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Digital Engagement, UK Govt 2012
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Digital Engagement, UK Govt 2012


Good Practice and Priniciples in digital engagement as shared at the Digital Leaders event, October 2012

Good Practice and Priniciples in digital engagement as shared at the Digital Leaders event, October 2012

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Digital Engagement Digital Leaders BIS October 2012Good Practice and Principles
  • 2. Landscape changes
  • 3. Brand buying influence by roles http://www.slideshare.net/globalwebindex @TiffanyStJames
  • 4. Shift in trust by roles Source: http://www.slideshare.net/EdelmanInsights/2012-edelman-trust-barometer-global-deck @TiffanyStJames
  • 5. News arrives through twitter first How did you hear about the demise of MJ? Or Whitney? Jan 09: Hudson River Landing on twitter firstMedia outlets get average 15 RTsSource: Cambridge university 2012 @TiffanyStJames
  • 6. Digital as delivery choice “Digital is not another channel, it is the delivery choice for this generation” Francis Maude, Minister for Cabinet OfficePhoto source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cabinetoffice Intellect World-Class Public Services Conference 11 June 2012 Source: http://bit.ly/MaudeQ @TiffanyStJames
  • 7. This is nothing new for us
  • 8. Engagement benefits• Connecting with like-minded individuals• Peer-to-peer recommendations• Stimulating the debate of your most interest• Engaging with people in their spaces• eCRM• Data collation• Product, proposal, policy testing• Informing business, brand, policy strategy Start small, innovate, collate leverage cases, present risk solutions
  • 9. From this… @TiffanyStJames
  • 10. …To thisInfographics are critical to @TiffanyStJameseffective modern digital communication
  • 11. Rich media broadcast Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating We have moved on significantly @TiffanyStJames from web publishing
  • 12. Staffordshire police in the riots Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating Use social channels @TiffanyStJames in ultra-sensitive times
  • 13. Campaign on multiple channels Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating @TiffanyStJames
  • 14. Two-way engagement: Responding Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating information Create opportunities @TiffanyStJames to solve local issues
  • 15. Co-creation of Policy and Community Growth Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating @TiffanyStJames
  • 16. Crowdsourcing service experience Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating @TiffanyStJames
  • 17. Multi-way collaboration Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating Co-create policy using public opinion @TiffanyStJames
  • 18. Multi-social engagementS e Broadcast Responding Discussing Consulting Collaborating @TiffanyStJames
  • 19. Social media Q and AsPhoto source: http://www.civilservice.gov.uk/reform/facebook-twitter/images @TiffanyStJames
  • 20. Citizens have a duty to askor show the way
  • 21. ePetitions @TiffanyStJames
  • 22. Competition to fund ideas @TiffanyStJames
  • 23. Crowdsourcing dignity in health and care Be aware of community sites @TiffanyStJames involved in your agenda
  • 24. Independent panels informing policy Source: http://bit.ly/ShropPP @TiffanyStJames
  • 25. Open policymaking http://www.demsoc.org/ @TiffanyStJames
  • 26. Innovations in citizen engagement @TiffanyStJames
  • 27. How can we be morecustomer-centric?
  • 28. 5 pillars of customer-centric digital solutionsPhoto source: http://gossinteractive.com @TiffanyStJames
  • 29. 10 Trust IndicatorsTransparency AwarenessClear motives Peer RecognitionCan tell if goal is to sell or to inform Confirmers RelatabilityClear when the goal is to help Consumer’s perspective Respects like a knowledgeable friendRelevanceDirectly on topic ExpertiseUnderstands and acknowledges needs Communicates authority Perceived as having essential valueFormat Fundamentals Relevant knowledge, advances consumer goalWon’t need to work to use the information ChoiceWon’t waste valuable time hunting for Provides consumer choiceswhat’s wanted/needed Respects consumer’s process DifferentiatorsAccuracy Fairness Provides info/ tools to evaluate pros, cons, risksQuality of the info Acknowledges areas working on improvingCan be validated by other sources Exclusivity Offers something unique: tools, user experience Source: @TiffanyStJames http://advertiseonabout.com
  • 30. 5 ways to build trustInteract with customers as partnersAcknowledge and respect consumers’ processesSupport consumers after interactionDemonstrate an understanding that consumers’ lives changeBuild engagement by using every opportunity to solveconsumers’ large and small challenges Source: @TiffanyStJames http://advertiseonabout.com
  • 31. It’s change management Photo source: http://www.eoslifework.co.uk/Images/pitfig1.gif @TiffanyStJames
  • 32. We need new models AIDA is 100 years oldPicture Source: http://bit.ly/AIDAsocial @TiffanyStJames
  • 33. Strategic comms process with digital steps Objectives Measure Audit Optimise Activity Listening Channels Audiences @TiffanyStJames
  • 34. FrameworkUses of digital Initial Excellence in Govt Social Talent Mechanisms, L&D, Social Talent Attraction Programme, HR Reward and Recognition Dynamic Innovation Culture Collaborative working tools, Internal Comms Social Intranet with soft walls Employee Engagement, Marketing: awareness to Engagement delivering objectives Digital and Social multi-way engagement Consultation, Collaboration collaboration Transaction, Channel Shift Transactions and Service Delivery Mechanisms, Tools, Channels Conversion Programme Customer Service Sentiment, Care Channels Social CRM Hub Research, Policy, Transactions, News Room/ War Room Business Intelligence Innovation Capability Embedded @TiffanyStJames
  • 35. Accessibility to good content • Make your content palatable, digestible and bite-sized • On multiple devices • Make it shareablePhoto source: http://www.daltonagency.com/?p=7836: • East to interact @TiffanyStJames
  • 36. Rebuttal Source: http://bit.ly/AAprocess
  • 37. Your progress in customer-centric servicesFrom tomorrow:• Share the conversations, connections and insight from today• Look closely at your digital customer offer• Consider if you need more support in establishing online trust, data security• Are your Legal / IT / HR teams doing all they can to support this agenda?• Consider what do you need to do next @TiffanyStJames
  • 38. Your communications should… Inform Inspire Engage Educate @TiffanyStJames
  • 39. Resources• How to find your digital stakeholders: here• Media Landscape in Twitter 2012: here• The Democratic Society: here• GDS Less about identity more about trust: here• Consumer Trust report: here @TiffanyStJames
  • 40. Thank you, let’s keep talking… Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist tiffany@stimulationltd.co.uk This presentation is available to download at: http://slideshare.net/tiffanystjames @TiffanyStJames
  • 41. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplification