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Selecting Nonprofit Software: Technology Comes Last


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Join a panel of Build Consulting experts Peter Mirus, David Deal, and Kyle Haines, for Q&A on the nonprofit software selection process and how technology decisions must come last to give your organization a greater hope of successful implementation.

Published in: Technology
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Selecting Nonprofit Software: Technology Comes Last

  1. 1. SelectingNonprofitSoftware:TechnologyComesLast An “Ask the Experts” Series Webinar
  2. 2. Interact Ask questions via chat. Focus Avoid multitasking. You may just miss the best part of the presentation! Webinar Recording and Slides Links to the recording and slides will be shared after the webinar.
  3. 3. Invested Work exclusively with nonprofit organizations; have served over 1,000. Strategic Help our clients make IT and IS decisions that support mission. Collaborative Empower you to make informed choices.
  4. 4. HowBuildleadsinthesocialgoodsector. Build Teams Build Projects Build CIO
  5. 5. Peter Mirus Partner Build Consulting Kyle Haines Partner Build Consulting David Deal Partner Build Consulting
  6. 6. Transformation is critical to your success.
  7. 7. Successful transformation involves... Leadership and Governance DataOperations Process Technology
  8. 8. AndNow…YourQuestions!
  9. 9. Question1 WeareabouttoselectanewCRM.Whatarethe toptwoorthreethingswecandotomakethe selection successful?
  10. 10. Question2 Myexecutivedirectorwantstogowith[Shiny SolutionX],butI'mnotsureitisrightforus.How canIpumpthebrakesonthat?
  11. 11. Question3 Thelasttimeweimplemented aCRMitfailed miserably.Howcanwepreventthatinthe future?
  12. 12. Question4 Whoneedstobeinvolved intheselection process?
  13. 13. Question5 Wewanttoselectnewsoftwarefor[Challenge X] butIfeellikeourmanagersdon'tknowwhat businessprocessestheywanttofollow.How importantisthattodoingaselection?
  14. 14. Question6 Howdowedefinetherequirementsforthe softwareweneed?
  15. 15. Question7 WhenisanRFP(RequestforProposal) orRFI (RequestforInformation) appropriateina softwareselection?
  16. 16. Question8 Systemdemos: (1)Whenshouldweletthevendorsdemo? (2)Howdoweensurevendorsshowuswhatwe needtosee—notwhattheywanttoshowus?
  17. 17. Question9 Howcanwemakesureavendorisgivingusa realistic projectestimate?
  18. 18. Question10 Anychangeinvolvesacosttotheinstitution. Howdoyouweighthebenefitsvscost? (E.g.,retrainingallusers.)
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