Do You Feel Technology Is a Source of Frustration or Creativity for your Organization?


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This webinar will demonstrate how a small charity (a few staff and hundreds of volunteers) are able to be hyper-productive using and Google Apps.

Presenter: Amanda Grainger-Munday, Manager of Communications/Social Media | Framework Foundation

Watch and learn how The Framework Foundation has been able to increase their productivity through their Cloud Computing Strategy using tools like and Google Apps. The results include a better focus on mission, collaboration with like-minded organizations, improved fundraising and increased volunteer management capabilities.

Attendees Will Walk Away With:
• Project Management – ideas on how your team can collaborates on social media projects
• Knowledge Management – ideas on how your team can stay on top of technology trends
• Fundraising Management – ideas on how your team can collaborate on Fundraising
• Board Management – ideas on how we organize information for your board
• Volunteer Management – ideas on to track volunteer time and participation

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Do You Feel Technology Is a Source of Frustration or Creativity for your Organization?

  1. 1. Do You Feel Technology Is a Sourceof Frustration or Creativity for your Organization? December 8, 2010
  2. 2. Reminders You can hear us, but we can’t hear youType questions in the Questions Log Presentation slides will be available on Slideshare Turn up your volume For the best webinar experience, close all other applications.
  3. 3. CanadaHelps.orgWhat is CanadaHelps? A public charitable foundation that provides accessible and affordable online technology to both donors and charities.For Charities A cost-effective means of raising funds online.For Donors A one-stop-shop for giving. CanadaHelps is a charity helping charities.
  4. 4. Today’s Presenter Amanda Grainger-MundayManager of Communications/Social Media Framework Foundation
  5. 5. Do You Feel Technology Is a Sourceof Frustration or Creativity for your Organization? Practical approaches to a comprehensive IT & New Media Strategy
  6. 6. • $410,000 Investment in Artists• Over 81,000 volunteer hours• 6500 Participants• 389 Agencies• 8 Canadian Cities
  7. 7. Our Organization• Challenges o Lots of stakeholders in 8 cities o Lots of moving parts to the program – agencies, artists, art winners• Heavy investment in low-cost, highly-scalable, and integrated IT tools• 5 tools that alleviate frustration for us and our stakeholders o Google Apps: Building and Sharing a Budget o EchoSign: E-Signing a Document o Corporate Donor Development o Skype: Screen Share & Conference Calls o FTP File Sharing• Our Approach to Technology Investment and Adoption o Share openly, often
  8. 8. Framework’s Technology Strategy Create Information Once Distribute it Widely Access it Anywhere
  9. 9. Why We Love the Cloud
  10. 10. Goals When Selecting New Tools Integration (Does Google Apps Talk to Salesforce?) Openness (How will we share this openly?) Social
  11. 11. Create Information Once
  12. 12. Google Apps: Building and Sharing a Budget• Key Challenge – Frustration! o Version Control o Too much time is wasted sending documents via email o Software updates, licenses, different versions on each computer.• What Google Docs allows us to do o Share information instantly o Embed docs and spreadsheets to ANY webpage (public or private, you manage the settings) o Collaborate in real time (using Skype and IM) o No email attachment of documents!! Create Information Once
  13. 13. Pros, Cons & Cost •95% of our docs on Google Docs; 5% Microsoft Office •Requires an internet connection, not easy to do while offline •Google Apps (standard edition is free; premium is $50/user/year) Create Information Once
  14. 14. Donor Development Using• Key Challenge o Managing Revenue: Ours doubled in two years o 75+ funding partners and donors (over $500) o Goal to double funding partners and donors by 50% in 2011• What Salesforce allows us to do o 360o view of partners and donors o Ability to track stages of resource development o All key documents are combined in one place o iPhone and Blackberry compatible Create Information Once
  15. 15. Pros, Cons & Cost •Robust platform, deeply customizable •Change mgmt strategy important for data import/change •Free for NGOs: 10 licenses, deep discounts for additional seats Create Information Once
  16. 16. Managing a Timeraiser:
  17. 17. E-Signing a Document Using Echosign• Key Challenge – Frustration! o 375 contracts per year that require signatures o Administrative overload to manage files, lag time getting files back• What EchoSign allows us to do o Send documents for e-signature in minutes o Signed documents placed directly in contact record in our contact record database (Salesforce) o E-signing contracts saves us 300 hours per year o Eco-friendly option – no printing contracts necessary o Desktop Sync Create Information Once
  18. 18. Pros, Cons & Cost •Saving paper / office storage / organizational data •Each party has a signed copy in their email for future reference •$3.75 per document (@ cost of $1,500/year) Create Information Once
  19. 19. Distribute it Widely
  20. 20. Distribute it Widely
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Access it Anywhere
  23. 23. File Sharing Using Box.Net• Key Challenge – Frustration! o Currently managing 3,000 logos, photos, images, movies and other digital assets o We will be adding at minimum 1,000 files per year o Storage, sharing, uploading with lots of partners in lots of cities• What allows us to do o Access files anywhere, share with anyone (no log-in required). o Facilitates transfer of huge files (PSD files to graphic designer) o Embed folder widget for your website (for mass sharing) o Powerful analytics & HTML 5 drag and drop capabilities Access it Anywhere
  24. 24. Pros, Cons & Cost •Reduces file-sharing lag time from days to hours •No technical expertise required (or messing with FTP server) •Fully integrated with Google Apps & •Cost = $1,500/year Access it Anywhere
  25. 25. Skype for Screen Sharing• Key Challenge o We have a need for quick conference calls, but a small budget o Troubleshooting staff software issues, or artist applications (a need to see the other person’s screen).• What Skype allows us to do o Cheap, fast, low cost conference calls o Video conference calls o Screen sharing – no complicated setup Access it Anywhere
  26. 26. Pros, Cons & Cost •Free to download, easy to setup •Need a reliable internet connection •Requires video (webcam) •Free Calling (Desktop to Desktop)
  27. 27. Limited Small Resources & Organization 1. Productivity 2. Creativity= = 3. Development +
  28. 28. Do You Feel Technology Is a Source of Frustration or Creativity for your Organization?It can be both, the key is integration and openness.Integration of apps Saves TimeSmart uses of technology Saves DollarsAll staff having access Saves Productivity
  29. 29. Contact Amanda Grainger-Munday Email: Twitter: @civicfootprint The next Timeraiser is in Toronto:March 19th at the Distillery District.
  31. 31. www.mycharityconnects.orgFree online resources Next Webinar • Information about technology “Special Webinar: • Video demonstrations CanadaHelps & McMaster Survey Results - Part 1 of 2” • More webinars • Past webinar recordings JANUARY 18 2PM – 3PM • Learning opportunities (Eastern Time) • Events
  32. 32. Question and AnswerYou can hear us, butwe can’t hear youAsk questions hereAsk away!
  33. 33. Thank you for attending! Webinar slides and recording will be up on: out for resources! Questions, feedback, comments? Email us at: