The Connected Workplace


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How small to medium business can use cloud services and social media to extend their business offerings.

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  • Cloud is the technology equivalent to the outsourced shipping solutions like UPS and FedEx
  • “fully networked” using the web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis, and social media. Dynamic contentProductivity gained as users are able to do more with their time that is replaced by social media. Example: Sales, less time walking to the door versus people walking to your door Example: the vacuum sales guyCollaboration: Tools like webex, Google +, Facebook, Skype allow us to collaborate real time and even face-to-face. Ability to combine work efforts such as shared document review
  • The Connected Workplace

    1. 1. The Connected Workplace PRESENTED BY N ATA L I E M I L L E R D I R EC TO R , I N F O R M AT I O N SY ST E M S JDINET
    2. 2. Introduction - Who is JDInet? • Technology business partner of JDI Contracts, Inc. • Integrated IT solutions for small to medium sized business located in Grand Rapids and surrounding communities • Services Offered: • • • • • Managed information services Cloud computing Server virtualization Strategic planning for technology Project management
    3. 3. Today’s Topics Technology Trends • Small Business & the Cloud • The Connected Workspace • The Era of Social Media
    4. 4. Cloud Computing Click to play video
    5. 5. Small Business and the Cloud Cloud Adoption in Small Business • The cloud does for IT what companies like UPS and Federal Express did for the shipping industry • “When it comes to getting product to customers, their technology enables them to do it on a larger scale at a lower cost,” he said. “The cloud is the great technology equalizer.” (Source: Stephen Braat, CDW) • Technology is a huge driver of competitive advantage, and historically, technology that larger companies used was not available to smaller companies, who typically have 50 employees or less. (source: Huffington Post)
    6. 6. Inside the Cloud Private Cloud • The cloud infrastructure operated solely for an organization • Managed by the organization or a third party and can exist on-premises or off-premises Public Cloud • The cloud infrastructure made available to the general public or a large industry group and is owned by an organization selling cloud services Hybrid Cloud • The cloud infrastructure composed of two or more clouds, private or public, that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized technology that enables data and application portability Source: VMware
    7. 7. So, What is the Cloud, Really? Click to play video
    8. 8. More on the Cloud • Built on virtualization of hardware, storage, networking, and applications • A way to work, not a destination • Ultra convenient • Various types of service offerings Desktops • Servers • Application • Storage • Backups •
    9. 9. The Cloud Advantage Key Benefits • On Demand • Reduce Costs • Reliable • Increase Productivity • Agile • Latest Technology • Flexible • Scalable • Enterprise systems & applications • Disaster Recovery Cloud is simply, delivering technology to any one, any where
    10. 10. Is Cloud Right for You? Do you need to supplement your technology resources? Yes. Cloud is a budget friendly option and helps supplement existing systems and people Is your technology outdated? Yes. Take advantage of enterprise class systems offered by cloud How can I use the cloud? You already are…..Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Amazon
    11. 11. The Connected Workspace
    12. 12. The Connected Workspace The Grand Rapids Connection • The Blandin Community Broadband Program is helping create sustainable broadband adoption and enrich quality of life and place (source: Blandin Foundation website) • Broadband networks are expanding to include over 1,300 locations in 2014 (source: • High speed Internet and an all-fiber network in rural areas • Better connectivity and speed options than some areas of the Twin Cities
    13. 13. The Connected Workspace Broadband availability: Grand Rapids versus Twin Cities Metro Fiber Broadband Cable Broadband
    14. 14. The Connected Workspace Interesting Tidbits • Today, 72 percent of companies report using social technology in their business • Only 3 percent are “fully networked” and gaining substantial benefits • Social technology could improve the productivity of some workers by 20 – 25 percent • Improved collaboration accounts for 66 percent of all added value
    15. 15. The Connected Workspace The Digital World Working for You • Increase competitiveness • Expand business opportunities • Improve collaboration • Spread knowledge faster • Decrease travel
    16. 16. The Connected Workspace The Technology Landscape • The Internet, Social Media, and Cloud Computing flatten the geographic market space • Physical presence not always needed • Generational shift: Internet, social media and the cloud are the norm • Technology empowers businesses
    17. 17. The Era of Social Media
    18. 18. The Era of Social Media Click to play video
    19. 19. The Era of Social Media Technology Conversations In 2010, this diagram represents the Internet social media conversations Top Social Media Sites Facebook, YouTube, MySpace Facebook users: 608 Million Twitter accounts: 175 million
    20. 20. The Era of Social Media Technology Conversations In 2013, the expansive conversations and social connections exponentially grew Top Social Media Sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus Facebook users: 1.2 billion Twitter accounts: 883 million
    21. 21. The Era of Social Media Why Social Media? 1. Branding: Create an identity for your organization • Promote Conversation 2. Word of Mouth Marketing: Engage customers online • Create Buzz 3. Reputation Management: What people are saying about you • Grow your Expertise Niche
    22. 22. The Era of Social Media Why Social Media? 4. What Works & What Doesn’t: Ability to look back at the year • Metrics & Engagement Score 5. Help Search Engine Rankings: Move up in search engine rankings • Create a Following 6. Cost Effective Marketing: Fraction of traditional marketing cost • Save Money & Time
    23. 23. The Era of Social Media Trending Today, Building Tomorrow Social media is becoming more and more of a necessity each day for businesses ranging from big corporations down to your average corner shop. Along with a clearly defined identity and already proven to work marketing tricks, social media is a great way of boosting your business both economically and brand wise. (source:
    24. 24. The Era of Social Media Everything Mobile Completely mobile applications
    25. 25. Thank You! Questions? CONTACT: NATALIE MILLER N M I L L E R @ J D I N E T.CO M W W W. J D I N E T.CO M