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OpenData lunchpresentatie over mobiel en OpenCourseWare


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. OpenData lunch seminarIr. W.F. van Valkenburg9-5-2012 Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 2. Willem van Valkenburg Director TU Delft OpenCourseWare Assistant to the President of the OpenCourseWare Consortium Projectleader EU-project OCW in the European HE OpenData 2
  • 3. Agenda•iTU Delft•OpenCourseWare OpenData 3
  • 4. Mobile iTU Delft9-5-2012 Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 5. Type of mobile phone 2009 2011 OpenData 5
  • 6. Platform of Smart Phones OpenData 6
  • 7. TU Delft Policy (ICTO Plan 2011-2014)•Mobile Support • This is support by immediate access to up-to-date information via a mobile device•Mobile Learning • E-learning via a mobile device OpenData 7
  • 8. Mobile Support•iTU Delft app available for iOS, Android and mobile web•More information: OpenData 8
  • 9. 14 Modules• Directory• Events• Maps + Places• Videos• News• Library• Learn• iTunesU• Transit• Help• Find a PC• Twitter• Facebook OpenData 9
  • 10. Blackboard Mobile Central – How it works Mobile Central Cloud cache authentication University webservices servicesUsers OpenData 10
  • 11. Maps & Places (1) OpenData 11
  • 12. Maps & Places (2)•Data needed: • Geo-location of buildings • Names of buildings • Names and locations of places•Problem: data was available•Created own database•Created web services OpenData 12
  • 13. TransitPublic transportinformation OpenData 13
  • 14. Directory•Same information as•Connects via LDAPs•Moving to web services for extra information OpenData 14
  • 15. Events•Used•Created webservice OpenData 15
  • 16. News•Based on RSS-feeds•Problem: if you click a link it doesn’t show a mobile optimized page OpenData 16
  • 17. Library•Connected to webservices of DISCOVER•More information can be shown OpenData 17
  • 18. OpenCourseWareSharing of Educational Content9-5-2012 Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 19. “Open” Terminology Open = free/flexible/sharable Open License = sharable license (example: Creative Commons’ most open license: CC- BY) Open CourseWare (OCW) = sharable course materials Open Educational Resources (OER) = sharable learning materials (broader than OCW) Source: Tom Caswell OpenData 19
  • 20. Education is Sharing•Teachers Share With Students•Students Share With Teachers•Knowledge is Magical: • Can be given without being given away•Educational Sharing also means adapting or editing • but copyright forbids this OpenData 20
  • 21. Who Pays for Research?•Publishers make 2% of the investment, then take © and charge you for access•Public (Who Paid) Has No AccessAll taxpayer-funded educational resourcesshould be OER OpenData 21
  • 22. The Paradox of Free Won’t people stop paying for the course materials or books if they’re free? OpenData 22
  • 23. Research from David Wiley•Over 2% of people who access open online courses become paying customers•Downloads of free online books correlate strongly with sales of print books•A for-profit business can be financially successful using CC licenses on its textbooks Source: OpenData 23
  • 24. What is TU Delft doing?•Promoting Open Access•Publish video content to iTunesU and Youtube•Publish courses to OpenCourseWare OpenData 24
  • 25. Characteristics of our OERs internal Blackboard Collegerama Digital learning environment lecture recordingsContext No context(course) OpenCourseWare iTunes U/Youtube Edu (single resources) Free accessible courses Open Educational Resources external OpenData 25
  • 26. OpenData 26
  • 27. Re-use of OCW1. Choice of Study2. Stumble Courses3. Prepare International Students4. Use in Developing Countries5. Source of Reference6. Extracurricular education7. Online Education OpenData 27
  • 28. Open Standards•RSS • Publish our courses on•OAI-PMH • Publish our courses in DISCOVER • Publish our courses in Wikiwijs•IMS Common Cartridge • Import Blackboard courses • Export courses to any LMS OpenData 28
  • 29. Questions?Presentation is W.F. van OpenData 29