facebook or Twitter promotions your company may be interested in. Google Plus, on the other hand, still does not allow contests on brand and business pages.The Benefits of Google PlusPinpoint Targeting CapabilitiesGoogle Plus Circles allows companies to isolate and separately target different followers based on their interests. By having clear-cut categorizations, this makes the targeting and distribution of information and promotional materials to market segments incredibly easy.Complex AnalyticsWith Google Plus Ripples and the ability to use Google Analytics on Brand Pages, Google Plus has pulled ahead of Facebook in terms of analytics. For more information about Google Analytics, check out the official Google page here.Google Plus, the King of Search Engine OptimizationSince Google owns Google Plus, anything shared through Google Plus will be much more optimized in search rankings. The +1 feature is also known to carry more weight than Facebook’s “Like” button when it comes to determining popular and trustworthy content. For more information, we’ve written an article that provides more information about the Search Engine Optimization capabilities of Google Plus.Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services?
  • Must sign into Google + and then create a channelCreation of youtube one channel
  • Goo
  • Interactive online resume. Your resume on steroidsAmazing networking toolShow amsterdam search
  • Remember when no one was on linked in??’Now it has over 200million members
  • 1. Basic DifferencesThe main difference I should start with is tightly connected to how the two networks are different in styles and purposes. LinkedIn connects experts and businesses while Facebook is for personal connections.This takes us to a few basic differences you will notice:LinkedIn discussions are generally more focused and, well, business-like;LinkedIn members are more thorough and willing to discuss business opportunities.Besides that (and here’s where LinkedIn wins), there is only one networking feature of this type  within LinkedIn and plenty of them at Facebook (community pages, business pages, groups, etc). This makes LinkedIn much clearer and clutter-free.. Privacy Options, Moderation and Managing SettingsWinner: LinkedIn Both the networks have varied privacy settings for their group functionality.Facebook group can be set to bePublic (any Facebook member can join)Private (any Facebook member can join after one of the administrators approves him)Secret (the administrators should invite people to join and only members can view photos and discussion boards.)Additionally, being a group administrator at Facebook will let you set who can share what at the group wall:A LinkedIn Group administrator can set if the group can be joined by anyone or by those who get approved. Besides, you can set if you want the group to be included into the LinkedIn group search engine.Like on Facebook, you can set if you want only admins and moderators to share anything within the group but those settings are less flexible.Facebook Group LinkedIn Group Group Privacy Types Public, Private, Secret Public and Private (and / or excluded from LinkedIn search) Members’ sharing options You can set who shares what Yes/No (they either can share anything or cannot at all)Why I think LinkedIn is still a winner here is the variety of its moderation options. The newly-added LinkedIn feature set  also allows for some cool handy moderation and management tools (some of them are still being developed though):Managers and moderators can delete inappropriate posts right from their email box using the new option “Send me an email for each new discussion” in More > My Settings.Managers and moderators can delete inappropriate comments right from their email box by clicking “Delete” within any followed-discussion email alert.Members can flag items as inappropriate;The moderation queue allows group managers to decide how many member flags can delete a thread or a comment.Very-low-connection users can be flagged as such in groups’ request-to-join queues.
  • Goo
  • Goo
  • Instagram Reaches 100 Million UsersWhen blue monster Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in April 2013, Instagram had “only” 30 million users.- See more at:
  • Pinterest captured many people’s imagination shortly after it launched. The online “pinboard” social media platform has had significant impact on web design (even seeming to have influenced the  new Google+ design)It currently sits at 70 Million users.Here are some other Pinterest factsConducive to visual
  • "I thought to myself how remarkable it was to have an image of what was clearly one of the best moments of Steven's life," Deitsch said. "I wondered: How many others have a similar image? So I took to Twitter and asked," he said. He credited @Sports_Casters, one of Bennett's accounts, for the idea in his tweet.And just like that, the heart of the Internet broke wide open."I could never have expected what came next," he said.Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) has more than 84,000 followers on Twitter. He is a writer and reporter for Sports Illustrated and adjunct professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. He considers himself well-versed on the power of social media. By comparison, @Sports_Casters is a tiny account with only 676 followers. But as people began responding to Deitsch with their birth, reunion and marriage proposal photos, they were also sharing them with @Sports_Casters. Both were humbled and grateful for the opportunity to showcase the best of humanity.
  • Social Media Medical

    1. 1. UNITED NATIONS MEDICAL DIRECTORS’ WORKING GROUP Michele Hoos Assistant Director, Digital Strategy Columbia University Medical Center @ColumbiaMed SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING
    2. 2. Agenda • Social Media Overview • Twitter and Facebook 101 • BREAK • Google+, LinkedIN, Other Platforms • Social Media Success
    3. 3. Social Media – How Will You Use It? Community. Connection. Research. News. Feedback. Social change. Awareness. Empowerment. Entertainment. ___________? ___________?
