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As we get ready to end 2012, we look back at some of the IT trends that rocked the nonprofit world, everything from the cloud, multiple types of devices, new operating systems, and more. What should you look out for in 2013?

Johan Hammerstrom, Vice President of Client Services, looked back at 2012 and discuss some recent IT trends and innovations. He also looked ahead to 2013 and outlined some possible trends that could have a significant impact on nonprofits.

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Community IT Innovators - IT Trends for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Community IT Innovators Webinar Series IT Trends for Nonprofits Presenter: Johan Hammerstrom November 15, 2012
  2. 2. Webinar Tips• Ask questions Post questions via chat f• Interact Respond to polls during webinar ff• Focus Avoid multitasking. You may just miss the best part of the presentation : )
  3. 3. About Community IT InnovatorsCommunity IT Innovators partners with nonprofits to help them solve theirstrategic & day-to-day IT challenges.• Strategic – Proactive approach so you can make IT decisions that support your mission and grow with you• Collaborative – Team of over 40 staff who empower you to make informed IT choices• Invested – We are committed to supporting your mission, and take care of your IT network as if it were our own• Nonprofit focus - Worked with over 900 nonprofits since 1993
  4. 4. About the Presenterg Johan Hammerstrom Vice President of Client Services Community IT Innovators 202-449-6710 @johanCITI
  5. 5. Agenda• Dramatic Changes• Office 365• Google Apps• Windows 8• BYOD• Looking ahead
  6. 6. Dramatic ChangesHow data is stored… …how data is accessed
  7. 7. Microsoft Paradigm
  8. 8. Dramatic ChangesHow data is stored… …how data is accessed
  9. 9. Evolution of Internet • Dial-up • DSL • Cable • Ethernet over Cu • Fiber • Broadband – 4G
  10. 10. Cloud Diagram
  11. 11. Office 365 Lessons LearnedThe Good The not so good• Non-profit pricing is • Single Sign on is excessively available complex• Real support included in “E” • Requires migration from series packages Public Folders• Resource mailboxes not • Need to apply for non-profit charged discount• Provides familiar Outlook / OWA experience• Good Offline Access
  12. 12. Google Apps Lessons LearnedThe Good Not so great• Embrace the browser • Approval can seem like a• Appealing to staff black hole• Easy single sign-on • Calendaring is much weaker• Great training resources than Outlook• 2 Factor Authentication • Folders to Labels migration is a mess• Low cost • Basic Offline access
  13. 13. Cloud Showdown: Office 365 vs. Google AppsOct. 18 webinarPresenter: Matthew Eshleman,Director of Professional ServicesWebinar slides: recording:
  14. 14. Dramatic ChangesHow data is stored… …how data is accessed
  15. 15. Evolution of Devices • Workstation • Laptop • Smartphone • Tablet • …Phablet? • …Tabtop?
  16. 16. Windows 8
  17. 17. BYOD• Consumerization• Everyone is behind• Risks vs Benefits• Develop a policy
  18. 18. Looking Ahead • Windows 8 adoption • File Server in the Cloud • Whither the domain • Broadband Internet
  19. 19. Johan Hammerstrom Vice President of Client Services Community IT Innovators @johanCITIQ&A?
  20. 20. Upcoming Webinar Dec. 6Windows 8 Tour: Dive into New Apps, Features f d Presenter: David Dawson Senior Systems Engineer Community IT Innovators d
  21. 21. Next Steps• Connect with us - Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook.• Provide feedback – Short survey after you exit the webinar. Be sure to include any questions that were not answered.• Missed anything? – Link to slides & recording will be emailed to you.