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Mind the Digital Skills Gap: Google Talent Revolution


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Digital Skills Gap as presented 04 Nov 14 at The Talent Revolution, a Google Event.

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Mind the Digital Skills Gap: Google Talent Revolution

  1. 1. MIND THE DIGITAL SKILLS GAP @TiffanyStJames @wetransmute
  2. 2. Basic digital skills: 16m aged 15y+ 4.5m in work General digital skills: Entrepreneurship, Interdisciplinary skills, Learning how to learn, Hybrid, Management, Leadership Specific specialist digital skills: Content monetisation Professional digital literacy Digital media and data Digital skills fragmented: Few training endeavours lead to recognised qualifications Business models: need to embrace rapid tech change and engender an agile learning environment
  3. 3. GEN Y: Born early 80s, Now 27-34y Use digital more collaboratively to share thoughts and appreciate others
  4. 4. GEN C: Born 88-93, Now 21-26y Use digital and social media more expressively to earn respect
  5. 5. GEN Z: Born after 95, Now up to 19y Use digital media as a mechanism to pursue their own interests
  6. 6. MIND THE GAP: What can we do? As parents support learning As individuals manage our own digital evolution As business owners support push and pull development As Heads of Talent and HR Directors enable supportive programmes, develop agile learning, E2E reverse mentoring
  7. 7. @tiffanystjames @wetransmute