    4. 4. Seth Godin’s Blog: October 7, 2011
    6. 6. Basics, Caveats, Tips TWITTER 101
    7. 7. • You have 140 characters to answer the question ―What are you doing?‖ (Though people using Twitter well do not use it to answer that question most of the time.) WHAT IS A TWEET
    8. 8. Health Promotion
    9. 9. Your username can contain up to 15 characters. Your real name can be 20 characters long.
    10. 10. Profile Page Tips • Aim for a short username • A good headshot works best for a profile picture. For an organization, make sure logo or piece of logo is cropped to a square. • Bio can be 160 characters. Use keywords if you want to be found for an area of expertise, ―i.e. Travel Medicine.‖ • You can personalize your Twitter background (but try to keep it clean).
    11. 11. SIGNING UP
    12. 12. Tweets by people/orga nizations you are following. THE TIMELINE
    13. 13. Anytime someone writes a Tweet with your @Username , you are notified. To get someone’s attention, you mention their MENTIONS
    14. 14. BASIC TWEET
    15. 15. THE RETWEET The ―Old Style‖ retweet uses ―RT.‖
    16. 16. THE RETWEET
    17. 17. The ―New Style ‖ RT.
    18. 18. The period means you can start a Tweet with a ―Mention‖ and everyone will see it.
    19. 19. VIA
    20. 20. H/T HAT TIP
    21. 21. CC
    22. 22. Direct Messaging
    23. 23. HASHTAG
    24. 24.
    25. 25. QUESTIONS?
    26. 26. Basics, Caveats, Tips FACEBOOK 101
    27. 27. Profiles
    28. 28. When Creating an Account  Facebook provides tools to find people you know  Register your username (can only change it once).
    29. 29. Customizing the Feed Top stories vs. Recent Stories Hiding Posts Privacy Settings
    30. 30. Friend Lists
    31. 31. Block Apps
    32. 32. Status Tagging/Hashtags
    33. 33. News Feed
    34. 34. News Feed
    37. 37. Commenting Policy
    39. 39. Link Posts: Photos Just Got Bigger
    40. 40. GROUPS • Stay connected • Post photos and updates • Create events • Invite-only • Customize notifications • Creator serves as moderator • Not indexed by Google • Ability to email updates • Possible to keep
    41. 41. Posting o Posts less than three lines see the most likes.
    42. 42. Scheduling Posts
    43. 43. QUESTIONS?
    44. 44. Basics, Caveats, Tips GOOGLE+
    45. 45. Basics  Sees over 1 billion new shared and received items each day  Allows for filtering of contacts with ―circles.‖  Now integrated with Youtube  Public and private sharing  Target specific audiences with ―Circles.‖  Easy to toggle between public and private view of profile.
    46. 46. Hangouts
    47. 47. Youtube/Google + Integration
    48. 48. Basics, Caveats, Tips LINKED IN
    49. 49. LINKED IN GROUPS
    53. 53. Social Photography: Instagram 100 million users. Facebook acquired Instagram for $1Billion in April 2013.
    54. 54. Social Video: Vine  40 million users
    55. 55. Social ―Pinning‖
    56. 56. SREE’S SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS FORMULA SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS FORMULA: Make sure every one of your tweets, FB postings, etc, has at least one of these attributes (it you can do more, even better; if you can do seven or more in a single posting, let me know and I’ll tell the world!)… helpful useful informative relevant practical actionable timely generous credible brief entertaining fun occasionally funny
    57. 57. The New York Times Question Would I be OK if my Tweet/Facebook Post/Instagram Photo/etc. were published to the NYTimes?
    58. 58. CONTENT STRATEGY • Determine your goals • What will the tone be? • What content will you share? • Quality is better than quantity. • Choose the platforms that suit your needs— you don’t have to be on every platform! • Do not post the same content automatically to multiple sites.
    59. 59. Social Media Policies As a general rule, Microsoft does not review, edit, censor, or, obviously, endorse individual posts. You should ―be smart‖ and, as an employee of the company, you should not only think about how your blog reflects on you as an individual, but also about how your blog affects Microsoft as a whole. How would it look on Slashdot or on the front page of the New York Times?
    60. 60. How often to post? …says Dan Zarrella of Facebook, but there’s no right answer except to post consistently.
    61. 61. Consider Optimum Times Caveat: If you have a global following, thi s may be a moot point!
    62. 62. Caveat: Scheduling  ―First, media outlets need to turn off their automated Twitter feeds to ensure that frivolous and/or off-topic items don’t get sent out by mistake. You don’t want to be tweeting about the tax benefits of the state of Texas while limbs are being amputated in Boston if you’re @GovPerry, or—ahem—the latest ―Dear Prudence‖ column if you’re @Slate.‖—Jeremy Stahl, writing for SLATE.
    63. 63. You Don’t Have to Log on to Every Platform to Get Updates…
    64. 64. The power of one tweet…
    65. 65. Michele Hoos @michelehoos/@columbiamed